Elf Whisper
Elf Whisper
The gate of the castle has reopened, the fairies fly around Princess Dawn, rubbing her silent tears away
Physical and Vital Information
Type Accessory, Earrings
Attributes CutePure
Rarity H5
Color Brown/Yellow
How to Obtain Event

Elf Whisper can be obtained during the Dream of Black and White event.


A dangle earring in a droplet shape with a large, orange gem. A tinier chain and gem hangs from it.

Story SuitEdit

Elf Whisper is part of the Princess Dawn suit.

The other parts of the suit are: Genial Sunshine, Princess Dawn, Twilight Steps, Waking Moment, Wings of Dawn, Daylight, Heart of Sun, and Flying Pigeon. Completing the suit will give you a Styling Gift Box containing Dream of Reality.

There is an alternate series for the suit. It contains Dream of Reality, which combines Princess Dawn and Twilight Steps and gives an alternate pose for the suit.


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