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Orlando doesn't quite like small animals, but he keeps a black cat with lapis color eyes...

Welfare House[]

Alternate name: Welfare House 'Children's heart'


  • (Year 680, New Era)
  • Kimi: Hand out these clothes to the kids in the welfare house. Remember to let them choose their favorite style.
  • Servants: Yes! Lady!
  • Momo: Wow, I see many cute little capes. Meow! Director, I want to join the welfare house, too!
  • Kimi: This welfare house was established by my grandfather. I used to play here with other kids when I was little.
  • Nikki: Momo, let's help Kimi hand out the new clothes.
  • Momo: Okay! Meow... Nikki, look! That man looks like Orlando!
  • Nikki: It's him! What a beautiful cat he's holding. Look at its lapis color eyes...
  • Momo: Nikki! How can you praise other cats in front of your own!
  • Bobo: Momo, are you jealous?
  • Momo: Humph! I never envy other cats with different eyes! I only envy those with grilled fish!

Mr. Lancelot[]

  • None

  • Orlando: Kimi! We meet again... Huh? Nikki, Momo! Why are you here?
  • Nikki: Momo and I came along with Kimi. It's a surprise to meet you here too!
  • Orlando: Yeah, I bring Mr. Lancelot to the welfare house every weekend.
  • Nikki: Oh, the black cat is Mr. Lancelot! What a little gentleman, just like its master!
  • Momo: Hey! Have you forgotten there is always a gentleman by your side!
  • Bobo: A gentleman? Who is he? How come I never know!
  • Orlando: I'm flattered, but I'm not the only master of Mr. Lancelot.
  • Kimi: The little girl you used to visit must be the other master, right?
  • Orlando: Yes, Nina is quite withdrawn and unsociable. Only with Mr. Lancelot can she smile like other girls of her age.
  • Nikki: Do you come for Nina today?
  • Orlando: No, Nina has grown up and she has left the welfare house. I just miss the good old days, so I bring Mr. Lancelot here.
  • Orlando: Nikki, the kids have chosen their favorite new clothes, but they are not good at styling. Let's help dress them in a new style!
  • Bobo: Okay! The kids will like cute clothes ! They will like Nikki's styling!

Past in Childhood[]

  • 16 Stone of Love.png
  • 10 Sky Stone.png
  • 6 Stone of Night.png
  • 2 Stone of Dream.png

  • Orlando: Everybody loves the clothes styled by Nikki! Nina would be very happy if she was here.
  • Momo: Nina must be a lovely little girl.
  • Orlando: Yeah... When I first met her, she was quite timid.
  • Orlando: Later, I was told she had slight infantile autism. Thus, she used to immerse herself in her own world and have no friends in the welfare house.
  • Kimi: No wonder I didn't notice her when I was here.
  • Orlando: But Nina has a keen vision and unique insights in design. Now Nina has become an excellent designer.
  • Nikki: That's great! It's the talent as the compensation!
  • Orlando: Nina was lonely when she was a little kid and Mr. Lancelot was the only companion for her.
  • Nikki: I think Orlando's company means a lot to her as well.
  • Kimi: But I remember... Orlando, you don't like small animals, right? I was very surprised when I saw you holding a cat.
  • Orlando: When I was a kid, I was chased and bitten by a bulldog. So after I grew up, I tend to keep distance from small animals though I still like them. Please keep the secret for me.
  • Bobo: So, what do you think of Momo?
  • Orlando: For me, Momo is the same as Mr. Lancelot. They both are my intimate friends.
  • Mr. Lancelot: (Happy) Meow!
  • Nikki: Wow! There seems to be telepathy between Orlando and Mr. Lancelot!
  • Momo: Nikki! Have you telepathically sensed my needs? I want to eat grilled fish! Meow!


  • 5 Stone of Love.png
  • 3 Sky Stone.png
  • 2 Stone of Night.png
  • 2 Stone of Dream.png
  • Dance of Black Cat levels up to level 2
    (Elegance attribute rating increases by 500 points)


  • None

  • (Year 667 of New Era, in a corner of welfare house 'Children's Heart')
  • Kid A: Look! That's Nina I told you last time! Over there! She's always cold to everyone, so weird.
  • Kid B: I knew her! She was always praised by the teacher for her handiworks.
  • Kid A: Yes. Last time I went to say hello after class, but she just ignored me and walked away!
  • Kid B: Let me give her a lesson.
  • Kid A: Hey! Wait...
  • Kid B: Why are you afraid? She's not some lady of big companies.
  • (When the two kids forced Nina to a corner, a black cat with lapis eyes jumped out and stood before Nina...)
  • Mr. Lancelot: (Threatening) Hiss!
  • Kid A: Wow! Where's the black cat from! Ahhhh!
  • Kid B: ...Go ...Go away! Ah!... *Sob* It hurts...
  • Kid A: Run... I'll tell Ms. Amanda! Nina keeps cats!
  • (After driving away those kids, the little black cat quietly huddles up at the feet of Nina, enjoying Nina's gentle touch...)
  • Ms. Amanda: Nina, I've told you many times. No pets allowed in the welfare house.
  • Nina: ...
  • Ms. Amanda: Now it harms your mates, give it to me.
  • Nina: No... Please...
  • (Maybe the cat really sensed the danger. In the next few days, Nina searched the whole welfare house but didn't see it. Nina was so worried something bad may happen to it.)
  • (If you were Nina, where would you go to find the black cat?)

  • The dormitory balcony where the black cat is fed every day
  • (He doesn't show up at the feeding time. Try other places!)
  • (Nina found a poster looking for the master of a black cat on Lost and Found notice board, but it has been torn up and the information is incomplete.)

  • The tree in the welfare house square where the black cat was found
  • (There're many people in the square, but the cat is not here. Let's go to other places!)
  • (Nina found a poster looking for the master of a black cat on Lost and Found notice board, but it has been torn up and the information is incomplete.)

  • Welfare house Lost and Found notice board
  • (There is a poster looking for the master of a black cat, but it has been torn up and the information is incomplete.)

  • (Nina takes a closer look at the poster. It must be written by someone with dexterous hands because the handwriting is so beautiful.)
  • (Nina has never seen this kind of indigo blue ink here. Has Mr. Lancelot been taken by someone outside the welfare house?)
  • Adoption[]

    • 20 Stone of Love.png
    • 17 Sky Stone.png
    • 10 Stone of Night.png
    • 7 Stone of Dream.png

    • (At the reception of the welfare house)
    • Grandpa Henry at Reception: Nina, why are you here? You need Ms. Amanda's approval to get out of the welfare house.
    • Nina: ...Grandpa... Cat...
    • Grandpa Henry at Reception: Cat? Is it the little black cat that two military academy cadets came to ask about a few days ago?... Nina, you know it?
    • Nina: (Nodding)
    • Grandpa Henry at Reception: I see. I can help you contact them. But, honey, you know, pets are not allowed here.
    • Nina: ...No pet. Mr. Lancelot is my friend...
    • (The next day, grandpa Henry asks Nina to the reception.)
    • Flynn: Are you the master of this black cat? You really have a little tiger. I just wanted to play with it, but it... It's dangerous!
    • Nina: ...
    • Orlando: Stop scaring her! Hello, young lady. I'm Orlando, and he is Flynn.
    • Orlando: We are students of Apple Federal Military Academy. Last time when walking by the welfare house, we saw a cat lying in the bushes in front of the gate.
    • Orlando: Its bow tie is very cute. Did you make this for it?
    • Nina: Yes, Mr. Lancelot is cool wearing the bow tie.
    • Flynn: So, the cat is called Mr. Lancelot. Such a gentlemanly name doesn't seem to fit such a ferocious cat...
    • Mr. Lancelot: (Angry) Hiss!
    • Flynn: Look, the cat is angry. It understands us! Hah hah hah... So funny!
    • Orlando: It's not allowed to have pets in the welfare house, right?
    • Nina: ... (Nina holds Mr. Lancelot, feeling very sad.)
    • Flynn: Orlando! Do something! She is about to cry!
    • Orlando: Even if you say that, I... Flynn, don't look at me like that. You know, I cannot handle small animals.
    • Flynn: Look, you just made Nina and Mr. Lancelot sadder.
    • Orlando: ...Well, we will keep Mr. Lancelot at my parents' house. You can come to visit it every weekend.
    • Nina: May... May I?
    • Orlando: My pleasure.
    • Flynn: Orlando, you truly are my best friend! Nina! Since you are alone, you are our sister from now on!
    • Nina: Thanks... brothers...
    • (Nina hugs Mr. Lancelot. Then Mr. Lancelot jumps onto Orlando's shoulders.)
    • Orlando: (Freezes) Flynn, take it away!
    • Flynn: Hahaha! Don't be rude. It's saying thank you!

    Great Dream[]


    • (A year later. Year 668 of New Era)
    • Flynn: Lancelot! You dare put dead rats in my shoes! Come here! I have something to tell you!
    • Mr. Lancelot: (Arrogant) Meow!
    • Nina: Flynn gets along with Mr. Lancelot quite well.
    • Orlando: Nina, you smiled more often than before. That's great.
    • Nina: To come to brother Orlando's house has become the happiest thing for me.
    • Flynn: You little cat! Try to escape this time! This is my newest cat trapper! It would not miss a single hair! Hahaha...
    • Mr. Lancelot: (Help) Meow!
    • Nina: Mr. Lancelot, come here. Flynn, you invented many interesting things, but you cannot bully Mr. Lancelot...
    • Orlando: Nina, your brother Flynn is hopeless. Don't mind him. Last time you said you wanted me to take a look of your designs?
    • Nina: Yes... As I have never taken any design classes, I don't know if I drew well...
    • Orlando: (Looking through Nina's sketchbook) Nina, although your design is immature, you are gifted!
    • Nina: Really? Thank you, brother Orlando.
    • Orlando: Nina, if you don't mind, you can bring your designs here every week and we can improve it together.
    • Nina: Brother Orlando will teach me personally? I'm so happy!
    • Orlando: Clothes design is easy to start, but hard to master. Many designers have spent their lifetime to pursue the top level.
    • Orlando: Nina, I believe you can go further. Go for it!
    • Nina: Okay!


    • 8 Stone of Love.png
    • 7 Sky Stone.png
    • 5 Stone of Night.png
    • 3 Stone of Dream.png
    • Dance of Black Cat levels up to level 3
      (Elegance attribute rating increases by 800 points)


    • None

    • (Year 670, New Era)
    • Nina: Brother Orlando! I have become an apprentice of the great designer Mr. Wycliffe!... Huh, isn't he at home?
    • Butler: Miss Nina, Mr. Orlando has gone for the ultimate graduation quest and will be off this week.
    • Nina: Ah! Brother Orlando never mentioned it to me!
    • Butler: Maybe he doesn't want you to worry about him. When he is back, I will tell him that Miss Nina has come here before.
    • Nina: Well... Okay.
    • Butler: Congratulation, Miss Nina. As far as I know, Mr. Wycliffe hasn't taken any apprentices since he left the Apple Apparel Group.
    • Butler: It's really good news. Master will be happy for you.
    • Nina: Thank you very much!... Is there any danger in this ultimate quest?
    • Butler: I believe in the ability of my Master and Mr. Flynn. You should, too.
    • Nina: Okay... I believe one of them will get the Immortal Glory Medal.
    • Nina: Ah, by the way! I can design two suits for their graduation ball. Maybe I can ask Mr. Wycliffe to guide me...
    • Butler: I'm sure they will like it.
    • Nina: And I will prepare a gift for Brother Orlando for looking after Mr. Lancelot for so long... Hmm, what should I send?

    • A bottle of champagne made in the Linksoul Manor?
    • Nina: Orlando must love it!

  • The military treatise 'War and Design'?
  • Butler: It's a good choice. Master is fond of reading military works.

  • A limited edition of handcrafted chess!
  • Butler: He likes playing chess, too. He will love them.

  • Nina: I'm going back! Thanks again! Goodbye!
  • Butler: Goodbye, Miss Nina!
  • Terrible News[]

    • 28 Stone of Love.png
    • 26 Sky Stone.png
    • 16 Stone of Night.png
    • 12 Stone of Dream.png

    • (A week later... Mr. Lancelot wanders by the doorway wearing his new clothes well-designed by Nina and meows, looking forward to Orlando's and Flynn's return together with Nina...)
    • (Finally, the long-awaited figure appears outside the door...)
    • Nina: Brother Orlando! You're back! How about the ultimate graduation quest?
    • Orlando: ...
    • Nina: Don't try to fool me by the sad face. I've seen the Immortal Glory Medal! I can finally appreciate the design of the medal at close range!
    • Orlando: Flynn...
    • Nina: He is hiding somewhere and preparing to scare me, right? I will not be fooled this time!
    • Orlando: Nina... Listen, Flynn won't come back...
    • Nina: He won't come back? What do you mean? He... Brother Flynn is on another mission, so he can't come back now. Right?
    • Orlando: Nina... I'm sorry... Flynn died in the mission...
    • Nina: How is that possible? Ha!... How can Brother Flynn... No, it's a joke, right? Brother Orlando, you almost fooled me.
    • Mr. Lancelot: (Sad) Meow!
    • Nina: No! Brother Flynn hasn't put on the graduation suit that I designed for him! This must be his trick... He must be hiding somewhere and waiting to laugh at me. Right!
    • Orlando: Nina, I'm sorry... If I had stopped Flynn from entering the cave, none of this would have happened...
    • Nina: No, no, no, it cannot be your fault... Brother Flynn wouldn't think so... Brother Flynn... He...
    • Orlando: Nina... Flynn would not want to see you cry...
    • Nina: But... He promised that he would bring me the delicious green gram cake from your canteen... I remember he was kicked by Mr. Lancelot before walking out of this door...
    • Nina: *Sob* Sorry, Brother Orlando. I can't help...
    • Orlando: (Hugging Nina into his arms) Then let it out. Flynn is so careless that he won't know it.
    • (Nina cries sadly in Orlando's arms. She feels Orlando's tears dropping on her shoulder too.)
    • (Her face against the Immortal Glory Medal. It's cold, hard, and brilliant.)


    • 14 Stone of Love.png
    • 13 Sky Stone.png
    • 7 Stone of Night.png
    • 4 Stone of Dream.png
    • Dance of Black Cat levels up to level 4
      (Elegance attribute rating increases by 1200 points)

    Nina's Letter[]


    • (One month later)
    • (Dear Brother Orlando,
    • When you read this after returning from your mission, I will have left the Apple Federation.
    • Please forgive me for leaving without saying goodbye. I have been afraid to return to the yard since Brother Flynn left us.
    • There are too many beautiful but heavy memories there.
    • Mr. Wycliffe suggested me to travel with him around the seven nations and experience different design styles, to broaden my horizons and develop my skills. And I agreed.
    • Thank you, Brother Orlando and Brother Flynn. You are my dearest family in this world.
    • I'll always remember those weekends I spent with Mr. Lancelot in your house.
    • My life is complete because of you.
    • I will bravely go on with these memories.
    • I hope, one day when we meet again, we can be as carefree and hopeful as before, just like on the old afternoons when we hung out together...
    • Please give my regards to Mr. Lancelot, Mr. Butler, and other members of the family. Thank you for everything.
    • I know Brother Flynn will be with us forever. He will always live in our hearts.
    • Yours, Nina)

    Orlando's Letter[]

    • None
    • 30000 Gold

    • (Year 676 of New Era, the sixth year since Nina left Apple Federation)
    • (Over the six years, Orlando and Nina have been in contact by correspondence.)
    • (Dear Nina,
    • First, congratulations on your admission to the Cicia Design School of Lilith Kingdom. Learning in such a remarkable college is a valuable experience for all designers.
    • Mr. Wycliffe has a free spirit. Your incredible talent fits exactly with his design style. Maybe that's why he took you as his apprentice.
    • But in the college where systematic thinking is advocated, there's so much you can learn as well.
    • Once you are enrolled, you can develop your own style by integrating various styles and skills of college teachers with those of Mr. Wycliffe.
    • You've been learning design for many years, and it's time to develop your own style.
    • I can't believe you have left for six years. I can still clearly picture the depressing rainy day I saw your letter.
    • Now, you've grown up, no more a vulnerable girl I always worry about and want to protect.
    • Well, Mr. Lancelot always

    • Regards Nina as his master.
    • Every weekend during the six years, he went nowhere but the window and stayed there all day long waiting for you. I can tell he misses you.

  • Regards me as his master.
  • Although he always counts on me, I can feel he has been missing you so much. He would look out of the window with expectation every weekend.

  • I know. Compared with that you asked me to look after him, it's more like you let me keep it as a company.
  • Flynn left, then you went away. At that time, my world turned all quiet all of a sudden. It's really a comfort to have Mr. Lancelot by my side.
  • Recently, Ms. Amanda does not feel very well. Take some time to visit her if you're back. And your friends in welfare house also visited me for you. They're missing you so much!
  • By the way, I've been taking good care of the viola tricolor you planted in the yard. They're about to bloom soon.
  • Your Orlando)
  • Reunion[]

    • None

    • (Year 680, New Era)
    • Nina: Brother Orlando!
    • Orlando: Nina? You're back?!
    • Nina: Yeah! I visited your home just now. Mr. Butler said you're in the welfare house. So I came here for you. Mr. Lancelot, long time no see!
    • Mr. Lancelot: (Surprised) Meow~!
    • Orlando: Let me introduce my friends. This is Nikki, Kimi, and Momo.
    • Nina: Hi there!
    • Nikki: Hi! Nina!
    • Momo: Nina, you're so pretty! Eh... Hi, I'm Momo. My favorite food is grilled fish.
    • Bobo: Momo... Do you blush?
    • Nina: Haha, Momo, you're so cute.
    • Kimi: Nina, nice to meet you. I'm Kimi... But I seemed to have seen you somewhere?
    • Nina: Lady Kimi, nice to meet you. I just joined the group as an intern designer!
    • Kimi: Oh, I see. Your resume impressed me. Joe appreciates your design style very much.
    • Nina: Thanks!
    • Kimi: But I think you still have much room for improvement. You should talk more with Joe. I feel you two together can create many interesting things.
    • Momo: How can you two get along so well! She was saying I'm cute a second ago!
    • Nikki: The girl chasing for her dream is really shining and charming.
    • (After saying goodbye to Nikki and Kimi)
    • Orlando: It's a great job to be the designer of Apple Apparel Group. Nina, do you plan to stay in the group after the internship?

    • I guess I will.
    • Nina: It makes me feel happy to see your design gets produced step by step and selected by those who love it.
    • Orlando: Happy...?
    • Nina: Yeah. I remember Brother Flynn has told me that training in the military academy is quite rigorous.
    • Nina: But that's what he wants. Every time he thinks of the people he protects, he feels only satisfied and glorious.
    • Orlando: Yeah, that guy says these things.
    • Nina: The moment when Flynn said these, he looked so lofty and handsome. And that night, I drew my first design on the sketchbook.
    • Orlando: Ten years have passed since then. I always think Flynn would be as enthusiastic as a boy at 28.
    • Nina: (Smile) So do I!

  • Maybe no.
  • Nina: Apple Apparel Group is indeed a great platform for all designers. But I prefer designing clothes freely.
  • Orlando: Flynn would applaud you for your words if he were here.
  • Nina: Haha! Yeah, although Brother Flynn has gone [sic] for a long time, I feel he's with me all the time.
  • Nina: Every time I feel confused, there always is a voice of Brother Flynn, and it asks me, 'What is your desire inside?'
  • Orlando: ...Yeah, me too. I feel he is always nearby.
  • Nina: He is here with us, the boy whose smile shines brightly forever.

  • Mr. Lancelot: Meow!!
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