Elves (sometimes also referred to as fairies) are a race that generally live secluded in the Pigeon Forest, rarely setting foot in the cities.[1] They are described as beautiful and innocent, and they devote their lives to enjoying the places around them.[2] They have long, pointed ears, which give them good hearing, and they can gracefully leap long distances.[3] They can retract their wings, which allows them to sleep and wear clothing comfortably.[4]

In the Pigeon Forest, they are protected by gods for their entire lives.[5] However, not all elves remain in the Pigeon Forest, such as an elven princess who left her home in search of adventure.[6] Due to the value elves place on lineage, elves such as Casablanca have been banished from the Pigeon Forest for having blood of noble elves mixed with "inferior" common blood.[7]

Additionally, there are elves that appear outside the Pigeon Forest, and are found across Miraland.

Types Edit

There are several different types of elves, each with their own lifestyles and habitats.

  • Tree/Wood Elves: They derive their power from the forest, which is the source of their power, and so it is inadvisable for them to leave. They are ruled by Chloris.[8]
  • Dark Elves: They have dark hair and practice dark magic. However, they are not evil despite their reputation, which comes from the fact that they are nocturnal. They also live in a darker part of the forest.[3]
  • Deer Elves: They have antlers and are ruled by the Queen of Deer Elves, heiress of the old deer king, who has the most beautiful antlers of all.[5]
  • Snow Lotus Elves: Considered the most beautiful creature in the snowland, the powerful Snow Lotus Elves live deep in the forest. They have the ability to command wind and snow, and they can cause the places they pass by to bloom.[9]
  • Rose Elves: They seem to have a certain power over roses - when the elf Norin left the castle she had lived in, all of the roses in it withered overnight.[10] Roses were also able to bloom on her fingertips.[11]
  • Kite Elves: They originate from a multitude of places such as the Divine Realm, the Magical Realm, the Iceworld, and the ocean.[12] It is possible that this variety of elf has more relation to Lilith than Pigeon due to the suit's categorization.

Pigeon Forest Elves Edit

Chloris Bustup
Prince of the Forest Elves[13]
Unknown Person
Prince of the Forest Elves[14]
Eli Closeup
Mirror Elf[15]
Unknown Person
Elven Guardian[16]
Unknown Person
Elven Queen[16]
Unknown Person
Snow Queen Bustup
Snow Queen
Guardian of Winter
Spring Maiden Bustup
Spring Maiden
Guardian of Spring
Queen of Deer Elf Bustup
Queen of Deer Elf
Queen of the Deer Elves
Lily Bustup
Casablanca Bustup
Ilya Bustup
Gem Fairy
Evelyn Bustup

History Edit

Elves and humans cooperated in order to build the Pigeon Kingdom together.[17] They have guarded the Pigeon Forest ever since its beginning.[18] Though they used to live outside of the forest as well, they were persecuted by those who wanted to take their wings, hair, and treasures, so the Elf Queen forbade the elves from leaving the forest.[19]

Elves and humans worked together to bring peace to Pigeon in its Renaissance period.[20]

Other Elves and Fairies Edit

Unknown Person
Illusion Elf[21]
Unknown Person
Guardian Elf of the Flower of Eberne[22]
Norin Bustup
Rose Elf
Bell Fairy
Bell Fairy
ElfQueen Bustup
Elf Queen
Elf Queen of the Pigeon Snow Mountain
Sif Bustup
Xmas Fairy
Ye Bustup
Mercury Bustup

Trivia Edit

  • Some of the most famous paintings in Pigeon feature a woman who may have been an elf or half-elf.[20]
  • Hayden, a famous writer from the Lilith Kingdom, wrote a fairytale about two elves called Dreamland and Star River.[23]

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