Fall in Love a Hidden Suit that can be obtained from Nikki's Dreamland, The Girl's Decision.

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When I first arrived, I was full of expectations, but I didn't know that the fate is already awaiting me.
Journey Beginning

Tasted both bitter and sweet on this journey but always have love for the world.
Fall in Love

The city and flowers witnessed the girl's short but good life. The land turned into chaos and wars from then.

The rushed footsteps chasing the stolen treasures at night. Fighting the old friends. The new puzzle is ready.

The beautiful life is shattered by conspiracy. Disguise is the only choice until the light of friendship is relit.
Dribs and Drabs

Imprison, rescue, and flee. Shoulder heavy responsibilities in never-ending battles. Wait for the day of glory.
Feather Dance

After many disputes, hope stays; across the gullies of the times, dawn is a definite destination.
Rose Prayer

Be courageous and try your best to accept the fate. Believe the seeds of hope will bloom when the time is right.
Courage Aura

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