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Fu Su's Dreamland is a series of quests that tells his story. It can be located in the Dream Weaver building.

Dream Weaver Routes[]

Past in Flower Field[]

Fu Su Dreamweaver - Past in Flower Field.jpg

Main article: Dreamland - Fu Su/Past in Flower Field.

"Orphan Fu Su and a little deer on the Mang Mountain were good friends, after he competed with flower field four sisters, he said he learned styling skills from the little deer..."

  1. Deer's Whisper
  2. Deer and Willow
  3. Deer and Brook
  4. Deer and Cliff
Spirit Skill Sound of Deer
Attribute Lively.png
Gallery Suit Promise of Ginkgo
Availability Time-limited

Hometown Grass[]

Fu Su Dreamweaver - Hometown Grass.jpg

Main article: Dreamland - Fu Su/Hometown Grass.

"Under an overbridge on Long Street, a storyteller is talking about a miraculous encounter of the Mayor of City Ning in his childhood. The 'immortal' feels familiar to her..."

  1. Ivy in the Manor
  2. Grass Basket
  3. Rattan Case
  4. Willow Casket
Spirit Skill Vine of Ages
Attribute Cool.png
Gallery Suit Dancing Leaves
Availability Long-term