Ran from January 14th to January 20th, 2019.
Ran again from December 4th to December 10th, 2019.

The annual Lilith dessert carnival has started. In front of the dazzling desserts, Starlet made a strange request... Team up with other stylists to win Macaron an special event suits.

Team up with another player and compete in a 2v2 styling battle based on a theme to earn Macarons Macaron. The theme changes every day and you are given 5 free chances for each. More attempts can be bought for 24 Diamond each. When you collect a certain amount of Macaron, you will be able to claim rewards like in-game currency or parts of the Pudding Prevails and Dream Dessert suits.


1 - Sweet InvitationEdit

Stars show that gorgeous clothes will help you enjoy the dessert!

  • Style: GorgeousElegantMatureSexyWarm

2 - Starlet's RequestEdit

Starlet rent a divination booth in the banquet. Wear convenient clothes to decorate the booth

  • Style: SimpleLivelyCutePureWarm

3 - Surprising ChallengerEdit

Someone wants Starlet's booth? How can Nikki lose over sweet?

  • Style: SimpleLivelyCutePureWarm

4 - French CallingEdit

A neighbor girl asked Nikki to help style a French romantic suit!

  • Style: SimpleElegantMaturePureCool

5 - Lightning Puff ChallengeEdit

Éclair decorated with chocolate is so tempting. Defeat the landlady to taste the dessert!

  • Style: GorgeousElegantMatureSexyCool

6 - Reunion ChallengeEdit

Nikki's came to Miss Pudding's booth and received a challenge!

  • Style: GorgeousLivelyCutePureWarm

7 - Sunset Group PhotoEdit

What a day! Momo suggests wearing lemonade-pure clothes to take a group photo

  • Style: GorgeousLivelyCutePureWarm

Collection RewardsEdit



This event initially debuted on the Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau server.[1]


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