Docile Alpaca[1] is a Hidden Suit that can be obtained from draws in the Time Yard.

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Heard that cute animals come with the circus, Nikki in her bunches went to watch the show.
Cute Animal and Cute Animal-Gray

Seeing the cute animal, Momo was just too surprised to say anything.
Docile Alpaca and Docile Alpaca-Blue

Outfit made by alpaca's soft fur.
Gentle Care and Sweet Watch

Alpaca is not common in Miraland, but its fur is the perfect material to make winter outfits.
Soft Socks and Cute Socks

Soft and comfortable textile is actually newly synthetical material. You know, protect the animals.
Cute High Heels and Cute High Heels-Pink

Nikki won this pair of sweat-heart earrings at a circus lottery draw. Looks pretty~
Warm Heart Companion

A warm embrace gives warmth throughout the whole winter.
Soft Choker and Soft Pink Choker

A sleeveless dress may make your arms feel cold, then the design adds the long gloves as remedy...
Warm Companion and Sweet Accompany

The alpaca's face is goofy, yet cute and innocent. Momo spent whole night adoring it.
Goofy Face and Cute Face

Interpretation Edit

Nikki and Momo went to the circus, where they saw an alpaca, which are uncommon in Miraland. Momo loved the goofy face, and spent the whole night admiring it. Alpaca fur is the perfect material to make winter outfits, but due to a desire to protect the animals, the outfit is made of synthetic material that is still soft and comfortable.

References Edit

  1. The name Docile Alpaca is unofficial, as there was no name given by the game or official account.

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