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Dream Weaver Institute.png

The Dream Weaver is located beneath the Stylist Association on the main map. It is unlocked after completing V1: 5-6 Bookish Girl Timi (3) (Maiden).

In this section, you can experience stories that tell you more about various characters. At certain points in the stories, you can obtain Spirits that help boost your score in Journey and Commission stages, and challenges in the Stylist's Arena.

Main Screen[]

The entry screen shows a portrait of your currently selected stylist and five different options:

DW Dreamland.png Takes you to the stylist's story menu, where you can complete their different Dream Weaver routes.
DW InstituteQuest.png Three daily quests that can be completed for rewards, mainly precious stones.
DW StarStylists.png A profile of your stylist. More information is unlocked as you complete different dream chapters.
DW VisitOthers.png Change to a different stylist.
DW DreamIsle.png A pavilion containing gold Gold, Dazzle Stones Dazzle Stone.png, Stones of Shadow Stone of Shadow.png, and sometimes a Time-Limited Spirit of Sheen.
DW ImageCorridor.png Takes you to the stylist's Image Corridor, where you can view their suits and change their default outfit. Only appears for certain characters.


Dreamlands contain interactive stories, also refered to as dreams or Dream Weaver routes, that show you more about the selected character's background or events related to them that don't appear in the main Journey.

DW dreamland 2.png Ming Shuiyuan Dreamweaver - Moon Reflection.jpg
Ming Shuiyuan: Moon Reflection and the corresponding Spirit of Sheen

The dreams are divided into chapters, often requiring the player to own certain wardrobe items in order to unlock them. Completing the first chapter of a Dream Weaver route allows you to obtain a Spirit of Sheen, which can go through several stages of evolution as you progress in the story. Finishing chapters also rewards you with precious stones (the key elements of Spirit evolution), as well as gold Gold, stamina Stamina, diamonds Diamonds, materials for customization, and occasionally pieces of clothing.

Some chapters contain dialogue options, while others need the player to win styling battles. Contrary to the game's implications, the dialogue options don't have long-term effects on the story, and don't affect the rewards you receive or the pieces of information you can unlock about the stylist.

Some Dream Weaver routes can only be accessed by obtaining the related Spirit during a Time-Limited Spirit of Sheen Event.

Click on a character to view their Dreamland and read the associated stories.
DW Bai Yongxi.png DW Bobo.png DW Chloris.png DW Debbie.png DW Fusu.png DW Kimi.png
DW Louie.png DW Lunar.png DW Mela.png DW Ming Shuiyuan.png DW Nikki.png DW Orlando.png
DW Reid.png DW Sofia.png DW Yue Qianshuang.png DW Yvette.png DW Zhong Lizi.png DW Zhu Yuxian.png
Bai Yongxi | Bobo | Chloris | Debbie | Fu Su | Kimi | Louie | Lunar | Mela
Ming Shuiyuan | Nikki | Orlando | Reid | Sofia | Yue Qianshuang | Yvette | Zhong Lizi | Zhu Yuxian

Institute Quests[]

The institute provides 3 quests per day. You can refresh the quests for 50 Diamonds.

Materials Obtainment Reward
25 Material Decompose 6 Stone of Love.png + 200 Gold
30 Material Decompose 5 Sky Stone.png + 200 Gold
35 Material Decompose 2 Stone of Dream.png + 200 Gold
35 Material Decompose 3 Stone of Night.png + 200 Gold
36 Material Decompose 6 Sky Stone.png + 200 Gold
40 Material Decompose 4 Stone of Night.png + 200 Gold
300 Material Decompose 6 Stone of Dream.png + 200 Gold + 2 Stamina
Watery icon.png 2-1 P 3 Stone of Night.png + 2 Stamina
Emerald Fairy icon.png 3-1 M 3 Stone of Dream.png + 4 Stamina
Little Lion icon.png 3,885 Gold 6 Stone of Love.png + 2 Stamina
Starry Dress icon.png 5,580 Gold 2 Stone of Dream.png + 2 Stamina
Worn Jeans icon.png 3,855 Gold 3 Stone of Night.png + 2 Stamina
White Snow Shoes icon.png 2,650 Gold 5 Sky Stone.png + 2 Stamina
Purple Bowtie icon.png 2,580 Gold 6 Stone of Love.png + 2 Stamina
Obedient Girl White icon.png 2,774 Gold
5-1 M
5 Sky Stone.png + 2 Stamina
Transfer Student-Brown icon.png 2,904 Gold
3-8, 10-7, 11-4, 14-5 M
6 Stone of Love.png + 2 Stamina

Dream Isle[]

Dream Isle.png

The Dream Isle is a pavilion that rewards gold Gold, Dazzle Stones Dazzle Stone.png, Stones of Shadow Stone of Shadow.png, and sometimes a Spirit of Sheen. The player is given one free draw per day, each further draw costing 30 Diamonds. You may also draw 10 times for 300 Diamonds.

During a Time-Limited Spirit of Sheen Event, a Spirit appears for a number of days with the opportunity to obtain it and unlock the associated Dream Weaver route. Each draw gives you "luck", higher luck increasing the chance of winning the Spirit of Sheen. Time-limited Spirits eventually return, but your luck meter will be reset to zero.

Spirit Evolution[]

Each Spirit of Sheen is connected to a specific attribute, and adds a certain number of points to that attribute's score when equipped in styling battles. As you progress in their respective Dream Weaver routes, Spirits can go through four stages of evolution, increasing the number of points they provide.

Spirit evolution consists of two phases:

1. Acquiring the new form of the Spirit

These points in the story are marked by a special chapter icon depicting the new form.

DW Evo 1.png DW Evo 2.png DW Evo 3.png
Evolution process of Soul of Sword from Lunar: Millennium Dream

2. Leveling up the corresponding Spirit Skill

The primal form of a Spirit (floating orb) grants 200 bonus points with no other requirement than obtaining it. From then on, the player will encounter DW Trial Icon.png Trial chapters, which show an icon of the Spirit Skill and the number of extra points the next level of evolution will be able to contribute to their score.

DW evo trial 1.png DW evo trial 2.png
Ming Shuiyuan: Moon Reflection - Trial I

Level 1 grants 200 points → Level 2 grants 500 points → Level 3 grants 800 points → Level 4 grants 1200 points → Level 5 grants 1500 points

Each previously gained form of the Spirit will level up until they reach their highest tier, indicated by the number of rarity points (e.g. 3 hearts means the form can reach Level 3).

These phases can be completed by exchanging a number of the following precious stones, which can be gained by completing dream chapters and daily Institute Quests.

Stone of Love.png
Stone of Love
Sky Stone.png
Sky Stone
Stone of Dream.png
Stone of Dream
Stone of Night.png
Stone of Night

Evolving a Time-Limited Spirit of Sheen and some long-term Spirits requires a number of the following two stones, which can be obtained by drawing from the Dream Isle.

Stone of Shadow.png
Stone of Shadow
Dazzle Stone.png
Dazzle Stone

While all forms of a Spirit will be kept in the wardrobe and can be equipped in styling battles, the number of extra points they provide stays fixed, determined by their level of evolution.

Unlocking Dreamlands[]

Some Dreamlands and most of the long-term Dream Weaver routes can only be accessed after completing a particular chapter in another dream. This generally means going through the stories in the order they're listed in the selected stylist's Dreamland, but in some cases you may need to complete an other character's dream first.

The suggested order for this is the following:

Lunar: Millennium Dream → (unlocks) → Orlando: Immortal Glory → (unlocks) → ...

... Lunar: Hidden String → (unlocks) → ...

... Yvette: Bunny in March → (unlocks) → ...

Dream Weaver routes that can only be unlocked by obtaining a Time-Limited Spirit of Sheen are not included here, as they have no prerequisites other than having the Spirit. Completing them or obtaining parts from them is not required for any other Dream Weaver route either.

Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Dream Weaver N/A
France Flag.png International (French) Institut Tisserêve Dream Weaver Institute
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 织梦人学会 (zhīmèngrén xuéhuì) Dream Weaver Institute
Taiwanese Flag.png Hong Kong Flag.png Macau Flag.png
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional)
織夢人學會 (zhīmèngrén xuéhuì) Dream Weaver Institute
Japanese Flag.png Japan デザイナー協会 (Dezainā kyōkai) Designer Association
Korean Flag.png South Korea 꿈의 학회 (kkum-ui haghoe) Dream Institute
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) N/A N/A