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Since the day Mela changed her name, she decided to say goodbye to the past. The existence of god no longer concerns her, she only plays her saxophone quietly.

Song of Bitter Wine[]


  • ('A black butterfly on a preciplce, its wings lost in the wind... Hope as delicate as its wings, Strayed in the boundless night... ' From a bar in the street came a somber melody.)
  • Nikki: Sounds like Kaja. Let’s go in to see.
  • (Nikki and her friends went into the bar. Kaja put down the microphone and stepped down off the stage.)
  • Kaja: Long time no see. Nikki, Bobo, Momo, and Ace.
  • Momo: Long time no see. Kaja.
  • Nikki: What did you just sing? It was really beautiful.
  • Kaja: Guess from whom did I learn the song? It's Mela.
  • Momo: What? That horrible woman likes this kind of song?
  • Kaja: When I was singing in a bar in Wheat Field, she was an old patron there. One day, she was in a very good mood and performed this song on the stage with a saxophone.
  • Ace: This beautiful song sounds a little familiar. Is it an original one?
  • Kaja: The lyrics are mine. I think the melody is beautiful, so I did a little writing for her.
  • Ace: Ah, I remembered. This is an ancient Pigeon hymn. Very few people sing it now!
  • Kaja: Mela also said that. To return the favor, she told me a story about the saxophone.
  • Bobo: Story? I love stories most, especially those that Kaja told me.
  • Nikki: Mela's story is making everyone really curious.
  • Kaja: (Waving at the bar) Boss, these are my friends. Can we have some julce? Nikki, let's sit and talk.

At Attic[]

  • 16 Stone of Love.png
  • 10 Sky Stone.png
  • 6 Stone of Night.png
  • 2 Stone of Dream.png

  • (New Calendar 665, Pigeon Kingdom)
  • (On an ordinary street, an intermittent saxophone comes out from a shanty.)
  • Rella's Father: Look at daddy. yes, open your mouth like a smile... A little bigger.
  • (The chubby little Relia is even shorter than the saxophone itself, but she still tries to maintain the smile.)
  • Father: People who play the saxophone have a mouth like she’s always smiling.
  • Rella: Daddy, I want to hear that song, the one you often play.
  • Rella's Father: (Sigh) Ok. Now my little princess is the only one who is willing to listen to my saxophone.
  • (Years later, when Rella was cleaning dad's saxophone, her parents' quarrel came from the outside.)
  • Mother: I’m such a fool. How could I marry you?! You simply ruin everything! I found you this cart driver job, but you messed up again.
  • Mother: Great indeed. We can't even afford bread now!
  • ('BANG——' Rella was startled by the sound of a vase falling to the ground.)
  • Mother: Drinking all day long! Oh my gosh! Leave! Leave this house!
  • Father: I'm a saxophonist... Not a waiter, a mailman, a cobbler, or a driver... I am... I am...
  • Mother: Oh, here comes the nonsense again! Wake up! You are never gonna be a musician!
  • (The door was pushed open suddenly. Dad rushed in, eyes red, and snatched the saxophone from Rella’s hold and locked it into the attic. Rella has never heard it later.)

Slum Flower God[]

  • None
  • Wordless Prayer
  • 40000 Gold
  • 10 Diamonds
  • 20 Stamina

  • (Year 668. New Era. Seven-year-old Rella on the Flower Goddess Festival.)
  • The Girl Dressed Up: This is the dress my mom prepared for me for the Flower Goddess Festival.
  • Girl on the Road: Whoa, that is beautiful. Your mom is amazing.
  • Rella: (Watches silently.)
  • (Flowers... Dress... Shawl... It doesn't look that hard. I can do it myself at home.)
  • (After Relia returned home, she picked fresh flowers. and altered some old clothes and made an outfit. Then she showed her friends.)
  • Girl on the Road: Whoa, Rella, you look gorgeous in the suit.
  • The Girl Dressed Up: Yes! I really like your style. My mom's style is too old-fashioned. Rella, can you teach me how to style?
  • Rella: I teach you?
  • Girl on the Road: Maybe you have a gift in styling that you don't know!
  • Rella: (Feeling a bit shy) Of course, if you want.
  • (Rella went back home, excited to share this with her parents, but they were quarreling again.)
  • Rella: Mom and Dad, look, this is the suit I styled by myself. My friends all said it looks great!
  • Mother: (Grasps Rella's clothes and lets out a scornful smile) Some patches of clothes with several wildflowers glued on, are you going to wear them to collect trash?

  • Fight back
  • Rella: But they said I have a gift...
  • Mother: Gift? Haha! Another daydreamer like your father! Sooner or later I will starve in your dreams. Wake up!

  • Keep quiet
  • Mother: We are the rats in this kingdom. We live the life of rats and we will dress up like rats.
  • Mother: You think several flowers will make you an angel? You don't deserve anything good!

  • (Rella ran into the attic crying.)
  • Rella: Ahhhh... I'm not a rat... I don't want to be a rat...
  • (Rella's father's saxophone was lying in a corner, covered in a thick layer of dust.)
  • Trial-I[]

    • 5 Stone of Love.png
    • 3 Sky Stone.png
    • 2 Stone of Night.png
    • 2 Stone of Dream.png
    • Silent Song upgrades to level 2
      (Sexy attribute rating increases by 500 points)

    Ceremony of Rebirth[]

    • 20 Stone of Love.png
    • 17 Sky Stone.png
    • 10 Stone of Night.png
    • 7 Stone of Dream.png

    • (Year 674, New Era. Rella was 13. Her new neighbor is a couple who just had a daughter. Rella was invited to see the new baby.)
    • (Rella followed the woman in and saw the newborn. The clean white sheet was covered in fresh flowers, and the father was gently touching her forehead.)
    • (The woman carefully held her baby in her arms. The baby smelled her mother and smiled sweetly.)
    • Woman: Mela, my little angel. Look, a sister has come to see you.
    • Rella: Is her name Mela?
    • Woman: Yes. Mela, it means water in the forest and beautiful fairies.
    • Rella: I want this name.
    • Woman: Wha-? What did you say?
    • Rella: I said I want this name. Have a styling contest with me and give up the name if you cannot defeat me.
    • (After a styling match, the young couple lost. Since then, Rella changed her name to Mela.)
    • (This is the first time she earned what she wanted with her own hands. The name signified a new life she chose for herself.)
    • (Mela's talent in styling brought her more and more attention. After one contest, a stranger approached her.)
    • Male Stranger: Young lady, your tattoo is really cool.
    • Mela: (Impatiently) What is it?
    • Male Stranger: Are you interested in joining us? Ah, I should introduce myself first. I'm Ryder, the top designer of Foggy Forest.
    • Mela: Foggy Forest? That stylist gang?
    • Ryder: Well, it seems that we got some fame in this city.
    • Mela: (Without hesitation) I'm in.

    Trick and Jealousy[]

    • None
    • 40 Stamina
    • 20000 Gold

    • (After Mela joined the Foggy Forest, she rarely returned home and quickly rose in ranks.)
    • (There is another young girl in the group named Molly. In the annual top designer qualification match, she lost to Mela.)
    • Molly: You got the position just because Ryder is biased.
    • Mela: I earned it.
    • Molly: How long have you been here in the Foggy Forest? What have you done for the group? A rat in scum.
    • Molly: Wanna prove yourself? Take back the diamond cross necklace in the city church!
    • Mela: (Irritated by Molly's words) You will see it.
    • (Mela immediately set off for the church in the city. There was only one old lady praying in the church.)
    • Old Woman: (The dull eyes gazed at Mela) Who? Who's coming?
    • Mela: (Walks directly to the statue and takes the cross necklace) Compete with me. If I win, this necklace is mine.
    • Old Woman: Child, the Cross Necklace belongs to gods, so it cannot be the chip of any competition. I cannot compete with you, but if you have any trouble, I'm glad to hear.

    • Gods don't exist.
    • Mela: If gods can hear you, why doesn't he give you a pair of eyes?

  • I believe there are gods.
  • Mela: If he doesn't love common people, there is no reason for him to love me.

  • Old Woman: Child, I think you have some misunderstandings about gods.
  • Mela: Enough, this necklace is mine. I take what I want to take, and I'm true to my words.
  • (A flurry of footsteps came to the church. Armed polices ran in led by Molly.)
  • Molly: Officer, it is she who is robbing the sacred cross necklace! Get her!
  • Baptism at Dusk[]

    • 10 Diamonds
    • 20000 Gold
    • 20 Stamina

    • Old Woman: Officer, this is a mistake. The necklace in that child's hands is a gift I prepared for her.
    • Molly: (Irritated) This is a naked shield! Sister, why do you lie for this scum? Do you know what's in her hand?
    • Molly: Let me tell you as you cannot see. It's the sacred cross necklace! it's sacrilege!
    • Old Woman: I know, of course... This is the gift I gave to her.
    • (After checking with the nun, the police left and took Molly to the police station for questioning.)
    • Mela: Why?
    • Old Woman: If you really need this necklace, then take it. But remember, you just cannot get everything by robbing.
    • Mela: ... Why do you want to help me?
    • Old Woman: Because I believe in gods and I believe gods love people. I'm blind, but gods make me see a young lost soul.
    • (The old nun went before the gods and prayed, humming a melodious tune.)
    • (It felt so familiar to Mela that she listened carefully before she figured out that it's the nameless tune dad taught her when she was a kid.)
    • (Her eyes were wet and turned back, then she realized that the nun could not see.)
    • Mela: What song is this? How come you can sing it?
    • Old Woman: Child, this is an ancient hymn called A Warm Night, a song that brings people comfort. May god's favor reach you one day.
    • (At the sunset, Mela placed the necklace in front of the statue and silently listened to the beautiful hymn.)

    Gentle Night[]

    • None
    • 20 Stamina
    • Echo

    • (Mela left the cathedral and, for the first time in a long while, returned her home. The quarreling hailed her before she went inside.)
    • (She quietly sneaked in, walked upstairs, and found father's saxophone.)
    • Mela: Long time no see.
    • (Mela carefully dusted the saxophone.)
    • Mela: You must be very lonely these years. What you have are only dust and endless quarreling.
    • Mela: In this dark corner where no light can shine in, you can only earn your life with your own hands.
    • (Mela brought the saxophone up to her lips, then she suddenly thought about how her father taught her when she was little.)
    • Mela: Smile when you perform. I almost forgot how to smile.
    • Mela: I can only rely on myself to get what I want.
    • (Mela took the saxophone and stopped by her parent's door.)
    • Mela: Should I say goodbye to them?

    • Never mind, it's not necessary.
    • Mela: I'm Mela, and I have already chosen my own road.

    They're my parents after all.

  • Mela's Mother: Off! Off with your ungrateful daughter! I wish I had never met you or had that daughter!

  • (Mela lowered her hand and left. With nowhere to go, she went to the cathedral with her saxophone.)
  • (By vague memory, she played A Warm Night under the moonlight.)
  • Trial-II[]

    • 8 Stone of Love.png
    • 7 Sky Stone.png
    • 5 Stone of Night.png
    • 3 Stone of Dream.png
    • Silent Song upgrades to level 3
      (Sexy attribute rating increases by 800 points)

    Depressive Years[]

    • None
    • 20 Stamina
    • 20 Diamonds

    • (Year 676, New Era, the Pigeon Kingdom. The Iron Queen's reign began.)
    • Ryder: Now there are few stylist groups left, I don't know how much longer Foggy Forest can survive. But Foggy Forest will never surrender to the government.
    • Ryder: You can leave right now if you want. I won't say a word.
    • (When the Foggy Forest's last meeting concluded, only three remained: Mela, Ryder, and Molly. Suddenly, the sound of hurried footsteps surrounded their place.)
    • Ryder: The government's people. This spot has been exposed.
    • Molly: (Walks in front of Mela and Ryder) I'll stall them. You go!
    • Molly: Mela, don't get me wrong. This is not fawning you. I only recognize your strength and Foggy Forest needs that.
    • (Mela and Ryder fled from the back door separately. After running for several blocks, Mela found herself on the street of the cathedral.)
    • (The pursuers’ footsteps drew close again. Mela bit her teeth and snuck into the cathedral.)
    • Old Woman: Who is that?
    • Mela: It's me, Mela. Some people are after me, let me hide here a little while.
    • Old Woman: Come here, my child. The gods will shield you.
    • (When the old woman hid Mela behind the statues, a silver-hair woman and her soldiers rushed in.)
    • Silver-haired Woman: Nun, where was the little girl who just came in?
    • Old Woman: I don't know.
    • Silver-haired Woman: Give her to us, or take the punishment for her. Guards, get this nun who dares to defy Her majesty.
    • Mela: (Cannot bear to see the nun take her punishment. Walks out from behind the idols.) Wait. I'm here. Let her go.
    • Silver-haired Woman: Mela, the top designer of Foggy Forest. Why don't we try a night female assassin theme? If you win, I'll let you go.

    Lone Light[]

    • 28 Stone of Love.png
    • 26 Sky Stone.png
    • 16 Stone of Night.png
    • 12 Stone of Dream.png

    • (The styling contest ended. Mela lost to the silver-haired girl by a slim margin.)
    • Silver-haired Woman: You almost did it. It's really impressive for an amateur stylist.
    • Mela: Seriously. what do you want?
    • Silver-haired Woman: Don't ask, it's all for the future of Queen Elle and the kingdom.
    • Mela: How are Molly and Ryder?
    • Silver-haired Woman: The other two? Probably have been taken away by the cops. I have no interest in them. I only want you and you have no right to refuse.
    • (As Mela was about to be taken away, the old woman sang the hymn for her once again.)
    • Old Woman: Kind child... A blur future is not necessarily hopeless. Gods will bless you.
    • Mela: Where are the Gods?
    • Old Woman: The gods will always be with you as long as you believe in God.
    • Mela: (Shakes head) Thank you, nun, may the gods be with you.

    Back to Old Place[]

    • 30000 Gold
    • Thin Candle

    • (Year 680, New Era. The Pigeon Kingdom)
    • (Mela, already a member of Iron Rose, again arrived at the city she was born. She needed to complete the handover before heading to Wheat Field to carry out her task.)
    • (She couldn't help but go to the cathedral to search for a trace of the old nun.)
    • (But now the cathedral has been restored and looks like new. Inside there is only a priest with slick-backed hair.)
    • Mela: Priest, where is the old nun who used to be here?
    • Priest: She died two years ago. Are... Are you Mela?
    • Mela: Yes.
    • Priest: The nun left something for you.
    • (Mela took over a box from the priest's hands and inside was the cross necklace that she wanted to take away.)
    • Mela: I should not take this.
    • Priest: The nun said that she gave this to you, but you forgot to take it. I believe your presence here is none other than the will of the gods. Open your mind and accept it.
    • Mela: ... Fine. Thank you, priest.
    • (Mela left the cathedral with the necklace in her hand. She walked to her old house, and it was all quiet.)
    • (The neighbor's door dotted with flowers opened up suddenly. A girl ran out of the door to the mailbox by the road.)
    • Mela: Little sis, I want to ask you something. Where did your neighbor go?
    • Young Woman: Hello! Are you looking for someone in that house? They've already moved away.
    • Mela: Do you know where they moved to?
    • Young Woman: Let me think... Ah, they moved to the block three streets down from here! You can go there and ask about it.
    • Mela: (Noded and placed a rose in the girl's hands) Here, take this as a gift. See you, and I wish you all the best.
    • The young girl timidly took the rose and saw Mela off in confusion.)
    • (Mela came to the block where the houses crowded along the road and people were arguing over trifles in the narrow alleys.)
    • (Mela found the residence of her parents, then she left her new address in the mailbox next to the door and left.)


    • 14 Stone of Love.png
    • 13 Sky Stone.png
    • 7 Stone of Night.png
    • 4 Stone of Dream.png
    • Silent Song upgrades to level 4
      (Sexy attribute rating increases by 1200 points)

    Echo of Prayers[]

    • None
    • 30000 Gold
    • Pious Voice

    • Mother: Where is the money in the drawer? Did you use them to get drunk?! We already owe two and a half months of rent, if we can't pay the landlord will throw us out on the streets!
    • Father: Be... believe me! Give me another three days, I'll get it back!
    • Mother: My goodness, You're gambling! You promised you would stop! How stupid was I to believe your lies! Don't even think of walking out that door!
    • Mother: ... Ah, I helped Mrs. Grande mend clothes last time. She might lend us some money...
    • Father: I said I could flip this. Didn't you understand? Don't you feel ashamed to live in a place like this!
    • (At that time, a piece of familiar saxophone melody played in the storage room outside.)
    • Mother and Father: ...
    • Father: (Pushed open the door and ran to the storage room) Rella? Rella! Is that you, Rella?
    • (The door of the storage room was open, no music, no Rella. Only a new saxophone is shining in the sunlight.)
    • (On the mailbox next to the storage room is a half-covered letter. Mela's mom opened the letter with rose patterns carefully.)
    • Mother: (Cannot help crying) Wah... Rella... Rella, she...
    • (At the back yard of the cathedral, the priest took a broom to sweep the tombstone of the passed nun.)
    • Priest: Eh?... (Picked up a beautiful necklace on the tombstone) This necklace. is it just...
    • (Mela carried an empty bag, humming tunes across the streets. From far away, the music of saxophone passed over...)
    • Kaja:Mela left that city she missed dearly but was also reluctant to approach and never returned.

    • Then what happened to Mela?
    • Ha ha ha, after Mela left that city, she went to Wheat Field to carry out a task, then she ran into you...
    • Momo: Whoa! Momo almost sympathized with her... Anyway, she's still a bad guy who robs clothes around!

  • Did Mela's parents find her?
  • Kaja: Every coin has two sides. Mela is doing quite well now. Though her parents were living in great difficulty, Mela would surely help them as she left them her address.

  • Who's the silver haired woman that took Mela away?
  • Kaja: Mela said she was with Iron Rose. So there is no surprise that Mela joined Iron Rose later.

  • Nikki: I never thought Mela had such a past.
  • Ace: Kaja, can you sing us that song again?
  • Kaja: Of course.
  • (A Warm Night once again filled the bar: 'A black butterfly on a precipice, its wings lost in the wind... Hope as delicate as its wings, strayed in the boundless night... ')
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