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Yvette's Dreamland is a series of quests that tells her story. It can be located in the Dream Weaver building.

The chapter Apple Military Academy from Orlando's Dreamland Immortal Glory must be completed in order to unlock it.

Dream Weaver Routes[]

Bunny in March[]

Yvette Dreamweaver - Bunny in March.jpg

Main article: Dreamland - Yvette/Bunny in March.

"On Yvette's birthday, Minister Nidhogg gave her a snow white rabbit named March. When it was time for bed at night, Yvette surprisingly found the rabbit..."

  1. Hare and March
  2. Hare and Secret
  3. Hare and Dream
  4. Hare and Destiny
Spirit Skill Bright Teeth
Attribute Lively.png
Gallery Suit Cream Waffles (shoes, hair ornament)
Availability Long-term

Conventional Magic[]

Yvette Dreamweaver - Conventional Magic.jpg

Main article: Dreamland - Yvette/Conventional Magic.

"On her sixth birthday, Yvette received a magic book from grandma. It is said only the most innocent child can see the magic elf. Yvette did meet the elf, but the elf seemed to be different from the one in the legend."

  1. Spirit of Magic
  2. Book of Dreams
  3. Star Moon Covenant
  4. Star Magic Circle
Spirit Skill Adorable Bell
Attribute Cute.png
Gallery Suit Cream Waffles (hair, dress)
Availability Long-term

Time Magic[]

Yvette Dreamweaver - Time Magic.jpg

Main article: Dreamland - Yvette/Time Magic.

"To Yvette, the word 'mother' does not exist. Growing up with grandma, Yvette never met her parents since she can remember..."

  1. Spirit of Time
  2. Childlike Magic
  3. Momentary Wand
  4. Wand of Time
Spirit Skill Floating Time
Attribute Elegant.png
Gallery Suit Secrets of Time
Availability Long-term

Sugar Fairytale[]

Yvette Dreamweaver - Sugar Fairytale.jpg

Main article: Dreamland - Yvette/Sugar Fairytale.

"Big news! Yvette has returned to Lilith Kingdom! Facing the security investigation and people's rumors, Yvette decides to..."

  1. Sugar Kiss
  2. Fondant Bow
  3. Raspberry Mousse
  4. Fairy Tale Tea
Spirit Skill Sweet Kiss
Attribute Cute.png
Gallery Suit Adventure in Dream
Availability Long-term

Gleam of Faith[]

Yvette Dreamweaver - Gleam of Faith.jpg

Main article: Dreamland - Yvette/Gleam of Faith.

"Yvette, on behalf of Lilith, requested a joint arrest warrant for Nidhogg from the Court of Seven Kingdoms! And the assistant appointed by the acting Prime Minister to support Yvette turned out to be the exceptional Ivetta..."

  1. Dream of Puppet
  2. Hope Badge
  3. Lonely Doll
  4. Shimmer in the Box
Spirit Skill Puppet's Heart
Attribute Gorgeous.png
Gallery Suit Innocent Dream
Availability Long-term