Designers Tea Party

Booths set up at the Designer's Tea Party

The Designer's Tea Party is an event held annually in Wintermount, Lilith. During the tea party, young designers set up booths in order to show off their designs, often with a stylist accompanying them.

History Edit

The Designer's Tea Party is where Nidhogg first gained a reputation as a designer[1] with his Rose Dress (likely referring to Rose Pool).

Qi Lanxiang also attended the Designer's Tea Party at some point to gain fame for her family. Though she stood out, her design was very successful.

Year 680 Edit

Nikki, Bobo, and Momo attended the Designer's Tea Party in 680. They came across Lunar,[2] a designer from Cloud they knew, and decided to team up with Nikki being her representative stylist.[3]

They met or reunited with several other characters while they were there:

  • Bai Jinjin and Zhong Lizi, who is a designer. They told Nikki that they came to Wintermount in order to earn money so that they can get married, but it turned out they had already eloped.[4]
    • Mira also briefly served as a model for Zhong Lizi[5]
  • Royce and Neva, with Royce as a designer and Neva as his stylist[6]
  • Timi[7] and Annabel,[8] who are both visiting
  • Kane, a designer[9]
  • Vivi, who is the model for Pigeon Kingdom's booth[10][11]
  • Kimi and Joe, with Joe as the designer and Kimi as the stylist. Kimi is assessing Nikki's performance while she is there, and gives Nikki advice on being a good stylist[12]

During the evening of the Tea Party, a masked woman appeared and threatened to take Lunar's designs. Nikki beats her in a styling battle. After messing up Nikki and Lunar's ratings, she dropped the badge of the Iron Rose as she left. However, Kimi believed that the Iron Rose would be more subtle, and that other forces were at play.[13]

Name by Server Edit

Version Name/Transliteration
International International (English) Designer's Tea Party
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 設計師茶會 (Shèjì shī cháhuì)

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