Overview Dream of Black and White Season 1

Evernight's Dream - Dream of Black and White

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Season 1 ran from November 22nd to November 28th, 2017.
Season 2 ran from November 18th to November 24th, 2018.
Season 3 ran from July 25th to July 31st, 2019.

The castle gate let out a moan when the party is over and the whole kingdom fell into the dream woven by Queen Night. Warrior, enter the dream of Princess Dawn, light up the Starry Path, and guide her towards awakening!

Astral Path

Season 1 Milestones

Enter the Dreamland and light up the Astral Path by collecting Stardust Stardust. You will have a free draw every day and additional chances can be bought for 30 Diamond each. Each draw will give you 1 Stardust and will return Stamina, Gold, or Diamond.

When you collect a certain amount of Stardust, a star will be lit. Lighting up a star allows you to obtain one of the 5 event suits. The last two stars will drop a background as well as a suit.

In Season 2, players were given a rabbit avatar pendant Lillian Rabbit that lasted a certain amount of hours when they reached each star. The more stars they reached, the longer it lasted. Players who participated in Season 1 also got a pendant in the mail that lasted a certain amount of hours based on how many stars they reached in the previous season.

If you have already claimed a star in the previous season and have been put behind it because of the higher milestones, you will not get a reward for reaching it again.

Note: This event will come back with higher milestones and your current amount of Stardust will be saved.


Season 1Edit

15, 40, 80, 150, and 240

Season 2Edit

20, 45, 90, 160, and 250


When you reach and claim a milestone, you will see a story that indicates what suit you'll be getting.

Colorful DreamsEdit

Pace of Light Edit

In the dream, the Princess floats in the sky
Catching the raindrops in the clear sky
Steam lingers around her
Sunlight is warm and gentle
Cloud and dew dance with her
The pace of light is so tender
Drawing a brilliant bridge in the sky

Banquet PhantomEdit

Banquet Phantom Edit

Brilliant dress flows
Attracts flying swallows
Pick the sweetest spring
To weave a pink dream
Between the shadow and incense
There is a slim butterfly

Crane and FlowerEdit

Glamorous Dance Edit

Princess floats in the dream
Light flickers Mist spreads
She comes to a seaborne palace
In the mist lives a fairy
Who wears the clothes of neon
Plays the zither of wind
Where am I in this dream
To hear such blessed tune

Princess DawnEdit

Dawn in Dream Edit

When the morning star ushers in the Dawn
The Queen removes the ink like darkness
And wears up her brilliant white gauze
The morning glow highlights her hemline
Sunlight flickers upon her hair
People praise her so passionately
as they curse her in the midnight
The Princess walks out of castle in Dawn
Her beauty resembles a lake
Tranquil yet mysterious

Night's QueenEdit

Night in Heart Edit

She follows the order of day and night
To bring her people dark and light
People praise softness of Dawn
Yet blame nightmare to Night
Behind the Princess' gentle smiles
The Queen chants the curse
The night befalls
In the dark night that never ends
She waits for the salvation
Dawn and Night was one
But dark always hides in human hearts
Like light always goes with shadow


Queen NightEdit

Completion Rewards: Queen Night, Samsara

Princess DawnEdit

Completion Reward: Dream of Reality

Crane and FlowerEdit

Completion Reward: Crane and Flower

Banquet PhantomEdit

Colorful DreamsEdit




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