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Under an overbridge on Long Street, a storyteller is talking about a miraculous encounter of the Mayor of City Ning in his childhood. The 'immortal' feels familiar to her...

Mayor Liang[]


In Long Street, Nikki, Bobo, and Momo come across a storyteller beginning the tale of an official named Liang and his friendship with an immortal that started one summer on Mount Mango.

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  • Momo: There are too many tasty things to eat on this avenue! I don‘t want to leave!
  • Nikki: Since I am here, I also want to stay for two days.
  • Bobo: Definitely, I still haven't been around enough yet!
  • Momo: You see how many people gather under the bridge? Let's go take a closer look!
  • Bobo: This is a troublesome cat!
  • Storyteller: In the last section, Liang in Aria City was diligent in his work, and everyone respected and supported him, relieving the common people of many of their burdens.
  • Storyteller: The most amazing thing should be the one happened in the mulberry garden when Liang was a deputy governor.
  • Storyteller: Residents all said Liang is a man who‘d move the heavens for the people so immortals on Mount Mango help them!
  • Child: Are there still immortals on Mount Mango? How come every time I go it's always raining and misty?
  • Storyteller: Ah, child, don't be in such a hurry and listen to me. I want to speak of the origin of Liang and the immortal. It begins when he was young.
  • Storyteller: Say, that Liang is weak since he was a boy. A year with a hot summer, his family sent him to Mount Mango to escape the heat.
  • Storyteller: Liang at that time was a young and mischievous. There were only a few servants in the courtyard, and after a while he wouldn't be able to stay.
  • Storyteller: One days, when the old servants looked away, he sneaked out to play in the woods and was very happy. But he lost his way when he wanted to get back.
  • Storyteller: He didn't notice that he'd already been in the mountains of Mango. Due to the perennial mist there, only few made their way to that wonderland.
  • Storyteller: But Liang was young, and didn't know how lucky he was. He thought the evil spirits of the books wanted him dead. He could not leave the forest, which caused him to panic.
  • Storyteller: As the saying goes, the room is partial to the night rain, and the more impatient, the more likely an accident.
  • Storyteller: Liang became more frightened in the forest. While in a hurry, he tripped over a tree root and twisted his ankle. As the day wore on, he grew even more nervous.
  • (This time, the storyteller deliberately paused for a moment and held the leaf fan, taking the cup of tea and taking a swig.)
  • People: Then, what???
  • Storyteller: At this time, the sound of footsteps emanated from the forest…

Young One In the Forest[]

  • 12 Stone of Love.png
  • 11 Sky Stone.png
  • 5 Stone of Night.png
  • 3 Stone of Dream.png

A lost and injured Liang is found by a young man named Fu Su, who helps him get back to his summer home with the promise that Liang can come back and play with him.

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  • Liang: Please, show some mercy. I'm not tasty at all…
  • Young Man: Young boy, how did you get here all by yourself?
  • Liang: Thank god! At last! Ugh, hello, I came to the forest to have some fun, but I couldn't find the way out and sprained my foot.
  • Young Man: Let me see... Not too bad. No bones were broken. I have a few effective herbs which will help you take care of your wound!
  • Liang: Thank heaven, you were there today.
  • Young Man: You're welcome, but, how come you came into the forest alone?
  • Liang: I just moved into another courtyard at the foot of the mountain. It was cramped, and my friends lived far away. I would play in the mountains by myself. Then one day...I got lost.
  • Liang: I was lost, and I ... fell off. Ah! It's so shameful!
  • Young Man: (Smiling)
  • Liang: Huh? Alright, I think you're the same age as me, so how about we play together? Otherwise, I will wait to be smothered to death at home, or get eaten by crazed beasts!
  • Young Man: Few people made it here, and these animals are nice to humans. OK, let me help you up.
  • Liang: Eh, did you see the doe in the distance? You are right; they look smart!
  • Young Man: I will lead you down the hill, and you can lean on me.
  • Liang: … Can we play together in the future?
  • Young Man: (A little frustrated) Fine, I often chop firewood here. And usually my little sister come with me. If you don't think it's boring, you can come to the mountains and find us.
  • Liang: Great! Ah, sorry I forgot introduced myself. I'm Liang.
  • Young Man: Liang, hello, I remembered. I'm Fu Su.
  • Storyteller: It's like this, Liang and this Young One in the forest became friends.
  • Child: Well, according to what you said, this Young Man in the Forest is only a young woodcutter, nothing more. He is not immortal.
  • Storyteller: Ah-hah, don't be so nervous. It's a story that begins now.


  • 8 Stone of Love.png
  • 6 Sky Stone.png
  • 4 Stone of Night.png
  • 3 Stone of Dream.png
  • Vine of Ages levels up to level 2
    (Cool attribute increases by 500)

Secluded Life[]

  • None
  • 20,000 Gold
  • 20 Stamina

Liang, Fu Su, and Winter meet up on Mount Mango over the summer. Although Liang asks Fu Su to become a minister, Fu Su refuses to stay with his master. Come autumn, Liang returns home to Aria City.

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  • Storyteller: But after Liang's foot recovered, he would often go into the woods to find the young woodcutter. As time going, the two slowly grew to know each other…
  • Winter: What are you doing, simpleton? Seeing Fu Su collecting herbs? Phew, we should go to the creek and have some fun!
  • Liang: (Squatting next to Fu Su and attentively watching her distinguishing herbs) Dongmu, you made fun of me...
  • Winter: You are too dumb, it's your fault that you are bullied!
  • Liang: … I'd rather ignore you. (Turning head) Fu Su, do you want to be a minister?
  • Winter: Pff, never mind. I'm going out to have some fun!
  • Fu Su: I live at the foot of Mount Mango and study design with my master. Collecting herbs is just a hobby, and I can also find inspiration in the woods.
  • Liang: Fu Su, the buddies we knew back in school were not the same. You know more but don't show off. Every time I talk with you, I seem to get to know you all over again!
  • Liang: I think you'll definitely become an extraordinary designer! You will become more famous than King Sayah among the seven kingdoms and better than the King Sayah!
  • Fu Su: Thank you for your praise, Liang.
  • Liang: Fu Su, isn't your master really amazing? Who is he? Can you take me to see him?
  • Fu Su: The master has remained secluded for years... Not accepting guests. I'm sorry.
  • Liang: No worry. I have seen it in books. Wisemen are all like this.
  • Fu Su: Anyway, you should go to see Dongmu. She would be upset if you leave her unaccompanied.

  • I can spend some more time with Winter
  • Fu Su: Well. Summer is a rainy season, the current in the stream is strong. You need to be careful.

  • She says I'm dumb and don't want to play with her...
  • Fu Su: The summer is rainy, and the brook current is swift…
  • Liang: Then, then I will go to see Miss Dongmu!
  • Fu Su: Yeah, thank you.

  • Liang: Fu Su, after you collected the herbs, come and play!
  • Storyteller: As it is in the old saying, days in mountains are carefree and content, time goes unnoticed when winter ends and a new year is born. This autumn, Liang should return home.
  • An Autumn Farewell[]

    • None
    • 20,000 Gold
    • 20 Stamina
    • Dancing Green

    Liang and Fu Su say their goodbyes, and Fu Su gives Liang a sack of medicine to help his frail body. Before he leaves, they both have a styling competition.

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    • Liang: Fu Su, I am leaving for home tomorrow. I will miss you and Dongmu.
    • Fu Su: Yeah, after all, your just came for the summer. Now the summer's over; it's time to go back.
    • Liang: Ms. Dongmu didn't come today?
    • Fu Su: She knows you‘re leaving, but she stays at home and won‘t come to meet you.
    • Liang: Fine... If you'll visit Aria City later, remember to come to me.
    • Fu Su: If you can. By the way, take this medicine sack.
    • Liang: Eh! Pfff... This medicine pouch has a very stiff smell. What's in it?
    • Fu Su: Your body is weak. These are some herbs I matched that can make your body stronger. Take these with you.
    • Liang: Fu Su, you've treated me very well... Actually, I too have something to give you, which are some stylists' by-talks. Hope they could be helpful...
    • Liang: (Hesitated, but finally spoke) Fu Su, why don't you come to Aria City with me!
    • Fu Su: Sorry, I can't leave my master.
    • Liang: Also... my bad.
    • Fu Su: Don't mention it. (Takes book) I'll take good care of it. Hey, we've known each other for so long, but we've never really had a competition. Let's give it a shot before you leave!
    • Liang: Although I will assuredly be defeated by Fu Su, how can I say no to your request? Why not give it a try with all the themed small animals in the woods?

    Gone for 13 years[]

    • 16 Stone of Love.png
    • 13 Sky Stone.png
    • 8 Stone of Night.png
    • 5 Stone of Dream.png

    Liang's health improves and he spends 13 years studying to become an official of Aria City. He goes back to Mount Mango with people to survey the terrain for the construction of a house, but couldn't find the place he played at in childhood. Then, in the mist a boy that looks like Fu Su from 13 years ago appears, and Liang follows the figure

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    • Storyteller: After Liang had brought the medicine sack Fu Su gave him back to Aria City, his body improved day after day. In the summer of the second year, he didn‘t have to escape the heat.
    • Storyteller: Although he badly misses his friend of Mount Mango, but he was busy studying and he really wanted to attend the imperial examinations, other things had to wait.
    • Storyteller: After 13 years, Liang passed the imperial examination and returned to Aria City as an official.
    • Storyteller: When he saw Fu Su again, he was taking some people to a place on Mount Mango where young people gathered medicine, they surveyed the terrain and were preparing to construct a house.
    • Passerby: Well... How come Liang went so far to build a house??
    • Child: Then where can those small animals in Mount Mango live?
    • Storyteller: Ha ha, guess what happened. Liang took people to the foot of Mount Mango, but he couldn't find the place where he and the young boy used to play.
    • Storyteller: A group of people went around the woods for a day, and they were completely exhausted. At that time in the forest‘s mist appeared a young wood cutter with a basket on his back.
    • Storyteller: Do you know who this young man is? He is the playmate of young Liang! 13 years have passed. He hasn't changed a bit!
    • Child: Ah! Immortals are indeed living on Mount Mango!
    • Storyteller: Liang met his childhood friend and the young man recognized Liang too. He turned around without a word and walked away. Liang had others come back before following him himself.

    Ivy in the Manor[]

    • None
    • 20 Stamina
    • 20 Diamonds
    • Leaves in Samsara

    Liang and Fu Su reunite, but Fu Su believes Liang is back with selfish intentions. Liang explains that the new mayor of Aria City is a tyrant who is planning on building a villa at a mulberry garden, displacing the weavers there. Liang is trying to find a place to shelter the weavers, and remembers Mount Mango as a suitable place to grow mulberries. This is where he met Fu Su.

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    • Liang: Who, who on earth are you? Why do you look exactly like Fu Su?

    • You must be Fu Su's son.
    • Liang: It's been many years, I never thought Fu Su's son would have grown so tall
    • Fu Su: I can't call you uncle. Look at me carefully, do you know who I am?
    • Liang: You, you are really Fu Su?

  • So you're a real immortal, Fu Su?
  • Fu Su: I'm certainly not immortal. Just because I stay too long so my appearance doesn't change much.
  • Liang: I never thought that we would meet in this kind of situation...

  • Are you a spirit in the woods?
  • Fu Su: It's been a while, Liang. I have to say your imagination is better and better.
  • Liang: Ha ha ha, you're really Fu Su!

  • Fu Su: TodayI saw some people wandering around the entrance to the wooded forest and thought of some way to scare people away. I never expected you to behind it!
  • Liang: Fu Su, I, this... Alas!
  • Fu Su: You want to go to the mountain too? seeking strange and rare animals in the forest? However, the path into the mountain has changed several times over the past thirteen years.
  • Liang: Fu Su! Although I indeed should not... but it's not what you think! Ask yourself, am I that kind of greedy person?
  • Fu Su: Sorry, I knew thirteen years ago Liang would never do that... It's just…
  • Liang: Fu Su, I have no other way but to come here…
  • Passerby: So why did Liang build a house in the mountain? Just tell usl
  • Child: My mom said the one who speaks in half is the most hated!
  • Storyteller: Ah hah, don't be nervous. Didn't you forget Liang was Aria City's official? Aria was relatively peaceful for the first few years.
  • Storyteller: And then, after the old mayor returned home, Aria City got a new mayor.
  • Storyteller: The newly appointed Aria City mayor was obsessed with villas and the balls, and was always seen drinking overnight. The daily expenses of his office flow like water.
  • Storyteller: The mayor is only concerned about his own enjoyment, he is a tyrant who bullied his citizens.
  • Storyteller: There was once a time he wanted to make a requisition of a mulberry garden to build his villa. However, the mulberry garden outside city was home to a lot of silk weavers.
  • Storyteller: Once forced, don‘t say that the cloth production will be greatly reduced, many weaver are hard to settle.
  • Storyteller: However, the relocation work of the weavers was given to Liang. Though Liang wanted to persuade the mayor not to build a villa, yet his words were completely ignored.
  • Storyteller: However, he remembered when he was little; he lived at the foot of Mount Mango. That place can probably temporarily shelter those weavers.
  • Storyteller: But except for shelter, the weavers needed harvest so that they could settle down! These fields were not enough for so many weavers?
  • Storyteller: Some say that Mount Mango is a solitary place, fits for the weavers to settle down! But everyone knows that ordinary people cannot find the way into Mount Mango.
  • Storyteller: But Liang knows the way to enter the mountain, and he remembers a clearing suitable to construct houses. The weather there is also arable for mulberries.
  • Storyteller: So, he brought people to Mount Mango to investigate. However, before he was able to find the path or he met his childhood friend.
  • Seed of Ivy[]

    • 10,000 Gold
    • 10 Stamina

    Fu Su and Liang are at a predicament, when Fu Su remembers a type of strong ivy that grows on Mount Mango that could help.

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    • Storyteller: In this way, Liang told the woodcutting boy that the mayor want to confiscate the mulberry garden, and as a result, hundreds of people would lose their homes.
    • Fu Su: Mayor was supposed to protect the citizens, this is tyranny.
    • Liang: Exactly, but my words have little weight…
    • Fu Su: Be that as it may, Mount Mango fosters the lives of countless creatures…
    • Liang: I was tossing and turning for a long time last night... But, about the weavers‘ displacement, can I really turn my back on them? I...I simply can't …
    • Fu Su: I have an idea.
    • Liang: Spit it out. The thought of so many weavers now waitinq for my news makes me anxious.
    • Fu Su: On the cliffs of Mount Mango, there is a type of ivy that is vigorous and full of vitality. It is so strong that it can smash stone.
    • Fu Su: It's just that the vine grows in these craggy stone cracks, and its seeds are not easy to get.
    • Liang: (Thinking for a moment and clapping hands) This... is surely good enough! I'm much stronger now than I was. We will soon set out to find the ivy!
    • (The end of Fu Su's recall)

    Immortal on the Mount[]

    • None
    • 20,000 Gold
    • 20 Stamina
    • 10 Diamonds

    After collecting the ivy seeds, they plant it in the mayor's garden, where it reduces the garden to a wild state. The mayor abandons the idea of the villa, and the weavers are thankful to Liang for saving their home. The mayor, who was a bandit that killed the previous mayor, was removed from office and Liang became the new mayor.

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    • Storyteller: They suffered innumerable trials and hardships and collected enough seeds. After Liang returned, she asked the citizens to plant these seeds in Aria City Mayor's new garden.
    • Storyteller: This ivy's extremely tough. Sprouted in the wind, revived from the burning ashes, rooted at where its leaves fell.
    • Storyteller: It has been just a month, but the grasses are all over the garden, and the gold-tiled palace is reduced to a wild field.
    • Storyteller: The mayor tested every possible method, and can not find a way to clear the vines. So he gave up the idea to build a villa there.
    • Storyteller: The Weavers were grateful to Liang. But he said this is all thanks to a friend from Mount Mango.
    • Storyteller: Some went to Mount Mango for curiosity, but none was found. The weavers say it 's Liang who is an honest official with a heart for the people that can get the help of the immortal.

    • What happened to the mayor of City Ning later?
    • Storyteller: The city owner, because it was the end of the year, did not have enough fabric on hand and was quickly removed from office.
    • Storyteller: It turned out that he was actually a bandit who killed the real mayor and took his place! It served him right!

  • Has Liangjing been working as the secretary all along?
  • Storyteller: Since the former mayor was removed from office, he was put into power by the residents and weavers. But people still call him Liang.

  • Didn't the immortal ever show up again?
  • Storyteller: It's said that people collecting dried branches and fruits in Mango Forest sometimes saw a young woodcutter with a large basket walking through. One knows if he's immortal or not?

  • Anomaly in the Garden[]

    • 20,000 Gold
    • Star in Leaves

    After the old mayor was gone, the ivy-riddled garden bloomed and ended up as seeds. Nikki, Bobo, and Momo grow curious and want to go to Aria City to ask Liang about the story.

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    • Passerby: You just said the weavers grabbed green seeds to turn the city owner's villa into a wilderness. Will those weavers be able to rebuild the mulberry garden?
    • Storyteller: The weirdest part is, right after the day the mayor abandoned the construction. The vines in the garden bloomed and fruited and left some seeds. Tell me if that's not strange!
    • Passerby: Is it really that magical? You, the storyteller, are full of nonsense.
    • Storyteller: Ah! I say you, how can you say such things? If you don't believe you can go to Aria City and ask mayor Liang in person!
    • Child: If Liang really knew an immortal, why didn't he become immortal himself? You made this upl
    • Storyteller: Little kid. Immortals, immortals, are they really that good? You are too young to understand it!
    • Nikki: This story is epic, but no matter the immortal or Liang, they are both good that care about the common people.
    • Momo: Why this immortal sounds familiar to me…
    • Bobo: Let's go to Aria City and ask Liang if this is real!
    • Nikki: Thanks to you, I'm also interested in that immortal. Do you want to go now?
    • Momo: Your curiosity got the better of you! The next stop is clearly Yuesha City!

    True and False[]

    • 18 Stone of Love.png
    • 15 Sky Stone.png
    • 10 Stone of Night.png
    • 7 Stone of Dream.png

    On the way, they see Fu Su and Winter ahead of them. The immortal in the story sounds like Fu Su, and it only seems more likely when Fu Su reveals he's going to Aria City to meet a friend. However, Fu Su only says whatever story they believe is the true one in their hearts.

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    • Bobo: Which direction should I take to go to Aria City?
    • Momo: Look, doesn't that young man before us not look like Fu Su?
    • Nikki: Fu Su!? Oh, don't tell me he's the immortal that old storyteller was talking about!
    • Momo: No wonder I think that immortal sounds so familiar! Then we don't need to go to Aria City, instead, ask Fu Su directly, don‘t we?
    • Nikki: Yes! The first time we saw him, he was carrying a basket on his back!
    • Bobo: Fu Su~Dongmu~
    • Winter: Nikki! Bobo! What a coincidence!
    • Fu Su: Nikki, Bobo, Momo, hello.
    • Momo: Fu Su, glad to see you again. Where are you going next?
    • Fu Su: I plan to go to Aria City and see an old friend.
    • Bobo: Ar-i-a Ci-ty!
    • Momo: Old friend!
    • Nikki: Fu Su, the old friend you spoke of, is Liang of Aria City?
    • Fu Su: Where did you hear that?
    • Nikki: We were just under the bridge listening to the storyteller and his tale of Liang and the immortal.
    • Bobo: Yes, the immortal in the story also likes to carry a backpack pretending to be the young woodcutter!
    • Momo: We want to know if you are the immortal in the story, and which parts are true of all these legends, which parts are works of fiction.
    • Fu Su: What do you think?
    • Nikki: Although there are many strange parts, I still believe that Liang helped the weavers.
    • Fu Su: They are all eternal stories, and is True and False really important? What you believe comes true. The time that passes can only exist in the heart.
    • Momo: It's an illusion of mine that even Fu Su's talking like an immortal…
    • Winter: Brother Fu Su, we‘ll be leaving soon!


    • 12 Stone of Love.png
    • 11 Sky Stone.png
    • 6 Stone of Night.png
    • 4 Stone of Dream.png
    • Vine of Ages levels up to level 3
      (Cool attribute increases by 800)

    Old Friends[]

    • None
    • 20 Diamonds
    • Faded Wings
    • Swirling Leaves

    Liang has become a beloved and worthy mayor by his own efforts since then. Immortals and mortals, vines that perish in a day, what stories are true and what are not?

    Expand for script.

    • (Under the bridge)
    • Storyteller: If you are asking me how's mayor Liang and that immortal doing now? In fact, they are friends, and the immortal is probably having tea in Liang's manor!
    • Storyteller: Many years pass, and Liang became old. But that immortal, still got the look of a young man.
    • Storyteller: Immortals stay away from the common joys. Mere mortals have limited time, but they experience the sweet and bitter. Which one would you choose if you could?

    • I want to be an immortal.
    • Storyteller: With the sun and the moon, we observe the changes of millennia... Perhaps all of us has ever dreamed of a free and unfettered life like this?

  • I just want to be a mortal.
  • Storyteller: Mankind has only a century-long life. Within a century‘s time, they live and write their own stories. However, once you become immortal and has seen many lives......
  • Child: How is it?
  • Storyteller: Ha ha, immortal's matter, how would I know about it?

  • Storyteller: Liang had only received the immortal's help on the mulberry weaver matter. He is a diligent official who loves the people, and has a reputation now that is not related to this.
  • Storyteller: After I told the story about Liang. Many people went up Mount Mango to find the immortal. However, even if immortals here, how do you know? Better ask youself about that.
  • Storyteller: This is exactly: Mount Mango fairy in a puzzled trance, and a bad old man in once again shocked. The greens in courtyard turned into weeds, in the Manor's doubtful dream.
  • Storyteller: Storyteller tells stories, old and new, happy and bitter, all is here
  • Child: Whoa! That sounds awesome!
  • Storyteller: You flatter me. Settling down under this bridge all depend on your generousness. Please, please.
  • People:
  • Child: Still seems like a fib told by a liar!
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