This is the page for the most Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question about general game mechanics and events, please comment below and we will do our best to answer them. For questions about buying and recharge, please go to the Recharge page.

How do I get more gold? Edit

You can get gold Gold by completing stages, Commissions, and Daily Quests.

How do I get more diamonds? Edit

53 diamonds Diamond can be obtained everyday by doing Daily Quests. You can also get diamonds by doing achievements, voting in the Starry Corridor and in Competition, and in some cases, Diamond Postcards during hell events.

How do I get more clothes? Edit

You can get clothes in various stores, events, from stage drops, or through the Recipe Workshop (Evolution, Crafting, Customization, and Reconstruction).

Will X event return? Edit

Most events will return after a few months. However, hell event suits come back as the original event, and pavilion events tend to also return as a pavilion. Most regular events come back as crafting or store bought. It generally costs about the same amount of diamonds Diamond as the original event did. Collaboration events such as the Barbie Event tend not to return, as do ranking suits such as Banshee Momiji, Miss Goldfish and Goldfish Girl. For a list of suits that will not return, see Non-returning Suits.