Camel bell rings the sound of desire, the Goddess of Gold allures people into the mirage.

Desert Mirage was a stage event that ran from June 21st to June 30th, 2018.

It featured an event map with 5 stages. Two were quiz stages and the other three were styling battle stages. Completion of these stages rewarded Sunrise Rubies Sunrise Ruby. The player could then exchange the Sunrise Ruby for pieces of the Phantom in Desert and Golden Shadow suits.


Phantom in DesertEdit

Suit Completion Reward: Flying Mirror, Snow Lotus, Golden Lotus, Her Smile Total Cost: 1105 Sunrise Ruby

Golden ShadowEdit

Suit Completion Reward: Abyss of Temptation, Abyss of Desire, Desert Legend, Quicksand Phantom, Cause of Past, Promise of Past, Fruit of Past Total Cost: 1105 Sunrise Ruby


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