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Orphan Fu Su and a little deer on the Mang Mountain were good friends, after he competed with flower field four sisters, he said he learned styling skills from the little deer...

Bloom and Fade[edit | edit source]

  • 20000 Gold
  • 20 Stamina

In the flower field with Bobo and Momo, Nikki remarked on its beauty, saying that it was worthy of being a famous tourist destination and that when flowers were in bloom, from far away it looked like there were pink clouds. Meanwhile, Bobo was putting flowers on Momo's head, which made him angry. Nikki admonished Bobo, telling her that she shouldn't pick the flowers that were for tourists to enjoy, but Bobo told her that she had just picked the flowers from under the tree. She added that it was beautiful to watch the flower petals fall.

Just then, Bobo noticed Fu Su beneath a peach tree, and Fu Su greeted them. Nikki asked why he was there, since he had left the Ancient Pavilion to travel[1]. Momo suggested that the flower field was so beautiful that he didn't want to leave, but Fu Su said it was because he would come to that peach tree every year when the tree blossoms. He added that the peach trees reminded him of his master, and that "flowers bloom and wither, while people come and go.[2] Nobody can escape from the circle of fate."

Bobo asked if he was thinking of the late Ancient Pavilion Designer, and Nikki noticed his sad expression, wondering aloud if he was thinking of the past.

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  • Nikki: Flower Field really deserves to be a scenic spot famous all over the seven countries. When flowers are in full bloom, they look like pink clouds from far away.
  • Momo: Bobo -- I will be angry if you go on decorating my head with flowers!
  • Nikki: Eh, Bobo. The flowers in the field is for tourists to enjoy, not to pick...
  • Bobo: Am I one of those rude flower pickers?! They are all fallen flowers on the ground under the tree, still beautiful and fresh.
  • Bobo: Eh, Look! Is it Fu Su under the peach tree?
  • Fu Su: Nikki, Momo, you are here too.
  • Momo: Yeah. But Fu Su, didn't you leave Ancient Pavilion to travel around?
  • Momo: Did you miss the scenery here too much so that you returned?
  • Fu Su: No... I will come to the peach tree every year when the peach trees blossom, but not for these flowers.

  • Is Fu Su waiting for somebody
  • Fu Su: I'm not waiting for anyone special. It's just that the peach blossoms always remind me of my master.

  • Is Fu Su recollecting something
  • Fu Su: Every year when the peach trees blossom, my master will come to my mind.

  • Fu Su: He told me that flowers bloom and wither, while people come and go. Nobody can escape from the circle of fate.
  • Bobo: Your master? The departed Ancient Pavilion Designer...
  • Nikki: (Whispering) Are we disturbing Fu Su?
  • Nikki: Look at his sad face. He must be recollecting many past events...

Trial-I[edit | edit source]

  • 5Stone of Shadow.png
  • 3Dazzle Stone.png
  • Sound of Deer levels up to level 2
    (Lively attribute rating increases by 500 points)

Budding Appears[edit | edit source]

  • None
  • 20000 Gold
  • 20 Stamina

In the year 630 in the Flower Field, Fu Su advertised the sale of esoterica for 998 coins, claiming that it was from the Ancient Pavilion Designer and had his autograph, as well as 24 fashion design styles and 365 styling examples, with notes for free if it was purchased.

Winter approached him, not knowing who he was, and demanding to know why he was selling something like that in front of the Ancient Pavilion. Fu Su, also not knowing who Winter was, lied and said that he was a pupil of the Ancient Pavilion Designer, trying to sell it to her as well. Winter asked to look at the esoterica, wanting to see the tips he had claimed to gain from the Ancient Pavilion Designer. Fu Su told her that if she wanted to learn, she had to pay. Winter challenged him to a cute and warm styling battle, saying that if he was truly a pupil of the Ancient Pavilion Designer, he would be good at styling.

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  • (Year 630, New Era, Flower Field)
  • Fu Su: Esoterica on sale! Design esoterica of Ancient Pavilion Designer!
  • Fu Su: Esoterica with the master's autograph, containing 24 fashion design styles and 365 styling examples!
  • Fu Su: Buy book to gain the note for free. Special sale for today only: 998...
  • Winter: Who is he? I've never seen him before.
  • Winter: (Walking forward) Who are you? How dare you sell a the design esoterica in front of the Ancient Pavilion?
  • Fu Su: I am a pupil of the Ancient Pavilion Designer, and all these styling tips are from my master himself. Buy it now, and you can get all my notes for free...
  • Winter: Really? Let me have a look at your esoterica. I am wondering what tips the legendary Ancient Pavilion Designer has taught you (staring at Fu Su).
  • Fu Su: Hey, you little girl! If you want to learn, you have to -- pay!
  • Winter: How can I tell your esoterica is real or fake? Since you are a pupil of Ancient Pavilion Designer, you must be super good at styling.
  • Winter: How about playing a game on cute and warm style. I'll see if you could defeat me.

Start from Beginning[edit | edit source]

  • 25Stone of Shadow.png
  • 12Dazzle Stone.png

Fu Su defeated Winter, and she ran off, crying that she hated him. Fu Su tried to spin the victory as part of his sales pitch, announcing that he beat her because of the styling knowledge from his master.

Later that evening, he was counting the money he made when Winter approached him again, this time with her three older sisters. She pointed him out to them, saying that he sold fake esoterica and that he bullied her. Spring told him that they were the four guardian fairies that guarded the enchantment of the ancient pavilion, and that they had never heard of a pupil like him despite being there for a long time. She challenged him to a styling battle, saying he won against Winter because she was too young.

Fu Su realized that he hadn't considered they were the four guardian fairies, but he didn't think they would be much of a challenge since Winter was not that good. He defended himself, saying that he defeated Winter fairly, but agreed to style against Spring. When he lost, Spring told him that he and his fake esoterica could no longer appear in the flower field. He curses to himself, thinking that he was close.

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  • Winter: I hate you!
  • (Winter cried and ran away)
  • Fu Su: (Complacent) Hey hey hey, everyone has seen that I defeated that girl. Thanks to my master, who taught me styling knowledge.
  • Fu Su: All these knowledge has been recorded in this esoterica. Buy it now, and you can get my notes for free. Please queue up. Cash on delivery...
  • (In the evening, Fu Su was counting the money. Winter came with her three elder sisters)
  • Winter: It's him! He sells fake esoterica and bully me...
  • Spring: It's you who sells fake esoterica in Flower Field? We are The Four Guardian Fairies guarding the enchantment of Ancient Pavilion.
  • Spring: We have been here for quite a long time, never heard that Ancient Pavilion Designer has a pupil like you.
  • Spring: Winter is too young to compete with you. How about playing another game with me?
  • Fu Su: (Thought to himself: it did not occur to me that they are The Four Guardian Fairies)
  • (But since I have defeated one of them, it seems they are not that good.)
  • Fu Su: I didn't cheat her. I defeated your little sister decently. Fine, I agree to play another game with you!
  • (Fu Su lost the game.)
  • Spring: See, you've lost the game. From now on, you or your fake esoterica shall not appear in the Flower Field!
  • Fu Su: Damn it! It was so close...

Trial-II[edit | edit source]

  • 8Stone of Shadow.png
  • 4Dazzle Stone.png
  • Sound of Deer levels up to level 3
    (Lively attribute rating increases by 800 points)

Twists and Turns[edit | edit source]


Just then, an unknown voice told Fu Su to hold on. The four sisters chorused, "Master", and Fu Su realized it was the Ancient Pavilion Designer. The designer told him that his styling work was extraordinary from what he had seen of the styling battle, and he wanted to know who taught him.

Fu Su told him that he lost his parents when he was young. He was raised by himself with only a little deer for company, who taught him his styling skills. Spring immediately said that it was nonsense, since deer could not wear clothes. Fu Su disagreed, claiming that antlers were their headwears, they had patterns on their skin, and that hooves were their shoes, and that the vigor of nature and their natural cuteness were unparalleled.

The Ancient Pavilion Designer found this hilarious, whereas Spring was speechless. He then advised Fu Su that styling was more than imitation, and that he had to understand the protean nature of styling in order to face real challenges. After Fu Su reluctantly agreed, the Ancient Pavilion Designer told him to compete with the four sisters again.

Though the four sisters took out their best works for the battle, Fu Su defeated them calmly. The Ancient Pavilion Designer asked his name, and then offered him the opportunity to be his pupil and study design in the Ancient Pavilion. Fu Su, surprised but ecstatic, said he never expected that such a thing was possible, and agreed enthusiastically.

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  • An unknown voice: Hold on, my son.
  • The four sisters: (In chorus) Master.
  • Fu Su: Ah, crap. Now Ancient Pavilion Designer has heard about this.
  • Ancient Pavilion Master: I've watched your game.
  • Ancient Pavilion Master: My son, I noticed that your styling work in the contest is extraordinary. May I know who taught you these?
  • Fu Su: I've lost my parents when I was a child. I was raised by myself, accompanied by a little deer. I learn my styling skills from her.
  • Spring: This is really nonsense. Deer doesn't even wear clothes, how can it know styling?
  • Fu Su: You can't say that. Antlers are their headwears.
  • Fu Su: And they also get patterns on their skins. Besides, hooves are shoes in their eyes.
  • Fu Su: The deer lives in the forest, so it takes vigor of nature. I've seen a lot of stylists and nobody matches the deer on cuteness and vigor.
  • Ancient Pavilion Master: Ha-ha, Spring, have you got his idea?
  • Spring: ...
  • Ancient Pavilion Master: Son, you've got a good point. However, you might forget that though the little deer is smart, cute, and simple, styling plans are protean and countless. If you do nothing but imitating, how could you deal with various challenges?
  • Fu Su: ...You're right.
  • Ancient Pavilion Master: Ha-ha, you are really talented. Remember what I said and compete with the four girls again.
  • (Fu Su competed with the four sisters again, and they all took out their best works. Fu Su defeated the four sisters calmly.)
  • Ancient Pavilion Master: I did not back the wrong horse! Son, what is your name?
  • Fu Su: My name is Fu Su.
  • Ancient Pavilion Master: Good. Fu Su, would you like to be my pupil and study designing in the Ancient Pavilion?
  • Fu Su: What?! It never... never occurred to me that I could be apprenticed to the Ancient Pavilion Designer!
  • Fu Su: (Ecstatically) Surely I do! my master!

Close Follower[edit | edit source]

  • None
  • 20000 Gold
  • 20 Stamina

As time went by in the Ancient Pavilion, Fu Su and Winter became the best of friends. One day she softly called out to him, asking him to hang out. Fu Su said that he was doing homework assigned by the Ancient Pavilion Designer, and asked Winter if she had done hers. She complained that she hadn't been outside for a long time, and said that they needed to go out in order to practice their styling skills. After Fu Su reminded her to finish her homework, she asked if he still remembered the guy who sold fake esoterica, and added that she could never leave her homework unfinished with such a strict Master. However, she managed to convince him to hang out.

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  • (Fu Su and Winter became inseparable friends as time went by)
  • Winter: (Softly) Brother Fu Su...
  • Fu Su: Who's it?
  • Winter: (Softly) Here by the window --
  • Fu Su: It's you? Winter, what are you coming for?
  • Winter: Let's go hanging out.
  • Fu Su: I'm doing homework assigned by Master. Winter, have you done yours?
  • Winter: I haven't been out for long. How could we practice our styling skills without seeing the world outside?
  • Winter: So, we should hang out, shall we?

  • Fu Su: No, finish your homework
  • Winter: Oh my, how stubborn you are. Still remember the guy who sold fake esoterica?
  • Winter: With such a strict Master, how could I leave my homework unfinished?

  • Fu Su: Okay, you can go out now.
  • Winter: Brother Fu Su is the best!
  • Fu Su: Well, remember to finish your homework later.
  • Winter: Certainly! With such a strict Master, how could I leave my homework unfinished?

  • Winter: So, let's hang out first!

Seeing Is Believing[edit | edit source]


Fu Su brought Winter to Mount Mango, which had peach blossoms in bloom despite it being early summer. Winter pointed this out, and Fu Su explained that the climate was different on the mountain than it was at the food, so flowers would bloom later there. Winter bet him that he didn't know that Spring's clothes, which had a peach blossom design, were inspired by the peach blossoms on the mountain.

Winter also wanted to know why she had never seen Fu Su dress up as a deer even though he said he had learned styling from one, asking how he had truly learned from it. He shook his head, saying that learning was more than imitating and that she needed to understand the beauty on her own. At this, Winter complained that she was laughing at him.

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  • (Fu Su brought Winter to the Mang Mountain, where those blooming flowers made her fascinated.)
  • Winter: Fu Su, look! It is early summer now, but there are still peach blossoms on the Mang Mountain!
  • Fu Su: The climate on the mountain is different from that at the foot, so it is natural for flowers to bloom later here.
  • Winter: (Tauntingly) Brother Fu Su, I bet you don't know this. The inspiration for the peach blossoms on the clothes of Spring came from these flowers on the mountain!
  • Winter: You said that you've learned styling from a little deer, but I haven't seen you dressing up like a deer. How can you truly learn styling tips from it?
  • Fu Su: (Shaking his head gently) Just as Master said, learning is more than imitating.
  • Fu Su: You need to comprehend the beauty on your own. However much I explain, I am afraid that you won't understand.
  • Winter: Brother Fu Su, you are laughing at me!

Student Beyond Master[edit | edit source]

  • 30Stone of Shadow.png
  • 16Dazzle Stone.png

Since it was getting late, Fu Su told Winter that they had to go back or else the Ancient Pavilion Designer would punish them. Winter argued that since they came to the mountain to get inspiration, he wouldn't blame them. Fu Su was unsure, saying that they went to the mountain without his permission. At this, Winter asked why he was so cautious now when he didn't get the Ancient Pavilion Designer's permission to sell fake esoterica years ago.

Fu Su explained that he didn't want to go against the master, and asked if she knew the reason he was selling the fake esoterica. She slowly guessed it was for money, but she couldn't supply the reason he needed the money. He explained that since he was an orphan and had nobody to rely on, he needed the money to prevent himself from starving and suffering from the cold. Without the Ancient Pavilion Designer taking him in, he would have still been wandering somewhere. Since he had become his pupil, he didn't have to worry about making money for food and clothing, and he could focus on styling.

Winter flushed in shame and confessed that his words had made her realize she had taken everything for granted, since her entire life had been happy. Fu Su laughed and asked her if she would work hard to learn styling from the Ancient Pavilion Designer from now on. He added that he was grateful for the Ancient Pavilion Designer since he had done more than just give him a home, he had also taught him that his previous understanding of beauty was shallow and that anybody could be his teacher.

At these wise words, Winter remarked that Fu Su was becoming a master as well, and Fu Su shyly said that he looked up to the Ancient Pavilion Designer and would endeavor to surpass him.

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  • (Ancient Pavilion treats pupils strictly. However, except for the time spent with Winter, Fu Su is quite diligent in his study and never go against the Master)
  • (Winter managed to persuade Fu Su to hang out with her)
  • Fu Su: It's too late now. We'd better go back now, or the Master will punish us again.
  • Winter: Oh my! Brother Fu Su, you kept talking about Master. But this time we came here for inspirations. Thus he won't blame us.
  • Fu Su: But we came out without his permission...
  • Winter: Have you got his approval when you sold the fake esoterica years ago? You were quite smart then. How could you be so overcautious now?
  • Fu Su: I am not overcautious. I just don't want to go against the Master.
  • Winter: Why? I don't think it is necessary...
  • Fu Su: Winter, you knew that I've been selling fake esoterica, but do you know the reason?
  • Winter: For... money...
  • Fu Su: Why did I have to make money?
  • Winter: Because...
  • Fu Su: Because I am an orphan with nobody to rely on. Without money, I would suffer from starvation and cold. If Master did not take me in, I might still be wandering somewhere.
  • Winter: Brother Fu Su...
  • Fu Su: I was just a kid who has to make a living on my own. I don't need to worry about food and clothes since I met the Master. Not to mention that I can learn styling now.
  • Winter: Brother Fu Su, your words make me flushing with shame... It turns out that I was growing up in happiness and what's more, I've taken everything for granted.
  • Fu Su: Ha-ha, so will you work hard to learn styling skills from our Master now?
  • Fu Su: I've learned from the Master that styling is countless and everyone can be our teacher.
  • Fu Su: Master has not only offered a home for me, but also made me realize how shallow my understanding of beauty is...
  • Fu Su: I feel great gratitude to him.
  • Winter: ...
  • Winter: Brother Fu Su, you are getting to be sort of a master...
  • Fu Su: (Smiling shyly) Master is my idol. I will work hard and endeavor to surpass him!

Where Heart Belongs[edit | edit source]

  • None

While Fu Su and Winter talked, a deer appeared in front of them. Dumbfounded, Winter asked if that was the deer that had taught Fu Su styling, and he said that it was. Between selling design books and souvenirs to the tourists in the Flower Field, he would come to the mountain and become a good friend of the deer. He petted the hair on her back, causing the deer to bleat. Winter expressed confusion over how the deer could teach him styling.

The deer led them deep into the forest, where they saw a beautiful scene consisting of a stream, green hills, peach blossoms, and a bird. Winter was amazed, saying that though she had been here for many years she had never seen such beauty. Fu Su said that the beauty she saw was not the true beauty, and asked what beauty meant to her. Whether Winter said that beauty was peach blossoms, a stream, or roast duck, Fu Su shook his head and said cryptically, "The true beauty lies inside instead of outside. It lies in the heart instead of the body. Where there is a heart, there is a world." Winter admitted that she didn't know what he meant.

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  • (While Fu Su and Winter were chatting happily, a little deer suddenly appeared in front of them)
  • Winter: (Dumbfounded) Fu Su, is she the deer that you learn styling from?
  • Fu Su: Ah, yes, she is!
  • Fu Su: Nobody cared about me and nobody taught me anything. To scrape by, I would sell fake design books and souvenirs to Flower Field's tourists.
  • Fu Su: When I got nothing to do, I would come here and thus I became a good friend of this little deer.
  • Fu Su: Look!
  • (Fu Su pets the hair on her back gently, and the deer is bleating softly)
  • Winter: But except for imitating, how could her teach you styling?
  • (After some bleats, the deer turned around and walked toward the deep of the forest. Fu Su gestured Winter to follow.)
  • Fu Su: Look at the surroundings.
  • (A stream is babbling through green hills at both banks where the peach blossoms are quite beautiful. A bird flied up from one branch and landed own on one antler of the deer.)
  • (The deer turned back to take a glance at them.)
  • Winter: Wow~
  • Winter: I've been here for so many times, but it's the first time to see such a beautiful scenery!
  • Fu Su: The beauty you see is not the true beauty.
  • Winter: (Bewildered) Ah?
  • Fu Su: Winter, What does beauty mean to you?

  • Winter: Beauty... is peach blossoms on the mountain
  • Winter: Passionate, unrestrained, and unforgettable.

  • Winter: Beauty... is the stream through the hills
  • Winter: Quiet, gentle, and thought-provoking.

  • Winter: Beauty... is roast duck with soy sauce
  • Winter: Rich, mellow, and irresistible.
  • Fu Su: Winter, are you hungry?
  • Winter: Hunger is only part of the reason... Isn't the beauty of delicious food intoxicating?

  • Fu Su: (Shaking his head gently) You're not all right. The true beauty lies inside instead of outside. It lies in the heart instead of the body. Where there is a heart, there is a world.
  • Winter: Ah? I don't really understand what you said...

Trial-III[edit | edit source]

  • 11Stone of Shadow.png
  • 6Dazzle Stone.png
  • Sound of Deer levels up to level 4
    (Lively attribute rating increases by 1200 points)

Right or Wrong[edit | edit source]


All of a sudden, the Ancient Pavilion Designer appeared next to Winter and Fu Su, laughing and praising Fu Su for his well-said words. Both expressed their surprise, and Fu Su instantly confessed to his transgression, asking for the Ancient Pavilion Designer to punish him. The Ancient Pavilion Designer, however, quickly forgave him, saying that there was good reason to go to the mountain, and that even he went there from time to time to get inspiration.

The Ancient Pavilion Designer asked Winter if she understood what Fu Su had said, and she flushed and said she did, explaining that beauty lied internally rather than externally. Fu Su asked her if the peach tree in full bloom was beautiful, and she said of course it was, since its delicate mellow petals and cute pistils matched perfectly. Fu Su pointed out that the flowers and leaves never met in nature, so it was imperfect, but it could still be beautiful, stumping Winter.

The Ancient Pavilion Designer laughed and agreed that both imperfection and perfection could be beautiful depending on how you saw it, saying that some people were bothered by the imperfection but some people found it beautiful regardless, and that beauty was in the heart. Winter, still confused, watched as the deer bleated in agreement, and admitted there was still a lot for her to learn even if the deer understood.

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  • (Fu Su is about to explain further when there comes a voice suddenly)
  • Ancient Pavilion Master: Hahaha! Well said, what a wisdom!
  • Winter: (Shocked) Master!
  • Fu Su: I went to the mountain without asking for your permission. Please punish me, Master!
  • Ancient Pavilion Master: Hah hah hah, never mind. There are countless materials for fashion design on the mountain. I also often come here to get inspired. You're spared for what you have learned this time.
  • Fu Su: Thanks Master!
  • Ancient Pavilion Master: Winter, do you understand what Fu Su just said?
  • Winter: (Blush) Yes... I do. The beauty lies in the internal instead of external, in the heart...
  • Fu Su: It lies in the heart instead of the body. Where there is a heart, there is a world.
  • Fu Su: For example, look, the peach tree is in full bloom. Is it beautiful?
  • Winter: Of course it is. Delicate and mellow petals, sweet and cute pistils, what a perfect match.
  • Fu Su: But, you know, flowers and leaves never meet. There are no leaves when the trees are in blossom and vice versus. Is this imperfect?
  • Winter: ...Yes.
  • Fu Su: But can you say that it is not beautiful?
  • Winter: ...
  • Ancient Pavilion Master: Hah hah hah, imperfection is beautiful, so is perfection. It depends on the way you see it.
  • Ancient Pavilion Master: Upon seeing the peach blossoms, some marvel how brilliant they are while others are rankled by the absence of leaves. The true beauty lies in your heart.
  • (Winter is completely confused. Deer comes to her side and bleats softly, its round black eyes gleaming.)
  • Winter: (Ironically) It understands what you say? All right, it's a long way for me to learn from Fu Su.

Continuous Hatred[edit | edit source]

  • 35Stone of Shadow.png
  • 22Dazzle Stone.png

Fu Su returned to the pavilion after the talk, and he never saw the deer again, spending the rest of his time studying in the Ancient Pavilion. One day, the Ancient Pavilion Designer returned from outside the Pavilion looking sombre, and asked Fu Su to go to Pigeon Kingdom to pay condolences to King Sayet in his place. Fu Su asked what King Sayet was to the Ancient Pavilion Designer, and he responded saying that he was his junior disciple.

Later that night, the Ancient Pavilion Designer asked Fu Su how long he had been in the Ancient Pavilion. Fu Su couldn't remember, saying he had been there too long. The Ancient Pavilion Designer said that to younger guys like Fu Su, a few years felt like a life time, but to elders, a lifetime could go by in the blink of an eye. They had a discussion about how the Ancient Pavilion Designer was sad about the death of King Sayet and whether death meant anything to them in the Ancient Pavilion. The Ancient Pavilion Designer admitted he had a lot going on, and even though Fu Su didn't understand, he agreed to go to Pigeon and pay condolences.

The Ancient Pavilion Designer's health began to decline every day after Fu Su returned, and Fu Su worried about him as he started to miss classes. The Ancient Pavilion Designer reflected on his life and his progress, feeling that Sayet had accomplished more while he spent his life in the Pavilion. He despaired because the seal of the Ancient Pavilion that protected them also caged them in, and expressed his readiness to move on past life.

Fu Su pleaded with him not to think that way, and assured him that he would go to boil herbs for him. When he went to the mountain to gather herbs, he noticed there were peach blossoms on the mountain despite it being autumn. The deer appeared and bleated sadly at Fu Su. He hurried back to the pavilion after getting the feeling that the deer was trying to tell him something, and found the Ancient Pavilion Designer had passed away in bed. Before the bed there was a peach blossom in bloom.

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  • (After the beauty talk in the forest, Fu Su has never seen the deer again. He stays in Ancient Pavilion and studies hard without noting the passing of time.)
  • (One day, the Ancient Pavilion Designer comes back from outside with a sombre face)
  • Ancient Pavilion Master: Fu Su, come here.
  • Ancient Pavilion Master: Go to Pigeon Kingdom for me to... pay condolence to King Sayet.
  • Fu Su: King Sayet? Is... he your...
  • Ancient Pavilion Master: (With a gloomy look on his face) He's my... junior disciple.
  • (At night, Master asks Fu Su to come for a talk)
  • Ancient Pavilion Master: Fu Su
  • Fu Su: Yes, Master.
  • Ancient Pavilion Master: How long have you been here?
  • Fu Su: I have been here for...
  • Fu Su: Too long to remember...
  • Ancient Pavilion Master: Son, three or five years for you young guys are just like a lifetime.
  • Ancient Pavilion Master: But to the elders, a lifetime has passed within just a blink of an eye.
  • Fu Su: Master, are you sad about King Sayet passing away?
  • Ancient Pavilion Master: Yes, I am... How can I not be! Death is the saddest thing in the world...
  • Fu Su: But the seal of Ancient Pavilion protects other from the time outside. Do life and death have anything to do with us?
  • Ancient Pavilion Master: Life can only be blooming with the true beauty amid the alternation of life and death. Do you understand?
  • Fu Su: No, I don't, Master.
  • Ancient Pavilion Master: (Wryly smiling) I have so much going on in my mind now that I don't even know where to start.
  • Fu Su: Don't be sad, Master. Please have some rest. I'll leave for Pigeon Kingdom tomorrow.
  • (Master left shaking his head. Fu Su didn't understand. Maybe Master was too sad. After Fu Su returned from condolence in Pigeon, Ancient Master's health went worse every day)
  • Fu Su: Master, are you alright? You've never missed the morning classes, but recently...
  • Ancient Pavilion Master: I forgot how many years I've lived in this mortal world. I remember that the junior disciple who finished apprenticeship with me became a design master, but I chose to stay...
  • Ancient Pavilion Master: But in recent years, I haven't made any progress. Not long ago, I went outside Ancient Pavilion for traveling, only to find that all those I knew became cold names on tombstones...
  • Fu Su: Master, are you struck by what you have seen?
  • Ancient Pavilion Master: No, I am not. It suddenly occurred to me then that living towards death is definitely different from living in Ancient Pavilion without noting time passing. Without death, how is there life?
  • Fu Su: I seem to understand somehow... but does this have anything to do with you becoming weak? Living in Ancient Pavilion, we should not have been...
  • Ancient Pavilion Master: It is just a zone secluded from the outside. It prevents the outsiders, but it also cages us in. I become weak after I have comprehended this, how can it go against my original intention?
  • Ancient Pavilion Master: The world is but a station. I have seen that but I will leave soon. You should also leave this pavilion. In the limited life, seek the ultimate beauty...
  • Fu Su: Master, now that I'm your disciple, I will go nowhere! Would you please not think this way, Master? I'll boil some herbs for you...
  • (One day, Fu Su is collecting herbs on the Mang Mountain.)
  • Fu Su: ...I must go back now. Master is waiting for me to boil the herbs.
  • Fu Su: Huh? Petals? Peach blossoms?
  • Fu Su: It is already late autumn; why are there peach blossoms on the mountain?
  • (From under the peach tree comes a white deer with its beautiful antlers in full bloom of peach blossoms. It looks at Fu Su with its clear eyes and makes a soft bleat.)
  • Fu Su: Deer!
  • Fu Su: Is it you? Deer!
  • (The deer is bleating sadly towards the Ancient Pavilion. Then it turns back to glance at Fu Su, and disappears in the forest.)
  • Fu Su: Is it trying to tell me something...
  • Fu Su: No way, Master...
  • (Fu Su hurries back to Ancient Pavilion, only to find Master lie in bed quietly. His breath has stopped.)
  • (Before the bed, a peach blossom silently in bloom.)

Trial-IV[edit | edit source]

  • 14Stone of Shadow.png
  • 7Dazzle Stone.png
  • Sound of Deer levels up to level 5
    (Lively attribute rating increases by 1500 points)

Peach Blossom[edit | edit source]

  • None

Back in the year 680, Fu Su explained to Nikki and her friends that the Ancient Pavilion Designer traveled around Miraland with the name 'Yinxi' or Spring Usher. He said that the name meant that one needed the understanding of beauty to flourish in the heart to be able to create beautiful designs.

Fu Su said that once his Master had died, he put his body on a bamboo raft and sent it down the stream in the mountain, which was his last will. He admitted that though the Ancient Pavilion Designer had told him to travel around and get better at designing, he didn't follow his Master's words and tried in vain to continue learning in the Ancient Pavilion. He told Nikki that once he met her, he finally understood the need to travel around the world to become a better stylist, so he became a traveler.

Nikki said that she was really honored, and that if the Ancient Pavilion Designer knew, he would feel happy for him. Fu Su admitted he was ashamed for not understanding his master's last will at first, but he said that one day he wanted to become a great designer like his role model. Nikki said she was sure he could. Fu Su spoke again about how the peach trees made him remember the Ancient Pavilion Designer, and promised to remember his words and feel the world's beauty with both his eyes and his heart.

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  • Fu Su: People know him as the Ancient Master, but few know that he traveled around Miraland with the name 'Yinxi', or Spring Usher.
  • Fu Su: Only if the understanding of beauty is flourishing and abundant enough in the heart, can we externalize the beauty into touching designs. That's just what Yinxi, the name of Master, means.
  • Fu Su: After Master was gone, I followed his last will to put his body on a bamboo raft and let the mountain stream take it away.
  • Fu Su: He once told me that only when I leave the pavilion and see things outside can I scale even higher in styling.
  • Fu Su: However, I did not follow Master's words. I still stayed in Ancient Pavilion to concentrate on learning, but did not make any progress.
  • Fu Su: I did not understand his inculcation until I meet you.
  • Fu Su: The styling in the earthly world is protean. It does not only change with time, but also varies from place to place. I can be progressing only by keeping learning new styling skills.
  • Fu Su: Therefore, I decided to be a traveler. Explore this unknown world, and discover the truth of beauty...
  • Nikki: Great... Fu Su, I am really honored...
  • Nikki: If the Ancient Pavilion Designer knew it, he would feel gratified for you.

  • I wish to finish my master's last will
  • Fu Su: I feel a little bit ashamed that it took me so long to understand Master's will, but now I am willing to fulfill my promise to him.

  • I want to be someone like my master
  • Fu Su: Master is my role model. I hope that one day I will be able to design stunning clothes as Master has done.

  • Nikki: I am sure you can!
  • Fu Su: Huh...
  • Fu Su: When the peach trees are in bloom in Flower Field every year, I would recollect Master under the trees.
  • Fu Su: It is the cycle of birth and death and the true beauty is infinite. I will remember his words, and feel the beauty of the world with my eyes and heart...

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