Events in Love Nikki come in many different formats, which affect how the player wins event currency and clothes.

Event Format Edit

Stages Edit

In events with Stages, the player must pass styling battles against NPCs or answer quiz questions in order to gain event currency. Typically, there is also a story in these events and they have their own special map. A list of special maps can be found here.

Player versus Player Edit

In Player versus Player events, the player must compete styling battles against other players in order to win event currency. The other players are not necessarily online at the time of battle; the game simply uses their preset outfit.

Stamina Expenditure Edit

In Stamina Expenditure events, the player gains event currency by completing Journey stages, which require Stamina Stamina. Stamina packs are typically available for purchase in the User's Shop for Diamond.

Pavilion Edit

In Pavilion events, the player must draw from a pavilion using Diamond in order to gain the clothing. Typically the first draw is discounted by 50%. There is usually no event currency involved. However, some pavilions offer event currency instead of duplicate items, which can then be exchanged for other items or currency.

Pick 1 From 2 Edit

In Pick 1 From 2 events, the player must pick one outfit from two displayed that best fits the theme given. Picking correctly will give the player more event currency.[1]

Packing Edit

In Packing events, the player must complete Journey stages in order to gain currency, which is then "packed" into another currency, which determines the clothing the player gets. The amount of attempts given to "pack" each day is limited.[2][3]

Quests Edit

In Quest events, the player must complete a series of quests related to the game. They may be awarded pieces of the suit directly, or they may earn the entire suit after finishing all the quests.

Detective Edit

In Detective events, the player must investigate crime scenes, speak with witnesses, and determine which of the suspects committed the crime.

Outfit Assembly Edit

In Outfit Assembly events, the player must assemble an outfit based on a theme. They can pick from three individual clothing items for each clothing slot. Picking correctly will award more event currency.

Limited Wardrobe Edit

In Limited Wardrobe events, the player is given a random assortment of any clothing in the game, not necessarily their own, and must complete consecutive styling battles without reusing clothes.

Faction Edit

In Faction events, the player can choose between two factions corresponding to NPCs in the game. The faction chosen will determine which suit will be tiered (and less expensive), while the player will be able to choose which parts they want from the other faction's suit. There will be three different types of tasks: a styling battle, a quiz, and a stage where the player has to give the game an item. Completing certain amounts of these tasks will allow the player to obtain the tiered suit, and they will get currency for the other suit at the same time.

Hell Event Edit

Hell Events is a category that describes a wide variety of events. Historically, hell events require the user to spend Diamond to gain event currency, along with materials like Gold, Stamina, and Diamond. At certain milestones, the player is given either a full suit or parts of a suit, depending on the event. They come with free tries, and only return in the same format they originally came in rather than returning for the player to craft.[4][5]

However, newer "hell events" have come in other formats without milestones, such as pavilions. Though they may fit more closely into another category on this page, all Story Suit events are still classified as "hell events".

Gifty Edit

Gifty events require the player to go around and complete various tasks relating to Giftys, which can be found on various chapters of the Journey maps.

Other Edit

Any event that does not fit into the above categories is simply classified as "Other".

Clothing Obtainment Edit

Some events allow the player to choose which items from the suit they gain, and some events only give the clothing in a set order, with the player unlocking clothing at certain "tiers". They are categorized into Choice and Tiered events. Events such as Pavilions, which are random, are neither choice nor tiered.

Other Modifiers Edit

Ranking Edit

In Ranking events, ranking in the leaderboard gives extra rewards. Suits that were originally ranking rewards do not return even if the other suits in the event do.

Crafting Edit

In Crafting events, the player must craft the clothing during the event, rather than simply be awarded it by the game.

Welfare Edit

Welfare events are completable without spending Diamond.[6][7]

References Edit

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