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Decompose is completed in the Recipe Workshop. Decomposing all heart levels of clothing breaks them down into Gold Gold and Material Material, which can be used for Reconstruction and Customization. Decomposing treasured clothes from 3-6 hearts can also potentially result in Starlight Coin and Ancient Accessories, which are necessary for Reconstruction:

The level of difficulty in obtaining 3-6 heart clothing determines the chance of receiving an Ancient Accessory.

Clothes the player only owns one of or that cannot be gotten a second time cannot be decomposed and will not appear in the Decompose stage. Additionally, only the additional quantities of an item can be decomposed. For instance, if a player owns three of a pair of socks, then only two are eligible for decomposition. This prevents the accidental decomposition of all quantities of an item.


Each item is marked with icons to indicate if the item is Evolvable, Customizable, a Design Material (crafted), or a Quest Material (used in Dream Weaver's Institute Quest). Items without any of these symbols are considered extra clothes and the best options for decomposition. All extra clothes can be selected by clicking the "Select extra clothes" option in the top right corner.

  • Evolvable:Evolvable2.png
  • Customizable:Customizable.png
  • Design Material:Ingredient.png
  • Quest Material: Quest Material.png

Lost Casket[]

Lost Casket.png

"The Lost Casket" is located in the upper left corner of the screen, indicated by a silver casket with an orange energy circle that fills around it. Each item decomposed is worth energy based on the heart value of the clothing. Once the energy gathered reaches 100, players may draw from the Lost Casket to receive Gold Gold, Material Material, or clothes. The Tarot Fortuneteller suit is only obtained through the Lost Casket by gathering the unevolved forms of the suit.


  • H1.png - 1 Energy
  • H2.png - 1 Energy
  • H3.png - 2 Energy
  • H4.png - 4 Energy
  • H5.png - 6 Energy
  • H6.png - 6 Energy

Tarot Fortuneteller (Unevolved)[]

Tarot Fortuneteller


Main article: Reconstruction.

Reconstruction is accessed through the blue button with white gears on it located in the upper right corner of the Decompose stage. This area is where unique clothing items can be reconstructed with Material Material, Hope Rings Hope Ring icon.png, Rebirth Earrings Rebirth Earrings icon.png, or Eternal Necklaces Eternal Necklace icon.png for a cost of Gold Gold. These items cannot be found anywhere else in the game.