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Orlando's Dreamland is a series of quests that tells his story. It can be located in the Dream Weaver building.

The Hypothesis chapter from Lunar's Millennium Dream must be completed in order to unlock it.

Dreamweaver Paths Edit

Immortal Glory Edit

Orlando Dreamweaver - Immortal Glory
Main article: Dreamland - Orlando/Immortal Glory

"Orlando hates the rain, not only because the gloomy day makes people downhearted, but also because that his best buddy died in a heavy rain."

  1. Glory Soul
  2. Glory Medal
  3. Glory Pen
  4. Glory Umbrella
Spirit Skill Steady Stone
Attribute Mature
Hidden Suit Midnight Dress (Veil)
Availability Long-term

Officer & Wine Edit

Orlando Dreamweaver - Office & Wine
Main article: Dreamland - Orlando/Officer & Wine

"Some people say champagne is the wine of victory and luck. But in Orlando's mind, champagne is a complex addictive wine of fantasy."

  1. Lonely Years
  2. Lonely Drink
  3. Vintage Entanglement
  4. Victory Wine
Spirit Skill Charmed Wine
Attribute Sexy
Hidden Suit Midnight Dress (Hair, dress, shoes)
Availability Long-term

Cat and Yard Edit

Orlando Dreamweaver - Cat and Yard
Main article: Dreamland - Orlando/Cat and Yard

"Orlando doesn't quite like small animals, but he keeps a black cat with lapis color eyes..."

  1. Cat Says - Vagrancy
  2. Cat Says - Encounter
  3. Cat Says - Afternoon
  4. Cat Says - Time
Spirit Skill Dance of Black Cat
Attribute Elegant
Hidden Suit Strawberry Justice
Availability Long-term

Lost Stars Edit

Orlando Dreamweaver - Lost Stars
Main article: Dreamland - Orlando/Lost Stars

"In the morning after the gunshot case, Orlando went to investigate the illegal trade of Mercury Group and here he met the secret sniper for the second time..."

  1. Trail of Stars
  2. Stars Prism
  3. Quiet Sky
  4. Nebula Illustrations
Spirit Skill Star Night
Attribute Pure
Hidden Suit Silhouette of the Star City
Availability Long-term

Suits Edit

Navigation Edit

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