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Evolution is completed in the Recipe Workshop. Certain wardrobe items can be evolved by obtaining a specified quantity of the item and paying a cost in Gold Gold to evolve the item to the next level. Evolving an item will always leave one of the base items in the player's wardrobe. Evolvable wardrobe items may have either one or two evolved stages. Evolution is unlocked after completing stage V1: 3-3 Prime Minister's Secretary (Maiden).

Evolved items are often referred to with the terminology "Rare/Epic" or "Gorgeous/Treasured" (for stage 1 and 2 respectively). However, some items have different names for evolved pieces, for example Phoenix Messenger and its evolution Moonlit Blue Phoenix.

Most commonly, six base items are required to evolve an item to Rare level, then four Rare items are required to evolve the item to Epic, for a total of 21 base items. However, sometimes different quantities are required in order to evolve items. For instance, only three Assassin Faith dresses need to be crafted in order to evolve Assassin Faith-Rare, and a full twelve Spring Harbinger are required to evolve Twilight Phoenix.

Evolvable items can be found as drops in certain Maiden and Princess level stages, randomly drawn through a Mystery House pavilion, purchased through the Association Store or the Clothes Store, crafted, reconstructed, bought through events or obtained by opening the Lost Casket.


Evolution suits can be obtained either partially or entirely through evolution of their individual pieces. Here, the suits are listed by the method of obtainment of their base items.

Stage Drops[]

V1: Chapter 1 - V1: Chapter 7[]

(also available through draws from the Mystery House)

V1: Chapter 8 Mysterious Moonlit City[]

V1: Chapter 9 Styling Contest Prelude[]

V1: Chapter 10 Styling Contest Games[]

V1: Chapter 11 Styling Contest Finals[]

V1: Chapter 12 Chaos in City[]

V1: Chapter 13 Wasteland Exoticism[]

V1: Chapter 14 Lady's Choice[]

V1: Chapter 15 Head North To The Cloud City/Besieging Of The Cloud City[]

V1: Chapter 16 Night before Storm[]

V1: Chapter 17 Banquet of Sakura Fall[]

V1: Chapter 18 Gun under Morning Star[]

V1: Chapter 19 Daybreak War[]

V2: Chapter 1 Ode of Oren[]

V2: Chapter 2 Moonlit Escapade[]

V2: Chapter 3 Starlight- Reflection[]

V2: Chapter 4 Silent Forest[]

V2: Chapter 5 Secret and Withered Flower[]

V2: Chapter 6 Last Dawn/Darkness Comes[]

V2: Chapter 7 Undying Sunlight[]

V2: Chapter 8 The Forgotten History[]

V2: Chapter 9 Stardust Remains[]

Association Store[]



The following suits can be obtained by first crafting, then evolving their base items.


Non-Suit Items[]

The items listed here are evolvable, but none of their stages of evolution belong to a suit.

Base Item 2nd Stage 3rd Stage
Cutie icon.png
Cutie-Rare icon.png
Flower Bud icon.png
Flower Bud
Flower Bud-Rare icon.png
Flower Bud-Rare
Gourds icon.png
Gourd Bell icon.png
Gourd Bell
Gourd Bells icon.png
Gourd Bells
Red Bean Kiss icon.png
Red Bean Kiss
Kiss of the red bean icon.png
Kiss of the red bean
School Maid icon.png
School Maid
School Girl-Rare icon.png
School Girl-Rare
Tranquil Time icon.png
Tranquil Time
Tranquil Time-Rare icon.png
Tranquil Time-Rare
Tranquil Time-Epic icon.png
Tranquil Time-Epic
Wheat Ears icon.png
Wheat Ears
Wheat Ears-Rare icon.png
Wheat Ears-Rare
Peony Chant icon.png
Peony Chant
Peony Chant-Rare icon.png
Peony Chant-Rare
Radio Song icon.png
Radio Song
Opera House icon.png
Opera House
Warm Dance icon.png
Warm Dance
Nikki's Dance icon.png
Nikki's Dance
Cherry Earrings-Small icon.png
Cherry Earrings-Small
Cherry Earrings-Long icon.png
Cherry Earrings-Long

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