Dream Music Box

Runs from September 15th to September 21st, 2019.

As the beautiful melody rises, the ballerina starts rotating slowly, narrating a story of youth and dream. Collect Dream Notes to unlock the memories and wishes sealed in the music box.

Complete Journey stages to collect Dream Notes Dream Note. Use the Dream Note to obtain Rotations. Each Rotation requires 2 Dream Note. You will be given 5 free chances to rotate the music box per day and can buy more for 24 Diamond each. Collecting a certain amount of rotations will allow you to obtain parts of the Pure Sonata suit.

Collection RewardsEdit

# CollectedReward
5Poem of White Feather
2000 Gold
15Wish Tour
10 Stamina
25Competitive Performance
5000 Gold
36Follow the Tempo
20 Stamina
48Harmonious Melody
8 Starlight Coin
60Dream Invitation
15000 Gold
72Flawless Friendship
50 Stamina
84Whisper of the Milky Way
15 Starlight Coin
96Lingering Tune
30000 Gold
108Shared Dream
80 Stamina
120Spiritual Attraction
20 Starlight Coin
134Heart of Blue Bird
50000 Gold
150Dream Stage
30 Diamond


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