Dream Illusion is an aspect of Free Dressing that allows the player to dress up male models rather than the default Nikki model. The suits in this dress-up mode are only able to be worn on the male models.

Dream Illusion can be accessed by choosing "Summon Image" beneath the back button while in Free Dressing or the Starry Corridor. It can only be accessed by players that have passed V1: 5-6 Bookish Girl Timi (3) and unlocked Dream Weaver.[1]

Choose Image Edit

Choose Image or Choose Dream is where you can choose which model to dress up. Each model is based on a different character from Love Nikki. The two available models are Bai Yongxi and Zhu Yuxian.

Image Corridor Edit

The Image Corridor is similar to the Gallery, but only displays suits for the male models. Each model has their own Image Corridor.

Bai Yongxi Edit

Zhu Yuxian Edit

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Image Corridor suits
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