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Zhu Yuxian's Dreamland is a series of quests that tells his story. It can be located in the Dream Weaver building.

The chapter Embracing Destiny from Lunar's Dreamland Millennium Dream must be completed in order to unlock it.

Dream Weaver Routes[]

Phoenix Flute[]

Zhu Yuxian Dreamweaver - Phoenix Flute.jpg

Main article: Dreamland - Zhu Yuxian/Phoenix Flute.

"Following the music on Cloud Avenue, Nikki and her friends found a teahouse where they heard a story about Zhu Yuxian..."

  1. Nice Tune
  2. Bamboo Whistle
  3. Jade Flute
  4. Phoenix Flute
Spirit Skill Phoenix Music
Attribute Mature.png
Gallery Suit Wish of Red Beans
Availability Long-term