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The December Troupe is a troupe of actors, actresses, dancers, and musicians.


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Former Members[]

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'Black and White Swan'[]

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The December Troupe bought an outfit created by the Star Seer, which was inspired by a fairytale. They used it in a ballet, where the Princess Swan was the star dancer. However, partway through the show, the suit molted to become the Black Swan, an ambitious, seductive, and self-serving character that took fate into her own hands instead of waiting for a prince.[7][8]

'Candy Witch and Star Sea'[]

In the year 680 at Cicia Theater, the December Troupe put on a production of 'Candy Witch and Star Sea'. However, the performance was disrupted partway through.[9]

Nikki, Momo, Bobo, Annabel, Nidhogg, and Yvette attended this performance.

'Fighting Danas'[]

'Fighting Danas' was one of the first productions December Troupe ever put on, and it helped boost their popularity. A supporting actress named Miranda played a cowgirl named Marrisa. Marrisa was fearless and enduring, able to take out villains even in the harshest conditions such as vicious sandstorms. However, she always stayed true to herself and those she cared about. The highlight of the show was Marrisa's monologue before she rushed towards an exploding mine to save her friend. Thanks to Miranda's excellent acting and dancing, the December Troupe gained a lot of recognition.[10][11]

'The Joker & The Diamond Mask'[]

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For more information, see Minor Subplots/April Fools.

Sometime after 'Candy Witch and Star Sea', the December Troupe put on a performance of 'Joker & Diamond Mask' for Miraland during their tour. They did not reveal the theme of the play before the show, but their popularity meant that many people came anyways. Lisa was also the theatre manager for this show.[5]

Nikki, Momo, Bobo, Toto, and Aron attended or planned to attend.

'Mask Town'[]

For more information, see Absurd Tale/Mask Town.

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'Magic of Mannie'[]

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The December Troupe put on a performance of a play called 'Magic of Mannie'. The story of the play involved several countries. Sofia and Hiber were involved in the process of recruiting people for the play, as well as props and costumes, but they used it as a cover to steal one of King Sayet's works, Autumn of Wind Valley.[12] It was the first play that Hiber participated in. Sofia played the lead, Mannie (also spelled Magi), and Hiber played the guest star, Lucien (also spelled Lucy).[13] The play was also referred to as 'Magic of Magi'.

In the play, a girl named Mannie, who has always wanted to become a magician, found a spellbook by chance. She went into the forest to search for the legendary wizard Lucien, but burned her house down in the process. Still, she spent the summer learning magic from her. It's said that Mannie cast the magic spell of joy on the audience.[10]

'The Phantom of the Opera'[]

The December Troupe put on a performance of the famous play 'The Phantom of the Opera', which has a similar concept to the real-life musical of the same name. It involves a phantom living in an abandoned belfry, where a girl frequents despite it being haunted. Sofia participated in the play and wore Pigeon-style clothing.[14]

'Romeo and Cinderella'[]

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Originally a love tragedy performed by the December Troupe, the plot became changed beyond recognition as different troupes played it and recreated it. It is now a classic and performed by a number of small theaters.[10] It was performed by a different troupe in Cicia around the same time as the December Troupe's production of 'Candy Witch and Star Sea'.[15]

The plot involves Romeo as a well-rounded hero who personally rescues Cinderella by fighting off her stepsisters and stepmother, as well as Cinderella's prince who tries to trick her with a fake Crystal Shoe. One classic line reads,

"Juliet, I swear by this fair moon that painted these branches in silver–"
"Oh no! Please don't swear to the moon yet. My name is Cinderella, Your Highness."[10]

'The Seasons'[]

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December Troupe also put on two productions under the theme 'The Seasons'. The first was 'The Seasons: Autumn and Winter' and the second was 'The Seasons: Spring and Summer'.[16] The play was an "immersive play" and allowed the audience to walk around and participate in the play itself. It was considered a more experimental, "breakthrough" way to engage the audience in the play.[10]

'Squirrel Bobby'[]

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A musical about a singing squirrel named Bobby. Nikki and Momo also acted in this play, with Nikki playing the role of Miss Begonia and Momo playing a sparrow.[17] It's said that the play is loved by both children and adults with childlike innocence.[10]

'Summer of Star City'[]

The December Troupe ran a summer tour one summer where they performed the show 'Summer of Star City', which starred Starcy. She played two roles in it.[18][1][2]

Orchestra Tour[]

The orchestra of the December Troupe also had a Miraland tour.[19] The highlight of the show was the song of the violin, Miracle in December.[20]


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Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) December Troupe N/A
France Flag.png International (French) La Troupe de Décembre The Troupe of December
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 十二月剧团 (shí'èryuè jùtuán) December Troupe
Korean Flag.png South Korea 12월 극단 (12 wol geugdan) December Troupe
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) N/A N/A


  • December is the twelfth and final month of the year. A troupe is a group of dancers, actors, or other entertainers who tour different venues.
  • Though it's unknown why the December Troupe has the name it does, it's commonly assumed that it's because the troupe was created in that time of year. However, it's hypothesized by one writer that it refers to all twelve months, and instead means that the troupe is ambitious enough to want to perform all year round.[10]


  • Yvette is a fan of the December Troupe. Her cousin Kiki wanted to take her to their concert, but couldn't make it, so she bought her their special album for her 19th birthday instead.[21]
  • A number of the December Troupe's stories are found in the Troupe category of clothing.
  • There also exists a December Troupe in the previous game of the series, Hello Nikki-Let's Beauty Up. It is unknown if the two are linked in-universe, though the version in Love Nikki is likely a reference to that one.