Ran from November 5th to November 11th, 2018.
The event ran again from April 8th to April 14, 2019.

An immersive Game Center launched a fiction-themed event. A scientist was lost during deepsea research! Team up, find out the answer, and collect event tokens to obtain event suits!

Players will be shown a styling theme each day. Choose a partner and battle two other stylists to collect Deepsea GemsDeepsea Gem. You get 5 for winning and 3 for losing. Collecting a certain amount of Deepsea Gemwill allow you to obtain rewards like Stamina, Gold, and pieces of the Deepsea Secret and Scarlet Sin suits. During the first run of the event, you are given 5 free attempts daily and more attempts can be bought for 24 Diamond each. You can also buy a special pack for $0.99 to obtain 32Deepsea Gemand 50 VIP Exp.

During the return of the event, no free tries are given. There is a display glitch that shows 5 free tries initially.


1 - Good Day for DateEdit

It's such a good day. I and Kimi are going to play a VR game. Wear simple and pure clothes!

  • Style: SimpleElegantCutePureCool

2 - First ExperienceEdit

In cockpit layered with screens, you can enjoy an immersive diving experience. Don't forget to wear something easy to move!

  • Style: SimpleLivelyCutePureCool

3 - Shoal in SeaEdit

Sunshine casts through the seawater onto the color shoal, reminding one of the elegant mature dress

  • Style: GorgeousElegantMaturePureWarm

4 - Dark Sea WonderEdit

The submersible gradually dives into the deepsea. The animals here might look bizarre, don't forget to remain elegant!

  • Style: SimpleElegantMaturePureCool

5 - Mermaid LegendEdit

Countless stories were hidden in the ocean, like those gorgeous and sexy sirens and their song

  • Style: GorgeousElegantMatureSexyCool

6 - Deepsea CrisisEdit

A deepsea monster attacked you. Change into clothes that are easy for movement and warm to escape!

  • Style: GorgeousLivelyPureWarm

7 - Sea’s GiftEdit

Congratulations! You've finished the mission. Don't forget to change back to gorgeous and elegant clothes and take a photo!

  • Style: GorgeousElegantMatureSexyCool

Collection RewardsEdit

# Collected Reward
21Deepsea Gem Losing Control
35Deepsea Gem 5 Stamina
57Deepsea Gem Messy Bandage
78Deepsea Gem 2,000 Gold
106Deepsea Gem Yoke of Prison
135Deepsea Gem 5 Stamina
164Deepsea Gem Cold Touch
192Deepsea Gem 5 Diamond
221Deepsea Gem End of Nightmare
249Deepsea Gem 5,000 Gold
278Deepsea Gem Core of Evil
306Deepsea Gem 10 Stamina
335Deepsea Gem Spiritual Bond
363Deepsea Gem 5,000 Gold
392Deepsea Gem Chaotic Moment
420Deepsea Gem 5 Starlight Coin
456Deepsea Gem Broken Body
Sophisticated Rig
492Deepsea Gem 20 Stamina
1 Wish Coupon
527Deepsea Gem Destruction Arrival
Final Signal
563Deepsea Gem 15 Starlight Coin
1 Pavilion of Fantasy Ticket
599Deepsea Gem Hollow Pupil
Sharp Outline
643Deepsea Gem 10,000 Gold
2 Wish Coupon
670Deepsea Gem Medical Cabin
Origin of Evil
706Deepsea Gem 30 Stamina
2 Pavilion of Fantasy Ticket
748Deepsea Gem Deepsea Secret
Edge of Danger
791Deepsea Gem 15 Starlight Coin
3 Wish Coupon
834Deepsea Gem Void Ambition
Code 010
877Deepsea Gem 20 Diamond
3 Pavilion of Fantasy Ticket
920Deepsea Gem Machine Conception
Code 997


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