Eastern Vintage Style
Eastern Vintage Style
You are the blossom in every tree, the whisper between swallows, You are the love, the warmth, and the hope.
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Bottom
Style: Republic of ChinaPreppy
Attributes: SimpleElegant
Rarity: H3
Color(s): Blue
Wardrobe #: 102
Obtained by: Recipe Crafting
Eastern Vintage Style can be obtained through Recipe Crafting.

Appearance Edit

A knee-length navy blue skirt.

Crafting Edit

Crafted from: Edit

Recipe: Edit

The recipe can be bought in the Store of Starlight for 21 Starlight Coin.

Gallery Suit Edit

Eastern Vintage Style is part of the Cloud suit Tender April.

The other parts of this suit are Tender April, Vintage Uniform and Fleeting Clouds.

Attributes Edit

Simple Elegant Mature Pure Warm
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