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The Events icon as it appears in-game.

Events are special updates that provide special items and rewards, but they are only available for a certain period of time. In Love Nikki, events come frequently and multiple events occurring at the same time is not uncommon. These types of events can have different goals, such as recharging, using stamina, making outfits in special maps, and etc.

Events come in many types and formats, such as stage events, packing events, player vs player events, and pavilion events, among others. For a more detailed explanation of event types, please see Event Types.

To view past events by year and month, please use the links at the top of the page.

Long Term Events[]

Long term events never expire and will always be in the game for you to take part in. The long term events tab in-game is also used to advertise new free long-term features.

Bonus Stamina[]

Bonus Stamina.png

Fortune Cat[]

Fortune Cat.png

Extra Stage Bonus[]

Extra Stage Bonus.png

Friend Suit[]

Friend Suit.png