Evernight's Dream - Hayden's Fairy Tale

First part of the first season of the Evernight's Dream Event.

Ran from November 6th to November 12th, 2017.

Log in, read the Prelude, and listen to the rabbit to claim the Dreampath for Travelers suit.

Rabbit Edit

Welcome to Hayden Library! I’m a creation of Mr. Hayden, and his servant too!

I saw countless came to read the Evernight's Dream, yet nobody has finished it... You still want a try?

You got courage. This is a cloth from myself. Take it as a gift!”

Prelude Edit

In the library, a rabbit keeps a grimoire

Black & White Chess is the road to dream

The starry night ball traces back ages ago

The brave one, time to hit the road

The magical fairytale has already begun

We’re all waiting for the next brave one to come


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