Group games

The stage for the Fantasy Styling Contest group games.

The Fantasy Styling Contest is an event held annually in Royal City, Lilith. During the contest, stylists from all over Miraland come together and compete with each other in styling battles, in order to win the title of The Royal Stylist of Lilith (sometimes referred to as the Imperial Stylist) and gain the opportunity to design that year's Fairytale Concerto.

Format Edit

The game consists of two phases, the group games and the finals. The best contestant from each group moves on to the finals, where each of the contestants competes against each other. The winner of those styling battles wins the contest.

Final stage

The stage for the finals of the Fantasy Styling Contest.

Year 680 Edit

The Fantasy Styling Contest this year was run by Nidhogg, Lilith's Prime Minister, and Royce, Lilith's prince. Yvette, Nidhogg's secretary, also assisted in allocating the work needed to pull off the contest.

While in Moonlit City, Cloud, Orlando suggested to Nikki that she should compete in the Fantasy Styling Contest. Orlando believed that Queen Elle and the Iron Rose Stylist Legion would show up and do something nefarious. Bobo agreed to register Nikki for the contest, and they traveled from Cloud to Lilith.

Contestants of the contest stayed in a hotel in the West Contestant Village in Royal City.

In the group phase, the contestants were divided up into groups A, B, and C, with Nikki in group B. Nikki was the best in B and progressed past this stage after gaining three consecutive wins and the highest score. Ace and Sherry were the best in groups A and C, though it is unknown which stylist was in which group.

The three of them competed in the finals the next day. In the first round, Nikki competed against Sherry in the gorgeous and noble evening dress style. The second round commenced, with Nikki competing against Ace in the fairy-tale elf style.

Shortly after the first round, Nidhogg told Royce there was an intruder in the garden outside, and Royce left to take care of it. As the second round began, Sherry, one of the finalists, and Mela, an audience member, were seen running away from the contest. The audience members in the first row were revealed to be soldiers as they drew their swords, and the event broke out into chaos as it turned out Nidhogg had staged a rebellion. There was no resolution or winner in the event, as all the contestants left.

Organizers Edit

  • Nidhogg
  • Royce
  • Yvette

Contestants Edit

Audience Edit

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