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Chloris's Dreamland is a series of quests that tells his story. It can be located in the Dream Weaver building.

The Way to Work chapter from Yvette's Bunny in March dream must be completed in order to unlock it.

Dreamweaver Paths Edit

Starry Reunion Edit

Chloris Dreamweaver - Starry Reunion
Main article: Dreamland - Chloris/Starry Reunion

"The Wood Elf is one of the most ancient and most powerful race in the Pigeon Forest. They have guarded this pure land since the existence of Pigeon Forest. The girl Flora stumbled into the forest by accident and met Elf Prince Chloris..."

  1. Primal Bow
  2. Retribution Arrow
  3. Sunk Feather
  4. Ice Flame Bow
Spirit Skill Neat Scale
Attribute Cool
Hidden Suit Flower Spirit (Hair, dress, hair ornament)
Availability Long-term

Forest's Watch Edit

Chloris Dreamweaver - Forest's Wish
Main article: Dreamland - Chloris/Forest's Watch

"The crystal in the Bovary Lake carry the prosperity of wood elves for hundreds of thousands of years, and reflecting that encounter triggered by accident, which should never exist in his life."

  1. Twin Serenade
  2. Wood Elves' Ballad
  3. Century Symphony
  4. Diamond Aria
Spirit Skill Spirit Poem
Attribute Mature
Hidden Suit Flower Spirit (Shoes)
Flower's Whisper (Hair)
Availability Long-term

Fate in Mirror Edit

Chloris - Fate in Mirror
Main article: Dreamland - Chloris/Fate in Mirror

"Chloris finds a huge mirror in the Pamir Forest, the mirror shows a way to the mysterious forest, what story will happen in the mirror world?"

  1. Spirit of Illusion
  2. Reflection of Truth
  3. Mirror of Illusion
  4. Mirror of Forest
Spirit Skill Dreamy Shadow
Attribute Gorgeous
Hidden Suit Flower's Whisper (Dress, shoes)
Availability Long-term

Moon Night Poem Edit

Chloris Dreamweaver - Moon Night Poem
Main article: Dreamland - Chloris/Moon Night Poem

"In the quiet moonlight, the wind brought the dark lament from the forest. To guard the Pigeon Forest, Chloris and Lakris set out to the Taboo Forest in the North."

  1. Destined Twins
  2. Wake Up from Dream
  3. Crescent and Flowers
  4. Dawn Harp
Spirit Skill Fate String
Attribute Pure
Hidden Suit Archaic Style
Availability Time-limited

Suits Edit

Navigation Edit

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