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No. 7 trade center exposed, mysterious pursuit at dusk... In the fog full of danger, Reid is fumbling for the path. And then the forgotten past comes back again...

Trapped Rising Sun[]

  • 20000 Gold
  • 20 Stamina
  • Beloved World

  • (Year 680, New Era, Welton)
  • (At night, the dim light and seductive music in the most famous cocktail club of Welton, also known as No.7 Market Place, are the perfect disguise for illegal activities.)
  • (Reid and Nidhogg sit opposite to each other at a table. There are two tall crystal cocktail glasses in front of them.)
  • (The liquid inside the glasses is turning into dark red, Reid picks up a glass and shakes it slightly using his fingers. The red liquid reflects some strange colors when shaken .)
  • Reid: Why don't you try our new wine, Colonel?
  • (Nidhogg looks at the wine glass and scrunches his brow.)
  • Nidhogg: Alcohol will destroy people's mind, stop them from making correct decisions.
  • Reid: Drinking is to satisfy your desire. But enjoying your wine is like appreciating a work of art.
  • (Reid shakes the wine glass and sips from the edge of the glass. He looks at Nidhogg half smiling.)
  • Just like this Trapped Rising Sun. The strong aftertaste is hiding under the smooth texture. After it sits for too long, you can see the color of blood. Interesting, isn't it?
  • Nidhogg: What are you implying?
  • Reid: I'm just talking about the wine. No matter how good the material is, it won't be a work of art without an experienced bartender. What do you think, Colonel?
  • Nidhogg: It's hard to find a good bartender.
  • (Reid smiles, he raises his hand and waves. The two servants behind him put down two silver metal boxes in front of Nidhogg and opens them.)
  • Reid: 3000 tubes of No.7 reagent. Do you want to test it, Colonel?
  • Nidhogg: It's fine. Trust is the foundation for good cooperation, isn't it?
  • (Suddenly, they hear some noise coming from outside. There are people screaming and glasses breaking. The two soldiers behind Nidhogg pull their guns out and are ready for battle.)
  • (The door of the basement opens. Reid's assistant quickly walks to him and whispers something.)
  • Reid: Don't worry, Colonel.
  • (Nidhogg turns his face slightly and asks the soldiers to lay down their weapons.)
  • Nidhogg: It seems that the security of the market place needs to be strengthened.
  • Reid:'s just an incident and not a big problem. There is a secret tunnel that leads to the exit. Colonel, you can leave with the goods, and I'll handle the incident.


  • None
  • 20000 Gold
  • 20 Stamina
  • 20 Diamonds

  • Assistant A: Boss, the things in the storage have been taken away by the Intelligence Department. What should we do then?
  • Reid: The No.7 reagent in the storage ls actually expired cough syrup and tis not the real reagent. No one can do anything to us, including the commander.
  • Assistant A: It's lucky that they didn't find the basement. or they'll make a fuss about the fake reagent from the storage. 50 why don't we...
  • Reid: It's just a disguise. They won't let it slide if we don't give them something to look at. After we pay them off. there won't be any problem.
  • Assistant A: Something is off this time. I think there's a spy among us.
  • Reid: I only want to know who that is and you have three days to find the answer.
  • Assistant A: ...Sure.
  • (Reid takes out his phone and calls someone.)
  • Gray Raven: ...Hello, do you know what will happen if you interrupt me while I'm sleeping?

  • Reid: It's only 9 at night.
  • Gray Raven: The bed time for a scientist is different from an ordinary person.

  • Reid: I have something important to inform you.
  • Gray Raven: Is there anything more important than my deep sleep?

  • Reid: The experiment for the new No.7 reagent may need to be suspended.
  • Gray Raven: What happened?
  • Reid: Someone leaked our trading location. You'd better close your lab several days just in case.
  • Gray Raven: The trading location is exposed? That's your problem. My inspiration comes from the God and it can't be stopped.
  • Reid: I'll solve all problems within a week and I'll pay for all the losses. A God's gift also has a price tag, right?
  • Gray Raven: You're definitely a capitalist...Fine, I‘ll take your offer. A scientist also has a life to live, you know.
  • Reid: It's great that you can understand, scientist.
  • Crisis Dusk[]

    Alternate Name: Dangerous Dusk

    • 30 Stone of Shadow.png
    • 16 Dazzle Stone.png

    • (Two days later, afternoon. in a car that is leaving the Intelligence Department.)
    • (Reid is driving the car and his assistant’s voice is coming from a Bluetooth earphone.)
    • Assistant A: Boss, the people from the Intelligence Department came to the market place again. But everything was transferred yesterday. so they found nothing.
    • Reid: The drugs they got were tested but no No.7reagent was found. It seems like they are getting anxious.
    • Assistant A: What do we need to do?
    • Reid: Nothing. They can't do anything without the evidence.
    • (Reid glances at the rear mirror. A black car is following him in a certain distance. The front window of the car is tinted and can't be seen through from the outside.)
    • Reid: Damn.
    • Assistant A: Boss, what happened?
    • Reid: A car has been following me for a while and I don't think it's friendly.
    • Assistant A: There's no bodyguard near you since you were visiting the Intelligence Department... Where are you, Boss? I'll send someone right away.
    • Reid: No, it's too late.
    • (The number of cars on the road is decreasing. Reid frowns and steps on the gas pedal and accelerates. The black car behind did the same.)
    • (Reid's foot is still on the gas pedal and keeps speeding up. The light from the road lamp flashes across Reid's dark eyes and he could feel the danger approaching.)
    • Reid: It just won't leave me alone...
    • (Reid turns the steering wheel and enters an alley. The tires rub against the ground and the noise echoes in the empty road.)
    • (The car turns into the alley and the road gets narrow. Reid is still driving at full speed. However, the black car left behind catches up again and approaches.)
    • (The window of the black car opens and three men in black reach out. They keep firing at the black sports car ahead.)
    • (The bullets leave deep holes on the car. Reid clicks his tongue and turns the car into a back alley. The body of the car screams as it grazes the walls.)
    • (The black car is right behind and bullets keep coming. A loud noise comes from Reid's car.)
    • Reid: In a situation like this...
    • (Reid checks the rear mirror and suddenly grins. He stares at the road ahead and there Is excitement in his eyes.)
    • (The black sports car trembles as it turns sharp at a corner and accelerated.)
    • (There is an abandoned warehouse ahead and its gate is tightly closed. The black sports car does not slow down but charges right into the warehouse.)
    • (After a loud bang, the car hits the warehouse. The black car behind also stops by the alley. Four men in black get off the car and look at the smoking car.)
    • (Plop... Plop, plop... Plop...)
    • (The sound of liquid drip onto the ground. After another loud noise, the black sports car is already burning in flames.)
    • Man in Black A: Boss... Should we check him out?
    • Man in Black Boss: The car already exploded. He must be dead.
    • Man in Black A: So, our mission is...
    • Man in Black Boss: He'll be killed one way or another. He's dead now and our mission is completed. Let's go.
    • Man in Black A: Yes, your highness.
    • (The men in black return to their car and left. The black car leaves the alley. No one notices the fresh blood in the corner.)


    • 6 Stone of Shadow.png
    • 5 Dazzle Stone.png
    • Rainbow Flow upgrades to level 2
      (Elegant attribute rating increases by 500 points)

    Welfare House[]

    • None
    • 20000 Gold
    • 20 Stamina
    • Elegant Contour

    • (Early Morning, Childheart Center.)
    • (In an unfamiliar room. Reid opens his eyes and notices that all the wounds on his body are bandaged.)
    • Boy: Big brother, you woke up!
    • (Reid turns his head around and sees a boy beside him. A middle-aged woman is standing behind the boy with a somewhat familiar smile on her face.)
    • Reid: This place is...a charity center?
    • Boy: Yeah!
    • President: Sir, are you a friend of Miss. Kimi? You fainted at the gate of the charity center and Minami found you. She asked us to take you in.
    • Minami: I've seen you before, big brother. You were with Miss. Kimi!
    • Reid: Thank you, President... Thank you, Minami.
    • (Reid smiles at Minami and tries to get off the bed. However, he feels an abrupt pain from the wounds and his face turned pale immediately.)
    • Minami: Don't move, big brother! The President said that you needed to rest!
    • President: Sir, please lie down and rest. You've got severe injuries.
    • Minami: By the way. big brother, is this ring yours?
    • (The boy takes out a ring from his pocket and shows it to Reid with both hands.)
    • Minami: I found this at where you fainted.
    • Reid: It's mine. Thank you. Minami.
    • (Reid grabs the ring and puts it on his left hand)
    • Minami: What a nice ring!
    • Reid: It‘s a gift from my elder brother.
    • Minami: Whoa! He's a good brother!
    • Reid: Sadly, he has already passed away.
    • Minami: Oh... You must be sad. big brother... What was he like?
    • (Reid lowers his head and it's hard to tell his expression. After a long time, he raises his head and smiles.)

    • Reid: He was a kind person.
    • Minami: Like you? He must be loved by a lot of people!
    • Reid: Yeah, everyone liked him.

  • Reid: He was a nice guy.
  • Minami: You must love him too, right?
  • Reid: Yeah, no one could hate him.

  • (Reid rubs Nubanu's head with a warm smile.)
  • Reid: Thank you, Minami.
  • Lone City Alert[]

    Alternate Name: Lonely City Ring

    • 40 Stone of Shadow.png
    • 23 Dazzle Stone.png

    • (New Era 665, Welton, Mercury Main House.)
    • (The 8-year-old Reid was reading Rawding Academy's textbook on design when someone knocked on the door.)
    • (Knock, knock...)
    • Young Reid: Come in, please.
    • Ead: Still studying? It's late. Children need to rest more to grow taller.
    • (Ead walked to young Reid and put down a nicely wrapped velvet gift box by his hand. Young Reid turned his head around and looked at Bed with a warm smile.)
    • Young Reid: Is this a birthday gift for me, brother?
    • Ead: You guessed it. I feel less accomplished when you do that. Do you know what's inside?
    • Young Reid: ...I don't, brother.
    • Ead: ...Alright, just open it and take a look.
    • (Young Reid opened the box and saw a ring inside. A irregular grey gem was embedded into a metal ring. The ring looked like a city sitting on a plain alone, desolate but glorious.)
    • Young Reid: (Expression changes) This is...
    • Ead: Yeah, it's an early work of the Ancient Pavilion designer, the Ring of Lonely City. You love the Ancient Pavilion designer, right? So i begged our father to buy it. Do you like it?
    • ('Father, I really like this ring. Can you bid for it?)
    • ('You don't need it. Only you brother likes those things.')
    • (Young Reid's smile stiffened. Raising his head, Young Reid looked at Ead with a even brighter smile.)
    • Young Reid: I love it. Thank you, brother.
    • Ead: I'm glad you like it. Happy Eighth Birthday. Sleep early.
    • (Ead rubbed Young Reid's head and left the room.)
    • (Young Reid looked at the ribbon-topped gift box, his smile slowly disappeared.)
    • (He looked at it blankly for a while and swept the box to the ground.)


    • 10 Stone of Shadow.png
    • 6 Dazzle Stone.png
    • Rainbow flow upgrades to level 3
      (Elegant attribute rating increases by 800 points)

    Afternoon Surprise[]

    • None

    • (Afternoon, Childheart Center.)
    • (Reid is taking a phone call on the bed.)
    • Assistant A: Boss, I've already sent someone to track yesterday's car but nothing has been found yet. How are you doing right now?
    • Reid: I'm fine. Stop tracking.
    • Assistant A: May I ask why?
    • Reid: Those people were hired by someone and it wasn't coincidence that they were there... It's probably related to the leak of market place. Just keep investigating the incident.
    • Assistant A: Got it. Where are you now? Should I send a driver to pick you up?
    • (Some cheerful noise comes from outside.)
    • Little Girl: Kimi, Kimi! What do you think? Isn't my pose beautiful?
    • Kimi: Yeah, it's great. Don't move. I'm almost done here.
    • Little Boy: Kimi, I want one too, please!
    • (Reid stands up and walks to the window.)
    • (In the courtyard, Kimi is sitting in front of a sketching board and drawing.There are several children playing around her.)
    • (Kimi turns to Reid's direction and Reid quickly hides behind the window.)
    • Assistant A: ...Boss?
    • Reid: ...It's fine. I have something to take care of here.
    • (Reid hangs off the phone and stares at Kimi quietly behind the window.)
    • (Under the warn afternoon sun, Kimi has a gentle look on her face, and her beautiful face seems to be glowing.)
    • Minami: Big brother!
    • (The door is flung open and Minami rushes into the room.)
    • Minami: Kimi has come! She doesn't know you're here yet. Do you want to surprise her?

    • Reid: Thank you, Minami. But Kimi probably doesn't want to meet me right now.
    • Minami: What... Why? Did you have a fight with Kimi?
    • Reid: It's my fault and Kimi hasn't forgiven me yet.

  • Reid: I'll pass. I don't want her to see me like this.
  • Minami: Like what?
  • Reid: Well, I don't look handsome when I'm injured.

  • Reid: Minami, could you do me a favor?
  • Minami: Of course! What is it?
  • Reid: I'll tell you later, but please don‘t tell Kimi, okay? It's a secret between us.
  • The Selection[]

    • 20000 Gold
    • 20 Stamina
    • Booming Story

    • (New Era 667, Outskirts of Welton, in front of an abandoned warehouse.)
    • (A man in a black head mask was taking a phone call.)
    • Kidnapper A: Cut the crap! 200 million! Or this weak son of yours won't be able to see tomorrow's sunrise!
    • Rove: The company is completing an acquisition and I don't have that much cash in hand...
    • Kidnapper A: You can stop the acquisition! Let me make this clear. 200 million. Not negotiable. If you don't bring them to me tonight, your son will die! Acquisition or your son, make a choice!
    • (The man hanged off the phone. turns around and walked back to the warehouse.)
    • (Inside the warehouse, two men in similar outfits were drinking. In a corner nearby, a kid was tied up and sitting with a weird posture.)
    • Kidnapper B: Boss, can we really get 200 million?
    • Kidnapper A: Don't worry. That financial group is rich as hell and 200 million won’t be a problem to them. I don't think money is more important than his own son.
    • Kidnapper B: You're right. By the way. this kid hasn't eaten for a day, and he didn't try to escape. Should we feed him?
    • (Kidnapper A nodded. Kidnapper B grabbed a piece of bread, walked to the boy and fed it to him.)
    • (The boy raised his head and a bright smile appeared on his face.)
    • Young Reid: Thank you. sir.
    • (Young Reid lowered his head and started eating his bread. Suddenly, Kidnapper C rushed into the warehouse angrily.)
    • Kidnapper C: Boss, we've been fooled! The CEO of the group called the police!
    • Kidnapper A: What?! Does he even care about his son?
    • (The two kidnappers turned around and looked at Young Reid at the same time. Young Reid raised his head with a helpless look on his face.)
    • Young Reid: Dad...doesn't want to save me?
    • Kidnapper B: Those rich people are so cruel!
    • Kidnapper A: Whatever. We need to get rid of the kid since there won't be any money!
    • Young Reid: (Tears in eyes) Sir... Can I finish the bread before you kill me?
    • Kidnapper B: Boss, let him finish the bread so he can die with a full stomach.
    • Kidnapper A: Fine, let's see how we can escape. He's a kid and I don't think he can run.
    • (The kidnappers left the warehouse. Young Reid pinched the back of his hand to fake the tears. He loosened the rope... He spent a whole day cutting it with a pencil sharpener.)
    • (Young Reid stood up and removed the rope from his feet. He looked way too calm and mature for his age. He stretched his body slightly and jumped out of the window.)
    • (On a road under the mountain.)
    • (Although Young Reid's leg was hurt, he kept walking as fast as he could. Suddenly, he bumped into a girl who was five or six years old.)
    • Young Kimi: Ouch...
    • (Young Reid quickly checked what the girl was wearing and helped her to get up.)
    • Young Reid: Are you alright?
    • Young Kimi: Ugh... I'm good. Thank you.
    • Young Reid: (I think it‘ll be hard for me to escape alone...)
    • Young Reid: Let's go somewhere and have some rest. By the way, you're wearing nice clothes. Why are you here alone? Where is your family?
    • Young Kimi: I had an argument with my father, so... It's not important. I'm alright and you don‘t need to help me.
    • Young Reid: It's good to see you are all right. Ugh...
    • (Young Reid held his right wrist with his left hand, his face turned pale. He seemed to be in intense pain. Young Kimi lowered her hand and saw two deep marks on his wrists.)
    • Young Kimi: What happened? Why are you hurt?
    • Young Reid: I'm alright...
    • Young Kimi: Did your parents beat you?
    • Young Reid: No... It's...
    • Young Kimi: Although they are your parents, they can't just beat you like this!
    • Young Reid: ... It's not my parents. It's an uncle that is not from my family.
    • Young Kimi: Not from your family? Who is that uncle then?
    • Young Reid: To be honest... I was sold to this place by that uncle. When he's in bad mood, he'll...
    • Young Kimi: What? How could this happen?
    • Young Reid: I just escaped when he was not paying attention, but I still haven't found my way home yet after walking for so long...
    • Young Kimi: Don't worry. I'll help you get home!
    • Young Reid: For real? But you're younger than me...
    • Young Kimi: I'm a lady from a clothing group and I never lie. I'll take you home.
    • Young Reid: (A lady from a clothing group... She's so naive.)
    • Young Reid: But I'm worried that the uncle will find me soon...
    • Young Kimi: We can walk together. My father should be able to find us soon!
    • (Young Kimi grabbed Young Reid's hand and started walking down the mountain. At that time, Kidnapper B caught up and captured them.)
    • Kidnapper B: How dare you lie to us! Who is this kid?
    • Young Reid: (They still caught up. This lady can no longer help me then...)
    • Young Reid: Uncle, she's my friend.
    • Young Kimi: Who are you? My father is nearby and he'll be here soon!
    • Kidnapper B: (The cops are coming and this girl seems to be from a rich family. The situation will be worse if I take her with me.)
    • Kidnapper B: Girl, he's my son and he's just acting up. Leave it and just let him go with me, alright?
    • Young Kimi: I don’t trust you! He's injured. You can't be his father.
    • Young Reid: (This lady is not as dumb as I thought.)
    • Kidnapper B: Don't get nosy, girl! Or I'll kill you too!
    • Young Reid: Uncle, don't touch her...
    • (Young Kimi opened her arms and stood in front of Young Reid.)
    • Young Kimi: I promised to take him home!
    • Kidnapper B: Get away! I'll kill you if you try to save him!
    • (Kidnapper 8 got irritated and took out a dagger. He then slashed the girl's arm.)
    • (Blood ran down the girl's arm. Young Kimi bit her lips and her face turned pale, but she never moved. Young Reid just stared at the girl who was younger and shorter than him.)
    • Young Reid: (Is she dumb? Why is she trying to save me? She doesn't even know me.)
    • Young Kimi: Get away from him.
    • Kidnapper B: What's the matter with you? Do you know his own father is not helping him?
    • Young Kimi: I don't care. I promised him.
    • Kidnapper B: ...i said move!
    • Young Kimi: Wait!
    • (Kidnapper B had no choice but to knock Young Kimi out with the handle of the dagger.)
    • Kidnapper B: This kid is stubborn...
    • (Kidnapper B carried Young Reid up the mountain. The young boy kept staring at the small figure lying by the side of the road. His eyes glinted.)

    Secret File[]

    • None
    • 20000 Gold
    • 20 Stamina
    • 20 Diamonds
    • Twinkle of Encounter

    • (Late night, outside the Mercury Group Building)
    • (In the back of an alley, a slender figure hides in darkness)
    • (Reid takes out his phone; the screen light illuminates his face.) He opens an app named 'Surveillance System' and taps the screen a few times. He walks towards the building.)
    • Reid: Although the surveillance has been turned off, there are still security guards patrolling in the building. It's best to change into some Stealthy Clothes .

    Concluding Dialogue[]

    • (A shadow slips into an office in the Mercury Group Building.)
    • (Reid looks around the room, walks to the desk and turns on the computer. The computer screen lights up and a password prompt pops up.)
    • Reid: Who would've thought that Gray Raven's decipherer would be of use here...
    • (Reid inserts the decipherer; his fingers moves swiftly. His eyes, which have always suggested gentleness, reflect the blue light of the computer and are quite piercing.)
    • Reid: So many secret files... It seems that 'this person has a lot of secrets......
    • Reid: Chat history with bartender... Transaction with Ghost, the Assassin Organization... Ah, almost missed this one...
    • Reid: Looks like 'this person' has been quite busy during his free time... Should I give you a gift in return?
    • (Reid works on the computer some more before stopping. 'Back up completed' pops up. He takes out the decipherer, then turns off the computer and leaves.)


    • 52 Stone of Shadow.png
    • 33 Dazzle Stone.png

    • (Mercury Group, Conference Room.)
    • Harris: Mr. President, the company has suffered a huge loss because the thing with the exchange was leaked. You have to do something to mend this.
    • Rove: It was only three million. Not really a huge loss.
    • Harris: It's true three million is nothing to us, but it greatly tarnished our public image. The Board of Directors are not happy.
    • Reid: The Investigation Bureau has not found any incriminating evidence.
    • Harris: Even though they have no proof, rumors are circulating, and the employees are worried about the Bureau closing us down. As the president, you need to shoulder the blame.
    • Reid: Oh?I haven't heard any rumors. Did they start from the vice president?
    • Harris: ...How dare you! Anyways, I just want what's best for the company. You'll have to fix this.
    • Reid: Oh? Then what do you think I should do about it, vice president?
    • Harris: This happened due to your poor management. I'm afraid keeping your role as the president of the unwise!
    • Reid: I understand. But there's a reason for this incident.
    • Harris: A reason... We don't accept excuses.
    • Reid: Is vice president afraid?
    • Harris: Nonsense! What should I be afraid?
    • Reid: That's really weird then...
    • (Reid motions his secretary to switch on the projector. Then he gets up and looks directly at Harris.)
    • Reid: I'd like to know why the vice president knows the bartender of my club, and told him to find the location of the 'thing'... What could this thing be?
    • (Harris' face falls, he remains silent.)
    • Reid: And who knew the vice president is in contact with Ghost, the assassin organization, and even has deals with them recently... Funny how I got into a car accident two days ago..
    • Harris: How dare you make false accusations! It had nothing to do with me!
    • Reid: I haven't even said anything. Why do you deny in such a hurry? Even if you don't want me to die... we can still talk about the large deposits you received from the Rofis Group?
    • Reid: The Rofis Group has been our adversary these years and has stolen many of our clients. And every time we lost because of the quotes... Does the vice president has anything to say?
    • (Reid looks at Harris with a subtle smirk. Harris' eyes are wide open, his face turns red)
    • Rove: I'm fully aware of this incident. Tomorrow at the board meeting Iwill propose the dismissal of Harris as the vice president.
    • (Rof finally breaks his silence. After glancing at Reid who was still smiling, he gets up.)
    • Harris: Mr. President, there must be some misunderstanding...
    • Rove: 'he meeting's over. You're dismissed.


    • 13 Stone of Shadow.png
    • 9 Dazzle Stone.png
    • Rainbow Flow upgrades to level 4
      (Elegant attribute rating increases by 1,200 points)


    • Harajuku Trend - Black
    • Harajuku Trend - Flax
    • Harajuku Trend - Pink
    • 20000 Gold
    • 20 Stamina
    • Reunited Moment

    • (Mercury Group, Reid's Office.)
    • Reid: Cough...Cough cough...
    • (Reid looks pale. He has his right fist over his mouth to cover up his coughing)
    • Assistant A: You got badly injured yesterday, why don‘t you take a rest today?
    • Reid: Cough... I'm fine. How is the exchange?
    • Assistant A: The bartender has been removed.
    • Reid: Investigate everyone else and take rid of all the disloyal ones. I don't want to see the same thing happen again.
    • Assistant A: Yes, boss. About the vice president...
    • ('Knock knock knock...')
    • (The door was knocked three times. Rof opens the door and walks in. He sits down in front of Reid's desk. Reid gets up)
    • Reid: What is it, father?
    • Rove: You...did a good job.
    • (Reid smiles with obedience.)
    • Reid: Because you've taught me well.
    • Rove: I'm getting old, and I want you to take charge of the company from now on. I won't interfere any longer. Hope you won't disappoint me.
    • Reid: I respect father's decision, and will do my best.
    • (Rof hesitates for a second, then he says.)
    • Rove: Harris watched your older brother grow up, who knew he would turn out like this. If your older brother was still around, he wouldn't allow Harris to do so.
    • Reid: Yeah. After all, brother was always a kind person.
    • (Rof looks melancholic. Reid stands in front of him, smiling.)
    • Rove: Alright. I'll be leaving now, you take care. I heard you got injured a few days ago?
    • Reid: Just some minor injuries, it‘s no big deal. But father, you need to take care of yourself.
    • (Rof glances at Reid.)
    • Rove: That's good to know. Then I'll be off.
    • Reid: OK, take care, father.
    • (Reid watches Rof leave the office. As the door closed, Reid‘s respectful smile fades away.
    • Reid: Do I have to hold your hand and teach you how to deal with the vice president?!
    • Assistant A: Understood. It will be done within a week.
    • Reid: Leave no traces.
    • Assistant A: Yes, your highness.


    • 21 Stone of Shadow.png
    • 12 Dazzle Stone.png
    • Rainbow Flow upgrades to level 5
      (Elegant attribute rating increases by 1,500 points)

    Mottled Shadows[]

    • None
    • 40000 Gold
    • 40 Stamina
    • 20 Diamonds
    • Alluring Brilliance

    • (Afternoon, Childheart Center.)
    • (In the middle of the yard, Kimi is drawing for the kids. A small kid in a pig mask walks over.)
    • ???: Sister Kimi, guess who I am. I am definitely not Minami!
    • (Kimi tries to hold in her laughter.)
    • Kimi: Ah... Then I have no idea who you are!
    • Minami: I am Sister Kimi's guardian knight!
    • Kimi: Ohhh, my guardian knight! How are you going to protect me?
    • Minami: Wait, Sister Kimi!
    • (Minami takes out a big handkerchief from his pocket and covers his left palm with it.)
    • Minami: Don't blink!
    • (Then, Minami quickly takes away the handkerchief. In his left palm lies a beautiful rose)
    • Girl A: Woah! Minami, do you know magic?
    • Boy B: You're so awesome!
    • (Minami smiles with satisfaction and holds the rose in front of Kimi.)
    • Minami: Sister Kimi, this is a gift for you!
    • (Kimi takes the rose with a smile and rubs his hair. Her worries vanish at that moment.)

    • Kimi: ...Thank you, Minami. Where did the rose come from?
    • Minami: A knight who wouldn't tell me his name gave it to me. He taught me the magic as well!

  • Kimi: Thank you, Minami. When did you learn the magic?
  • Minami: A mysterious knight just taught me! He gave me this mission!

  • Minami: Oh, I almost forgot...
  • (Minami ran into the house and then came back with a drawing.)
  • Minami: That mysterious knight also wanted me to give you this! He said if you smile, he will give us an amusement park...
  • (It's a drawing of her holding a firework stick, smiling at the sky. Kids are all around her and there is an amusement park in the back. The sky is lit up with fireworks)
  • Kimi: ...Who's this mysterious knight?
  • Minami: I cannot say. This is a secret between big brother and I.
  • Kimi: Big brother...
  • (Outside the wall of the yard, Reid leans against the wall and looks up in the direction of the yard with a smile. Laughters are coming from within the yard.)
  • (Tree leaves rustling in the breeze, their shadow fall on Reid's face. With a smile, he leaves.)
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