Ran from January 14th to January 20th, 2019.

The annual Lilith dessert carnival has started. In front of the dazzling desserts, Starlet made a strange request... Team up with other stylists to win Macaron an special event suits.

Team up with another player and compete in a 2v2 styling battle based on a theme to earn Macarons Macaron. The theme changes every day and you are given 5 free chances for each. More attempts can be bought for 24 Diamond each. When you collect a certain amount of Macaron, you will be able to claim rewards like in-game currency or parts of the Pudding Prevails and Dream Dessert suits.


1 - Sweet InvitationEdit

Stars show that gorgeous clothes will help you enjoy the dessert!

  • Style: GorgeousElegantMatureSexyWarm

2 - Starlet's RequestEdit

Starlet rent a divination booth in the banquet. Wear convenient clothes to decorate the booth

  • Style: SimpleLivelyCutePureWarm

3 - Surprising ChallengerEdit

Someone wants Starlet's booth? How can Nikki lose over sweet?

  • Style: SimpleLivelyCutePureWarm

4 - French CallingEdit

A neighbor girl asked Nikki to help style a French romantic suit!

  • Style: SimpleElegantMaturePureCool

5 - Lightning Puff ChallengeEdit

Éclair decorated with chocolate is so tempting. Defeat the landlady to taste the dessert!

  • Style: GorgeousElegantMatureSexyCool

6 - Reunion ChallengeEdit

Nikki's came to Miss Pudding's booth and received a challenge!

  • Style: GorgeousLivelyCutePureWarm

7 - Sunset Group PhotoEdit

What a day! Momo suggests wearing lemonade-pure clothes to take a group photo

  • Style: GorgeousLivelyCutePureWarm

Collection RewardsEdit