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This page contains spoilers!

If you aren't okay with reading about content from other servers that hasn't reached the English server yet, please proceed with caution.

This page display suits that are 1) exclusive to one server and has not been released on other servers or 2) collaboration suits. As the Chinese mainland version is considered the primary server, it is not counted unless stated otherwise. Note that there might be a discrepancy for newer suits that recently made their debut, as it is unknown whether or not if they will stay exclusive or some day be released. As new outfits are constantly being released, we will try our best to stay up to date!


Zodiac Lucky PackEdit

Barbie CollaborationEdit

China (Mainland)Edit

Forbidden City CollaborationsEdit


*Taisho Roman is a stamina event that has yet to be released on the International server.
**Sakura Hime's Flower Garment has been released on other servers as well such as the Vietnamese server.

Hatsune Miku CollaborationsEdit

*The Hatsune Miku Collaboration is also available in the Chinese mainland server.

Sanrio CollaborationsEdit

*Sanrio Characters collaboration is also available in the Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau server.

Mickie Mouse and Minnie Mouse CollaborationEdit

*Mickie Mouse and Minnie Mouse Collaboration is also available in the Chinese mainland server and the Taiwan/Hongkong/Macau server.


Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (Goblin) CollaborationsEdit

Love in the Moonlight CollaborationsEdit


Earth Japan label collaboration

earth music & ecology Japan Label collaboration

  • For the Japanese version, there is a collaboration with earth music & ecology Japan Label to create Love Nikki-inspired clothes in real life.[1][2]
  • At January 11th 2019, there was two polls in the Japanese version's twitter asking players which 7 Nations section Marvel suits would fall in. The top results showed Pigeon Kingdom and Lilith Kingdom.[3][4]
  • At December 14th 2018, there was a survey asking players which Disney shows and characters they would like to see a collaboration with.[5]
    • This might have been the foundation to the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse collaboration in the Japanese version.
  • Around the start of October 2018, there was a survey asking opinions for a potential Warner Bros collaboration.[6]
  • At the latter half of March 2018, there was a survey asking for players' favorite movies, TV shows and anime.[7]
  • For the Chinese mainland server, a continuation of the Hatsune Miku collaboration for Magical Mirai 2019 has been announced for autumn.[8]