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Since the day she promised her mom, guarding the Apple Federation was the most important duty in Kimi's life. She does everything she can to learn and grow, just to keep her promise.

Star of the Future[]


In the year 680, Kimi took Nikki, Momo, and Bobo to visit her school's design gallery. The school is called Rawding Academy and is considered the best art school in Apple Federation, attended by many stylists and designers. She explained that the gallery showcased the best works of previous students. Nikki and Bobo remarked on how much they liked the designs.

Nikki pointed one out that had strong shapes but used soft fabric, and Bobo noticed it was designed by Kimi herself at the age of sixteen. Kimi admitted one month before the exhibition, she had still been working on the draft and would never have completed it without the support of her friends. There were seven different versions of the dress, and she only ended up submitting one. She went on to add that all of the studio's works were a joint effort between people working together.

Bobo admitted she never considered the hard work that went into designing and had just assumed it was something borne from talent. Bobo asked for the story behind the design, and Kimi told her that they could talk about it on the way to the annual fashion show.

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  • Nikki: There are so many beautiful designs in Rawding Academy's gallery~
  • Bobo: Rawding Academy is the best art school in Apple Federation. Many famous stylists and designers have studied here!
  • Bobo: I always wanted to come to Rawding Academy to see the student works of these great designers. Kimi, thank you for bringing us to your school.
  • Kimi: This gallery stored all the best works of art from the past graduates. They may look immature, but they are all very creative.
  • Nikki: Yes, the suits here are all very interesting!
  • Nikki: Like that one. Such strong shapes by such soft fabrics! What a contradictory beauty.
  • Kimi: Yeah, you really believe that?
  • Bobo: Really? Nikki! Let me have a look! Hey? The theme behind this piece... 'Lifetime Love' ...and designed by Kimi Studio!
  • Nikki: This dress was your design, Kimi. No wonder it looks so good!
  • Momo: Amazing! And the lady was only sixteen years old at the time?! To design such a dress at sixteen... she must be a genius...
  • Kimi: Don't say that. You would never know that I was still working on the draft one month before the exhibition...
  • Kimi: Without my friends' support, this work would never make it here. As a matter of fact, all the pieces in this room are the joint effort of all the members in each studio.
  • Bobo: I always thought as a talented designer, Milady can easily create beautiful things with a single stroke. Never thought it demanded such efforts...
  • Kimi: There are no shortcuts to becoming a master designer, and I'm no exception. Out of all seven iterations, this one is the only one we formally submitted for production.
  • Nikki: Wow... But the final result surely is worth the efforts!
  • Bobo: Yes, it is! Can you tell us the story behind the design, Kimi?
  • Kimi: Huh... The annual fashion show is about to start. Let's go to the hall first. As for this piece of art, let's talk about it on the way.

Try to Compromise[]

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In the year 678, one month before the exhibition, Kimi and her teammates Irene and Kevin were working on the sixth draft of the dress. Reid, the senior design director, showed up in Kimi's studio, remarking on their progress and saying that they still had time to make adjustments. Kimi asked what it needed, and he told her that though it was technically a good dress, it did not fit the theme well enough. Before leaving, he added that he would support them despite this if they wanted to go ahead with crafting it.

Irene thought that they ought to ignore Reid's advice to change the theme, saying that she didn't even know how to modify it at this point. Kimi had ideas, but ultimately felt that it was too late and that their best plan was to go ahead and start crafting the dress.

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  • (Two years ago, Kimi's studio)
  • Reid: Good morning. You are making the patterns already? We still have a month! There is time to make adjustments. Don't be in such a rush.
  • Kevin: Senior Reid, you cannot deny our design this time! It's the 6th version in the last 3 months!
  • Kimi: Senior, I'd like to know what's your opinion of our design?
  • Reid: It's great! Simple and smooth lines, noble and classic colors. Must be a work arousing exclamations. Its only defect is the lack of grasp of the target theme...
  • Kimi: I really appreciate your advice, but there's only one month to the exhibition. We don't have time to modify the design.
  • Kimi: And this version has been approved by all the studio members. The most urgent thing at the moment is to craft it.
  • Reid: Of course, if you think this is the best design, I will surely support you. But as the design instructor, I have to give my suggestions. You don't have to follow.
  • (After Reid left)
  • Irene: What did I say? Though Reid is the instructor, we don't have to obey him all the time... Let's quickly get started.
  • Irene: Lack of grasp of the target theme... What kind of suggestion is that? We don't even know how to change even if we want to.
  • Kimi: No, I do think there could be improvement... But it's really too late and let's just focus on the current plan.


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  • Vow of Sakura levels up to level 2
    (Elegant attribute rating increases by 500 points)


  • None
  • 20000 Gold
  • 20 Stamina
  • 20 Diamonds

Kevin voiced his suspicions about Reid to Kimi, saying that he didn't understand why Reid criticized Kimi's designs when he was nice to everybody else. Kimi told him that they shouldn't think about that, given the time crunch they were under to complete the dress by the exhibition. Kevin said that they should have no problems excelling, given that Kimi was the heir to Apple Apparel Group, and added that the AAG would make it through a "crisis".

Irene immediately told Kevin off for having a big mouth, while Kimi was confused. Kevin admitted that he shouldn't have let anything slip and told Kimi that she didn't need to know since she was so busy. Irene told Kimi not to worry about her father cancelling products since it wasn't a big problem. Kimi stopped the conversation there, telling her teammates to get back to work.

They spend the day working on the dress for the exhibition. Later that night, a driver came to the school. Kimi asked him why he had come so early when she had requested for him to come later. The driver said that since it was her birthday, he thought she should return home earlier. Kimi realized she had forgotten it was her birthday. Before going home, she decided that she shouldn't mention the issues with the Apple Apparel Group or her design to her father.

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  • Kevin: However, Kimi, I still think Reid is strange! He is always nice to everyone, but critical to your designs–
  • Kimi: Kevin, stop that! Now that we have decided to use this design, let's focus on completing the work first.
  • Kevin: That's the lady of Apple Apparel Group! So determined! Ah, don't worry. This time, our studio will surely win the grand honors!
  • Kevin: With such an excellent heir, the Apple Federation Apparel Group will certainly make it through this crisi!
  • Irene: You have such a big mouth, Kevin! What are you saying!
  • Kimi: ...What's going on with the Apple Apparel Group?
  • Kevin: Well...
  • Kevin: Ah!...My mistakes. I shouldn't let you know. Since you were busy preparing for the art exhibition. You probably haven't heard the rumors yet, anyway...
  • Irene: Shut up. Don't worry, Kimi. Even if your father canceled some products, it's not a big problem.
  • Kevin: Yes, that's it! It's a normal operation for a big group to reclaim its property. Nothing serious!
  • Kimi: Yes, I know. Let's go back to work.
  • (Kimi put an end to the conversation, and along with her colleagues, devoted into the work. The afternoon flew by, and by nightfall, the driver arrived at the school.)
  • Kimi: Why you come here so early today? Didn't I tell you to pick me up later tonight?
  • Driver: B-But my lady, it's your birthday! Your father said you enjoy clothing design, and that you could stay out a bit later... but I think it's better to return a little earlier...
  • Kimi: ... Birthday? I totally forgot. – – Hold on. Before going home, I'll first change into a casual outfit.
  • Kimi: (The group met some problem, so did my design, but I should not let him know. I'd better find a chance to ask what happened.)

The White Lie[]

  • None

At home, Schiller surprised Kimi with a birthday party. She didn't notice any change in his demeanor, but she still worried for the next few days. A holiday came around and Kimi went to a store location in Welton. There were only cleaning staff inside and the sign said closed.

While she was there, she overheard two salespeople discussing being potentially laid off. One of them said that due to the low sales in the past year, they thought that Chairman Schiller had lost his talents. They went on to add that they didn't see much promise in Kimi, especially given that she hadn't completed her design yet, which they read about in the paper. The salesperson believed that Kimi had only been admitted to Rawding due to her father's influence. Hesitant, the other salesperson mentioned Bright Galaxy, saying that it was a work of Kimi's as well. Kimi was frustrated, and interjected. Sheepish, the employees went back to work. Kimi asked about her father, and they told her he was upstairs in a meeting.

Suddenly the elevator doors opened and Chairman Schiller and Joe Brownie stepped out. Schiller asked Kimi why she was there, and Kimi expressed her worry for him. She offered to help design for the Group, but he refused, telling her that she was still only sixteen and should be focusing on school especially given the issues with her design. She protested again, but Joe told Schiller that they had to leave. Kimi asked Joe why he couldn't help her, but he said that he agreed with her father and that she shouldn't interfere.

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  • (Back home, Kimi was welcomed with a surprise birthday party organized by Chairman Schiller. Her father's face didn't show any trace of bad things.)
  • (But for the following a few days, Kimi worried a lot about both the busy father and bubbling public opinions.)
  • (During the holiday, Kimi came to the main store of the sub-brand in Welton. Just as the rumor goes, a closed sign was on the door, and only cleaning staff can be seen inside.)
  • Salesperson A: Ah... Now that the main shop is closed, I'm afraid we have to go soon...
  • Salesperson B: (Low voice) Being laid off isn't as terrible as you think. The last a few series that came out this year did not sell well. It rumors that Chairman Schiller has lost his talents...
  • Salesperson B: And I also heard that Kimi's design abilities are not so impressive. Her graduation work is not yet completed!
  • Salesperson A: (Low voice) You saw her graduation works? Are you sure?
  • Salesperson B: (Low voice) It's written in the paper! Many people have done their work, but there are only a few pieces of cloth on her desk! Don't you know that it's her father that made her get admitted in Rawding?
  • Salesperson A: But Bright Galaxy is also Kimi's work...
  • Kimi: (These people...)

  • At least you're still members of the company's staff.
  • Kimi: The Group did not hire you to sit here and chat all day long.
  • Salesperson A: My... Lady! Right, my apologies. We will get back to work in a minute...

  • It's not at all difficult to get into Rawding Academy.
  • Kimi: In Rawding Academy, the ability of a designer is much more important than anything.
  • Salesperson B: My lady! No no no, you didn't hear anything, and I didn't say anything...

  • Kimi: I heard that my father was also here today. Do you guys know where he is?
  • Salesperson A: The... the... the chairman is on the upstairs for a meeting...
  • (At that moment, the elevator doors suddenly opened, and Chairman Schiller and Joe Brownie stepped out.)
  • Chairman Schiller: Kimi? Why are you here?
  • Kimi: Dad... I'm worried about you. I know you're very busy recently, but rumors about the Group are spreading quickly...
  • Kimi: If the Group needs a designer, I can give a hand. I'm not a kid anymore–
  • Chairman Schiller: Kimi, dad knows your heart, but you are only 16. It's not yet the time for you to engage in the Group's affairs. School should be your biggest concern right now.
  • Chairman Schiller: I heard teachers of Rawding Academy say that the designs of your studio have some problems?
  • Chairman Schiller: Be patient, Kimi. All great designers go through a long journey of learning and growth in their works.
  • Kimi: (Helpless) Dad, it's not what you think...
  • Joe: Master... it's about the time.
  • Chairman Schiller: OK, let's go.
  • Kimi: ...Joe Brownie! You aren't going to explain, either?
  • Joe: (Looking over at Chairman Schiller) Sorry... My lady, you should go back. This is not a place for you to stay.
  • Trial-II[]

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    • Vow of Sakura levels up to level 3
      (Elegant attribute rating increases by 800 points.)

    Childhood Fireworks[]

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    Instead of going home, Kimi stood in the streets of Welton thinking about everything that had happened and frustrated that she couldn't help her father or become truly satisfied with her design for the exhibition. She found herself walking to the Children's House.

    All of the kids were happy to see her there, asking if she had been busy designing. She asks how the kids are doing, and they tell her that Lady Amanda brought them some star sparklers and they wanted someone to help them play with them. Kimi struck a match, telling the kids to be careful, and lit the sparklers for them. The kids waved them around happily and told her to light one for herself. Kimi forgot all of her troubles and lit her own sparkler, and they played together for half the day.

    Lady Amanda returned and took the kids for lunch. Then she pulled Kimi aside and told her somebody she didn't know had been waiting for her outside for a while now. Kimi told her she would go have a look.

    Expand for script.

    • (Kimi didn't head home, she stood on the street in Welton, thinking of what happened in the last few days.)
    • (She is neither satisfied with the design nor able to help her father... It seems that nothing goes well.)
    • Kimi: (Emm? This place is...)
    • Kimi: (... I casually walked to the Children's House.)
    • Kid A: Kimi! What are you doing here?
    • Kid B: Kimi, you haven't been here for so long... You must be very busy recently?
    • Kid C: Definitely very busy! Kimi is the best designer! Today is a holiday, so you have time to come here, is that right, Kimi?
    • Kimi: Yeah, I've been very busy recently. How are you? Everything going well?
    • Kid B: We... We... Uh, Kimi, now that you are here, would you mind giving us a hand?
    • Kid C: Huh... Lady Amanda recently brought us some star sparklers. But she is too busy to play it with us...
    • Kimi: Oh, I see. Not a problem.
    • Kimi: (Struck a match) Be careful.
    • Kids: Wha!!!
    • (The golden sparklers burned, and the children waved their shining stars while chasing each other.)
    • Kids: Kimi, light yourself one! Everyone has a star except you!
    • (Infected by the happy children, Kimi forgot all the troubles. She lit the sparkler in her hand and waved her hand to create a beautiful curve.)
    • (Half of the day passed with joy and laughs. Lady Amanda came back, and asked the kids to come for lunch. After all the kids came in, she stopped Kimi.)
    • Kimi: What's going on? What happened?
    • Ms Amanda: Kimi, actually... someone is waiting for you outside for a good while.
    • Kimi: (Uncertain) Waiting for me?
    • Ms Amanda: I've never seen him before... He came for you, but didn't want me to disturb your playing with kids... Do you want to go out and take a look?
    • Kimi: ...I'll go to have a look.

    Unexpected Guest[]

    Alternate name: The Freeloader

    • None

    Reid was waiting for Kimi, and laughed when he saw the sparklers in her hand, telling her she didn't seem suited to it. Kimi asked what he was there for. He didn't seem to want to talk about the design, and asked her for a sparkler instead. They went to the courtyard with their sparklers and Kimi lit one for him. Reid started to make animal shapes with them, wowing the kids.

    Kimi asked him how he had learned to do that, and Reid told her that his dad's assistant taught it to him. Afterwards, he told her that his father's assistant lost a month's pay because he had taken him out without permission, and he had never played with sparklers since. In turn, Kimi revealed that she loved sparklers because her mother loved fireworks.

    Expand for script.

    • (The person in the reception room turned out to be Reid. After seeing the sparklers in Kimi's hand, he laughed out.)
    • Reid: Sparklers? I never thought the lady of Apple Apparel Group would have interests in these games...
    • Kimi: You can't have come to me just to talk about this, right?
    • Reid: Uh... Don't give me a cold shoulder. Oh right, how many sparklers to do you have on hand? [sic] I'd like to borrow it.
    • (Kimi thought Reid came here for the design. But it seemed that he didn't want to talk about it at all. He took the sparklers from Kimi, and put them in the courtyard.)
    • Reid: Light it up, now.
    • (The first bunch of sparklers was set off, igniting the rods on both sides and the lights formed several shapes of animals, drawing the gaze of everyone.)
    • Kid C: Whoa!!! This is! This is a rabbit!
    • Kid B: There's also a big tiger! And a small fox!
    • Kimi: Where have you learned such tricks?
    • Reid: If you want to study, I can teach you something.
    • Kimi: If you don't want to talk about it, just forget it.
    • Reid: Okay, okay. Actually, my dad's assistant once taught me this. Just once, however – –

    • Why?
    • Reid: Why? Isn't it obvious?
    • Reid: My lady, you have asked me so many questions. It's my turn now.

  • Then what?
  • Reid: That was it, nothing more. Father's assistant, for taking me out without permission, lost a month's pay as punishment. Since then, I've never played with sparklers again.

  • Reid: I never think the lady of Apple Federation Apparel Group has interests in these games.
  • Kimi: This is because... My mother... she loves fireworks.
  • White Blossom Vows[]


    Kimi began to tell Reid about her childhood. Before she was six, her family would come to the Children's House for Christmas and help out with decorating and fireworks. Her mother, Lady Crescent, made cakes for the children there as well. Kimi said that her mother was a charitable person by nature and that she tried to improve student loan programs and have more public schools. Reid agreed, and said that Apple Apparel Group would not be a symbol of fulfilling dreams for young designers if it wasn't for her work.

    Kimi said that she and her father were both very sad when her mother fell sick, but Kimi decided at that time to protect her father and the Apple Apparel Group. Reid asked her if this was why she pushed herself so hard, especially in regards to the exhibition, but Kimi didn't want to hear it. She said it was part of a promise to her mother that she would become qualified and take care of her father.

    Reid told Kimi that she was still good even if she didn't stress herself out, but Kimi was skeptical. She told him that she knew that the dress didn't fit the theme "Lifetime Love", which were also the words carved in Welton's City Square, even if everybody else thought it was good enough. She was clearly upset, and Reid told her that she needed to rest and that her mother would not want to see her like this. He gave her a hankerchief to wipe her tears with, and told her in a low voice that he believed in her and that she just needed a break.

    Expand for script.

    • Kimi: Before I was six, my family would come to the house each Christmas, help them decorate the courtyard, and prepare the holiday fireworks. Mom would make cakes for children there.
    • Kimi: It wasn't just the welfare agency. Mother also pushed for more public schools and student loan programs. She always believed that everyone deserved a chance to pursue their dreams.
    • Reid: I believe that Apple Apparel Group's name as dream incubator for young designers is closely connected with the work of Lady Crescent. She is truly marvelous.
    • Kimi: Yes, mother is very gentle, but she's also the one of great willpower. When she got sick, father and I were very sad, but she turned out to comfort us.
    • Kimi: It was at that time that I determined to protect my father and Apple Apparel Group...
    • Reid: ...Is this the reason you always push yourself so hard?
    • Kimi: What are you talking about? Push myself too hard? No, I haven't –
    • Reid: Don't push yourself too hard. Like, the exhibition...
    • Kimi: You don't understand. I made a promise to mother. I told her I would grow to be a qualified heir of the Group, and I would also take care of father instead of her...
    • Kimi: I still remember my mother's smiles until now. She took my promises seriously. She truly believed I would protect everything she loved...
    • Reid: Kimi, believe me, even if you don't stress yourself out, you're just as good.
    • Kimi: It's not like this. I didn't do my best in the designing of the exhibition.
    • Kimi: They probably think such a design is good enough, but the truth is, it's not right. There is no 'Lifetime Love' in it...
    • Kimi: Lifetime Love, the two words were curved [sic] in the the City Square of Welton.
    • Kimi: Everybody knows, that this was father's gift to my mom... I should be the one who knows the theme best, but I ––
    • Reid: ...You are exhausted, Kimi. Lady Crescent will be very sad if she sees you like this –
    • Kimi: Please – – don't speak.
    • Reid: (Give a handkerchief to Kimi) Wipe your tears.
    • Reid: (In a low voice) Perhaps you don't believe... but I got the feeling that you would make the best design. Perhaps, what you have to do now is to give yourself a break.


    • 12Stone of Shadow.png
    • 8Dazzle Stone.png
    • Vow of Sakura levels up to level 4
      (Elegant attribute rating increases by 1200 points.)

    The Late Present[]

    • None

    Kimi found that after talking about things, she could calm down more. She decided that even though things weren't going to her satisfaction, she would find a way. Reid left the Children's House and Kimi helped Lady Amanda with homework corrections.

    Kimi told the kids she had to go back to designing in the studio and that she would visit again after the exhibition was done. They gave her a small box and revealed that Reid had told them to give it to her for him. In the box was a white cherry blossom themed brooch. When she asked what he had said, they told her that it was his birthday gift for her. She denied that it was her birthday and took the gift as she left.

    Expand for script.

    • (Kimi quickly calmed down. She was much more relaxed after saying it out.)
    • (The design is not yet perfect, and the group still has problems to solve, but she will find out a way.)
    • (Perhaps it was to avoid embarrassment, Reid found an excuse to leave the house soon.)
    • (After helping Lady Amanda correct the kids' design homework, Kimi is ready to go.)
    • Kid C: Kimi, are you leaving?
    • Kimi: Ok, I have to go back to the studio and prepare for the graduation exhibition. When it is done, I will come back to see you guys.
    • Kid B: Kimi, then... then take this small box!
    • Kimi: What is this?
    • Kid B: Yes, this is what he gave me before he left. He told me to give it to you when you are leaving...
    • (Kimi doubtfully opened the box. On the soft velvet lay a white cherry blossom themed brooch.)

    • What else did he say?
    • Kid B: He said it was your birthday gift... Kimi, is it your birthday today?
    • Kimi: It is not... Anyway, it's not important.

  • Why did he ask you to give me this?
  • Kid B: I'm... not entirely sure, either. Do you think maybe he's too shy, Kimi? I would feel the same if I had to give you a gift, too!
  • Kimi: ...That doesn't seem possible.

  • (She took Reid's gift, said goodbye to the kids, and walked toward her studio.)
  • The Best Answer[]

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    Kimi called everybody to her studio earlier than usual and told them she wanted them to see the new design plans. Kevin was surprised that she had changed it again, and Irene expressed awe that Kimi had come up with such a perfect design over the weekend. She said that it was soft, but gave off strength, and Kevin said that she was a genius for her profound understanding of the theme "Lifetime Love" and predicted it would be her defining work of art.

    Kimi told him to stop talking nonsense and that they still needed to craft it before they got ahead of themselves. Kevin called Reid over to look at the design, and Kimi and Reid greeted each other, surprising Irene. Kimi brushed off the comment and asked them to get to work.

    Expand for script.

    • (The next day in Kimi's studio)
    • Kimi: I apologize for making everyone come here so early. But I just thought it was important for you all to see the latest design plans.
    • Kevin: What?! Kimi, you've changed the design plans again?
    • Irene: (Taking the design plans) ...Gosh! This design is perfect!!! Kimi, is this... is this what you came up with over the weekend?!
    • Kimi: Hmm. Considering the time limit, I try to only make improvement based on the original designs, and it looks quite good.
    • Irene: This version is very interesting. It is very soft, yet gives off a feel of strength...
    • Kevin: It really feels that way, Kimi. You didn't fall with anyone before, but you understand 'Lifetime Love' so profoundly; you really are a genius!
    • Kevin: This will be your most defining work of art, for sure! A genius teenage designer; it has a nice ring to it!
    • Kimi: Kevin, stop that nonsense. We are still in a very urgent schedule. Let's get the work done before we get overjoyed...
    • Kevin: Hey, Reid is coming. Hi Reid! Come check out our new design! It will leave you speechless this time!
    • Kimi: Good morning, Reid.
    • Reid: Good morning.
    • Irene: ...Ah?! Did I miss something? Greeting each other so early in the morning... I didn't know you two were so close, Kimi.
    • Kimi: Hmm. Everybody ready? Let's start doing this. Come on!


    • 18Stone of Shadow.png
    • 11Dazzle Stone.png
    • Vow of Sakura levels up to level 5
      (Elegant attribute rating increases by 1500 points.)

    Yesterday Once More[]

    • 20000 Gold
    • 20 Stamina
    • 20 Diamonds

    Back in the year 680, Kimi told them that Reid was right to say that she didn't have to push herself so hard. She explained that because of her mother's career and dedication, "Lifetime Love" was more than just soft romance and had an element of strength to it as well.

    Bobo asked about what had happened with her father and the Apple Apparel Group. Kimi said that she ended up moving into the studio to complete her work and so didn't get to see her father. On the day of the exhibition, he showed up in disguise to hide from the press, but she knew it was him immediately. She started to explain to Nikki, Momo, and Bobo what had happened with the group, but the catwalk for the fashion show began so Kimi paused there. A ceremony occurred afterwards to award the top three contestants, and fireworks were set off, which impressed Momo and Bobo.

    Expand for script.

    • (Year 680, New Era, Welton)
    • Momo: Whoa... And then that piece was created?
    • Kimi: Yes. Maybe Reid is right. I don't have to push myself so hard. The problems were already solved the moment I left the welfare house.
    • Kimi: I thought of the career my mother devoted her life into and realized that love itself is also a kind of strength, and 'Lifetime Love' should go beyond soft romance.
    • Kimi: These ideas inspired me, and as the result, I was able to present this piece to you all.
    • Bobo: If I may, there's another thing I'm curious about. Kimi, how about your father later? And the crisis, was it over?
    • Kimi: In the following days, I loved into the studio to complete my work. So I didn't get to talk with dad.
    • Kimi: But, the day of the exhibition, I thought I saw daddy...
    • Momo: Ow...
    • Kimi: It's so funny. You know, to hide from the press, he put up some disguise, but I knew it's him at first glance.
    • Kimi: As for the Group's matter, my dad explained it to me clearly... Let's stop here, the catwalk is about to start.
    • (The light went dim gradually and the first group of designs was displayed on the stage under the spotlight.)
    • (These unusual and innovative pieces are the young designers' vision of the future. They also work as a reminder to push successful designers forward.)
    • (After the show, the ceremony to award top 3 art exhibition contestants as held. Fireworks in the night sky illuminated the smiling, teary-eyed faces of the students.)
    • Momo: Wow, this is pretty impressive! I never thought Kimi's school would even have fireworks for their ceremony.
    • Bobo: Grab the highest reward at graduation exhibition and see the fireworks light up the sky... It's the perfect youth I could ever imagine!
    • Nikki: Yeah... To accomplish perfection, everyone must have paid tremendous efforts.
    • Kimi: But the efforts and the memory will surely become a lifetime treasure.

    Midnight Glow[]

    • None

    Two students at Rawding expressed their enjoyment of the fireworks ceremony and pride in their school. One mentioned that they had heard the fireworks were actually a new tradition that had been started only two years ago. They don't know why the tradition started, but noted that it was the same year that Kimi had graduated and wondered if it had something to do with her.

    They noticed Reid had also returned for the graduation ceremony and went to go ask him if the fireworks had been prepared for her. Reid didn't give an answer one way or another; he told the students that he had to go visit the award winners. However, he was seen walking in Kimi's direction.

    Expand for script.

    • Student A: The fireworks performance was really beautiful! I heard that our school's Graduation Art Show is the greatest in the Apple Federation. Is it true?
    • Student B: Surely it is! Such an impressive firework can only appear in the Graduation Art Exhibition of our school.
    • Student B: But I heard that the fireworks started only 2 years ago. It's not actually an old tradition.
    • Student A: Two years ago... Was there anything special two years ago?
    • Student B: Well... I have no idea. But it seems that it's the year when lady Kimi of Apple Apparel Group graduated!
    • Student B: The firework performance has some connections with Kimi? – – Oh, isn't that Reid over there? He came back?
    • Student A: Perfect! I remember Reid was the design director two years ago; let's go ask him!
    • Student A: Senior Reid!
    • Reid: Uh? That is you.
    • Student A: We have a question for you! Our school's graduation performance started two years ago, right?
    • Student B: I remember it's the year when Lady Kimi of Apple Apparel Group designed the work 'Lifetime Love'...
    • Student B: Could it be the fireworks were all prepared for her?

    • Maybe.
    • Reid: I also had a good impression on that piece. It is truly splendid.
    • Reid: Perhaps it is true that the fireworks were put up just for Kimi?

  • I suppose not.
  • Reid: I don't think they are connected. Kimi's work is so impressive that its glory won't be influenced even without fireworks.

  • Reid: Excuse me if you would. I'd like to check the award winners this year.
  • (Reid smiled, and passed through the crowd and walked to the silver-haired girl standing at a distance.)
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