Eagle is a character in Love Nikki. He was a poet and folk musician from the North Kingdom.

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Eagle was a gentle-mannered man with clear, passionate hopes for the world and a desire to spread his music and share his message the best he could. This came out best through his songs. Despite being confined to his house most of the time and trailed by soldiers the rest of the time, he took the limitation calmly and continued to stay strong. When Yunikina warned him about what could happen if he continued to resist the lord of White Rock City, Eagle's strong moral compass prevented him from following her advice.

Designs Edit

Eagle designed the armor Icewind Warchant for Yunikina, though when he died his designs were still unfinished.

History Edit

Though Eagle was a non-violent man, the type who couldn't even use a dagger to defend himself, his music deeply unsettled the lord of White Rock City. He sang of their homeland and of nature, but in his songs carried a hope for tomorrow. The lord of White Rock City dispatched his second lieutenant, Yunikina, to supervise him and prevent him from leaving his house to spread his message further.[1]

This did not stop Eagle from continuing to play the zither and sing, even though nobody was around to hear it but Yunikina. Surprisingly, something in his music resounded with her too, and made her think of her own hometown, burned to rubble. She told him that he was talented and advised him not to speak to the Revolutionary Party, a group opposed to the lord of White Rock City, in fears that he would become a target. Eagle thanked her, but he could not agree.[1]

Even though Yunikina was the one monitoring him, Eagle admired her, and he began to design a suit of armor for her.[1]

As his music spread throughout the people of White Rock City, inspiring more and more of them, the lord realized that Eagle was still dangerous but that killing him outright would be a worse move. He decided to have the secret police kill Eagle, as well as other young members of poet societies. Rumors spread, mostly negative, about why Eagle had gone missing: some said that Eagle had sold out the others, while others said that he became a court musician for White Rock City. This rumor was helped by the fact that some of their music had his name on it.[1]

Though Yunikina's job supervising Eagle was over due to his disappearance, she went back to his house at some point and discovered the truth: it had been broken into, and Eagle had not sold out at all. It was then that she discovered his unfinished design amongst his sheet music, dedicated to her. However, her disloyalty made her a target, and Yunikina was forced to escape.[1]

She went on to publish Eagle's last poem with the help of his surviving comrades, clearing his name, before rising up against the lord that had him killed.[1]

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Yunikina Edit

Eagle and Yunikina both inspired each other: Eagle's music inspired Yunikina to turn against White Rock City's lord and reminded her of her homeland, and Yunikina inspired Eagle to create a design in her honor. Thus, despite being positioned on opposite sides initially, the two formed a bond.[1] Cali, a reporter from 680 who was interested in their story, referred to Yunikina and Eagle as lovers.[2][3]

Name by Server Edit

Version Name (Romanized)
International International (English) Eagle
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 叶格尔 (Yè gé ěr)

Trivia Edit

  • Cali carries the poems of Eagle around in her bag all the time.[4]
  • It is likely that Eagle lived a long time before the year 680, as Cali says that she wished she could have lived in "that era" to report on Yunikina's story.[2]
  • The story of Yunikina and Eagle shares many parallels with the story of Louie and Lunar. Yunikina is most similar to Louie: initially allied with the one who killed her lover, but later rose up against him. Eagle is most similar to Lunar, with both being musicians and designers.

References Edit

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