Eris' Kiss (厄里斯之吻, È lǐsī zhī wěn) is the biggest diamond in the Apple Federation. It was used in the design of White Blossom by Chairman Schiller.[1] It also served as the key to the Apple Federation Apparel Group treasury, along with a fingerprint key and a password.[1][2]

History Edit

The Eris' Kiss was owned by the Apple Federation Apparel Group for a century, kept securely in their treasury, before Schiller decided to use it in the design of the dress White Blossom for his wife, Lady Crescent.[1]

Year 668 Edit

After Schiller used Eris' Kiss in his design, the diamond was coveted by the Rousse Group. Wanting access to the Apple Apparel Group's treasury, they developed a cure to a virus Crescent had fallen ill with. They brought a report to Schiller with the information, openly explaining that they wanted access to Eris' Kiss and were willing to trade the vaccine for the diamond. However, Schiller kept secrets in the vault, and refused to let them have access.[3]

As Crescent fell more ill and into a deep sleep, Schiller gave up hope and decided to give Eris' Kiss to the Rousse Group after all. He removed it from the dress and prepared to go, only to be interrupted by a phone call from Crescent at the hospital. She had woken up and wanted to wear White Blossom one more time.[3]

Schiller put Eris' Kiss back in the dress at Crescent's request and brought it to her so that she could wear it. He was suspicious of her timing, and believed somebody did not want Eris' Kiss to fall into the hands of the Rousse Group. After Crescent passed away, the diamond was kept with White Blossom.[3]

Year 680 Edit

During this year, the White Blossom was targeted again, this time by Nidhogg[4] and Reid.[2] The Eris' Kiss, along with the dress, eventually fell into Nidhogg's hands as Kimi realized that protecting the people she cared about was more important than the White Blossom and Eris' Kiss, despite the sentimental value attached to it.[4]

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