Pigeon people are great fans of masquerade. In the night of mystery and passion, there are dreamy beauty as well as secret witch...

The Dreamy Nocturne event was a packing event that ran from February 18th to 24th, 2018.

How to Play Edit

Complete Journey stages to collect Dream Feather (Dream Feathers). Exchange the Dream Feather for the True Night Pack or White Moon Pack. Each Pack requires 5 Dream Feather.

5 free attempts were given each day to pack a Pack. The attempts could be reset for 24 Diamond each.

Collecting a certain number of True Night Packs allowed the player to obtain parts of the Butterfly Shade suit, and collecting a certain number of White Moon Packs allowed the player to obtain the White Masquerade suit.

The Butterfly Shade suit needed 65 Packs to complete and the White Masquerade suit needed 85 Packs to complete.

Collection Rewards Edit

Butterfly Shade Edit

Total Cost: 325 Dream Feather

White Masquerade Edit

Total Cost: 425 Dream Feather

Video Edit

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