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Bobo's Dreamland is a series of quests that tells her story. It can be located in the Dream Weaver building.

Lunar's Dreamland Lotus and Begonia must be completed in order to unlock it.

Dream Weaver Routes[]

Parting in the Snow[]

Bobo Dreamweaver - Parting in the Snow.jpg

Main article: Dreamland - Bobo/Parting in the Snow.

"Bobo returned to Lilith alone without letting anyone know. In Royal City, she bumped into Noah, who just completed a quest. They had a talk, and that made Bobo remember the story happened in the snow..."

  1. Bear Phantom
  2. Pearl Bear
  3. Stardream Bear
  4. Guardian Bear
Spirit Skill Embrace of White Bear
Attribute Cute.png
Gallery Suit Tea Time with Bear
Availability Long-term

Sunflower in Long Night[]

Bobo Dreamweaver - Sunflower Blossom.png

Main article: Dreamland - Bobo/Sunflower in Long Night.

"The shadow reflects behind the curtain in the confession room. The confused Bobo started the journey of finding clues, but what she found was one puzzle after another..."

  1. Childhood reminiscence
  2. Carefree dream
  3. Romantic flower language
  4. Sunflower blossom
Spirit Skill The chasing sun
Attribute Cute.png
Gallery Suit Silky Syrup
Availability Long-term