Deep in the Night
Deep in the Night Hidden Suit
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Hidden Suit
Color(s): Black/Blue/Orange/Green
Obtained by: Stage drops in Chapter 19

Deep in the Night[1] is a Hidden Suit that can be obtained from Chapter 19.

Wardrobe Edit

Lore Edit

Two small braids will make you feel happy.
Time of Merry

Wear the Night Curtain and enjoy yourself.
Veil of Stars

Neon of the city are unique stars at night, giving romantic feelings to pedestrians on the street.
Deep in the Night

Let's have fun in the nights with neon shining!
Neon Night

Everyone has their own happiness, and one will meet his like-minded friend one day.
Happy Battery

No one wants to miss the shining neon in the city.
Neon Leap

Is the small star on hat an antenna for contact with aliens? Dancing with aliens will surely be an unforgettable memory.
Dream of a Universe

The Star Earrings used to be the most popular accessory in Apple Federation. The earrings are an updated version.
Star Earrings - XL

The cute necklace is made into the shape of fluorescent tube. Be careful when matching it with clothes.
Fluorescent Light

The cute heart necklace is inspired by colorful neon light in city.
Tiny Heart

Drop-shaped decorations on the leather belt shines with the change of light.
Cute Bandage

There is no large radio or small radio. We only have king-sized midnight radio.
Extra Large Radio

Momo tells his feelings about the Midnight party glasses. 'I doubt whether you can see the road at night wearing these!'
Hexagonal Plaid

References Edit

  1. The name Deep in the Night is unofficial, as there was no name given by the game or official account.

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