In the north Cloud, it seldom rains. Lately, the unbalanced Feng Shui led to severe drought and thus, poor harvest. King Xi and Fu Su are looking for waters to relieve the people in disaster.

The Deluge Dragon event was a faction event that ran from May 23 to May 29, 2020.

How to Play Edit

Join either the Wind or Mist faction in order to determine which currency is used for which suit. Complete various tasks to obtain Water Orbs Water Orbs and increase your Tasks Completed count to unlock pieces of the Cloudy Player and Watery Lord suits. Each time you complete a task, you gain 5 Water Orbs and one task completed. Each task can be completed one time per day, and the player can buy one reset for 10 Diamond.

Factions cannot be changed once chosen. Tokens will be cleared after event ends.

Wind Faction Edit

Fu Su

Wind: Disciple of Ancient Pavilion Master, Fu Su left Flower Field to step on the journey of traveling and training. Fu Su happened to pass by here and in his opinion, it's the unbalanced Feng Shui that led to the drought. Ascend the Wind Terrace and find the water source.

Fu Su: The top priority is to find the water source. You must already know this method. The Feng Shui of North is out of balance and I'm trying to fix it.

Suits Edit

Cloudy Player Edit

Watery Lord Edit

Stages Edit

Follow Feng Shui to find water Edit

  • Simple Lively

Follow the instruction of Feng Shui to find underground water. Please put on clothes that are easy to move around.

  • Winter: Everywhere I look, I see people dying from drought. I never got to know the world's bitter side back in Ancient Pavilion.
  • Winter: I have other matters to attend to, so I'll entrust you to find the water. You got the feng shui map ready? It won't be easy but it must be done.
  • Me: I don't fully understand the symbols on this map.
  • Winter: Ahh, I learned a bit in the Ancient Pavilion, but I cannot remember... Go to ask Fu Su! He's probably on the Wind Terrace to observe the feng shui.
  • Me: Wind Terrace is so high...
  • Winter: A higher place has a better view! Wear clothes easy to move before you go to find the water!

Water Source Verification Edit

After reaching the possible water source, you have to find out if there is water. Go to learn more about it.

Collect Water Edit

Adequate water supply is crucial to a city's survival. Bring the water collected to the northern people to help them tide over the difficulties.

Mist Faction Edit

Bai Yongxi

Mist: King Xi of Cloud is renowned for his kindness to people and capability as a leader. When the news of North drought arrived, King Xi took action immediately and made the plan to dig a canal and solve the problem for good. To supervise the project, King Xi oversees on the Mist Terrace.

Bai Yongxi: Digging canals is a crucial task, and I hope you can accomplish the mission.

Suits Edit

Watery Lord Edit

Cloudy Player Edit

Stages Edit

Dig canal to get water Edit

  • Simple Pure

The engineering team is about to start. Exploration and excavation are heavy physical activity, please match with wear-resistant and dirt-proof clothes to go to the construction site.

  • Bai Jinjin: I never thought drought is so severe here. The earth is dry and hard. Building a canal must take a lot of time...
  • Bai Jinjin: You came at just the right time. Please review the data here and then we can file an application for the project.
  • Me: Sure, I'll see to it, but where should I submit the application?
  • Bai Jinjin: My cousin! Of course. He's over there overseeing the whole thing. See, on that Mist Terrace! With him and that Immortal, everything will be alright soon!
  • Bai Jinjin: Your outfit is out of place for the field. Change into dirt-proof and durable clothes !

Civil engineering exam Edit

Digging canal is not only physical work but also tests the knowledge of civil engineering proficiency. Please answer carefully to pass the assessment.

Collect construction material Edit

Adequate supply of building materials is the key to digging canals. Donate the building materials to construction teams and help them build canals quickly.

Requests Edit

Submit clothing to complete the quest.

Clothing Amount needed
Baby Face 2
Transfer Student-Brown 1
Kerchief-Blue 2
Dream Seeker 1
European Hat-Blue 1
Tea Time 1
Citrus 1
White Belt 3
Legal Belle 1
Transfer Student-Brown 1
Purple Bowtie 1


Q. What's correct about cloud seeding?
A. Brings rainfall
Q. Where is the longest canal in the world?
A. China
Q. What overcomes water in the Five Elements?
A. Earth
Q. Where is the longest canal in the world?
A. China
Q. What's the biggest dam in the world?
A. Three Gorges Dam
Q. What's the longest river in the world?
A. Nile
Q. Where is the oldest bridge?
A. Turkey
Q. What does water in Feng Shui symbolize?
A. Prosperity
Q. When facing the south, what should be the position on the left front?
A. Southeast
Q. Which of the following can mitigate drought?
A. Irrigation
Q. Which of the following is not a hydraulic structure?
A. Tunnel


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