Dream Weaver Institute

The Dream Weaver is located beneath the Stylist Association on the main map. It is unlocked after completing V1: 5-6 Bookish Girl Timi (3) (Maiden). In this section, you can experience stories that tell you more about various characters and travel through their dreams.

Main ScreenEdit

The entry screen will show a portrait of your currently selected stylist and five different options:

DW Dreamland Takes you to the story menu for this stylist.
DW InstituteQuest Three daily quests that can be completed for rewards.
DW StarStylists A profile of your stylist. More information is unlocked as you complete different dream chapters.
DW VisitOthers Change to a different stylist.
DW DreamIsle A pavilion containing Gold, Dazzle Stone and Stone of Shadow, and sometimes a Spirit of Sheen.
DW ImageCorridor Takes you to the Image Corridor for that character and allows you to view their suits and change the default suit. Only appears for certain characters.


Click on a character to view their Dreamland and read the associated stories.

DW Lunar DW Nikki DW Orlando DW Yvette DW Ming Shuiyuan DW Bai Yongxi
DW Bobo DW Louie DW Kimi DW Chloris DW Fusu DW Sofia

Institute Quests Edit

The institute provides 3 quests per day. You can refresh the quests for 50 Diamond.

Materials Obtainment Reward
25 Material Decompose 6 Stone of Love + 200 Gold
30 Material Decompose 5 Sky Stone + 200 Gold
35 Material Decompose 2 Stone of Dream + 200 Gold
35 Material Decompose 3 Stone of Night + 200 Gold
36 Material Decompose 6 Sky Stone + 200 Gold
40 Material Decompose 4 Stone of Night + 200 Gold
300 Material Decompose 6 Stone of Dream + 200 Gold + 2 Stamina
Emerald Fairy 3-1 M 3 Stone of Dream + 4 Stamina
Watery 2-1 P 3 Stone of Night + 2 Stamina
Starry Dress 5580 Gold 2 Stone of Dream + 2 Stamina
Little Lion 3885 Gold 6 Stone of Love + 2 Stamina
Worn Jeans 3855 Gold 3 Stone of Night + 2 Stamina
White Snow Shoes 2650 Gold 5 Sky Stone + 2 Stamina
Purple Bowtie 2580 Gold 6 Stone of Love + 2 Stamina
Obedient Girl-White 2774 Gold
5-1 M
5 Sky Stone + 2 Stamina
Transfer Student-Brown 2904 Gold
3-8, 10-7, 11-4, 14-5 M
6 Stone of Love + 2 Stamina

Dream IsleEdit

This is a pavilion that rewards gold Gold, Dazzle StonesDazzle Stone, Stones of Shadow Stone of Shadow, and sometimes, a Spirit of Sheen. Each draw costs 30 Diamond and you may also draw 10 times for 300 Diamond. You are given one free draw per day.

During a Time-Limited Spirit of Sheen Event, a Spirit appears and you will have a chance to get it. Drawing will give you luck. The higher your luck, the higher your chance of winning the Spirit of Sheen will be.


Many of the Dreams cannot be unlocked until you've completed a particular scene in another person's dream. (Some of these scenes are in the middle of a chapter so you might not need to complete the full dream.) Here is a suggested order:

Dreamweaver routes that can only be unlocked through a Time-Limited Spirit of Sheen are not included on this as they have no prerequisites other than having the Spirit.

Long-term dreamweaver routes that come after ones requiring a Time-Limited Spirit of Sheen do not require completing or obtaining parts from the previous one.

Name by Server Edit

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International International (English) Dream Weaver N/A
France Flag International (French) Institut Tisserêve Dreamweave Institute
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 织梦人学会 (zhīmèngrén xuéhuì) Dream Weaver Institute
Taiwanese Flag Hong Kong Flag Macau Flag
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional)
織夢人學會 (zhīmèngrén xuéhuì) Dream Weaver Institute
Japanese Flag Japan デザイナー協会 (Dezainā kyōkai) ???

Trivia Edit

  • There is an important piece of information lost in translation: Despite it being called Dream Weaver on the English server, most other servers, including CN, have the word "Institute" in their names, declaring it as an organization, with the building being an actual place in Miraland. This is also confirmed in the official explanation of the Dream Weaver Institute's origin.


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