Daymare Fairy Tale is a Story Suit that could be obtained during the Brave New World event.

Completion Prize: A Styling Gift Box containing Dreamland Puppet, Chaotic Fate and 40 Diamond.

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The sweet girl said her name the first time they met, like the bubbling sound of a soda bottle cracking open.
- Cranberry Soda

So two girls and a cat started the journey. Star Sea dress is dazzling. The theft made the trip not dull.
- Journey Beginning

Nikki was in designer Tea Party at Wintermount for the first time. With Bobo along the way, she was not alone.
- Sunny Warmth

The laughter in Flower Field still echoes. How happy were Nikki and Bobo! Flower Field must have recorded it all.
- Flower Field Romp

Bobo and Nikki went through a lot. From disputes in Royal City of Lilith to Cloud City's rain. Friendships grow.
- Miracle Adventure

During the trip, Bobo and Momo always made fun of each other. Today, no one laughs for Momo. The laughter is gone.
- Bright Ribbon

The first encounter. Guidance and encouragement on the way. When recalling, Nikki still can't believe it was a lie.
- Mysterious Past

The gunshot woke the girl from her dream. The dusty empty room removed all hope. Tears fell silently down her face.
- Innocent Tears

On the night of goodbye, moonlight stretched Bobo's shadow. What's in her mind when she hugged Momo?
- Pure White Prayer

Mouth is whispering memorized words but eyes speak purity. Manipulated, she is still eager to control her destiny.
- Flower of Rumors

Bobo wants all the sorrow and pain gone. The road ahead is long. She will find a way to make everyone happy.
- Cozy Breeze

Bobo still has a kind heart after all the darkness. Nikki also believes in Bobo and hopes for the reunion.
- Dreamland Puppet

When the truth is revealed and people's true colors known. What is true or fake? The girl’s belief begins to shake.
- Fateful Ridicule

Everything is replayed in the head. Coldness covered the whole body. Justice was just a chess game.
- Marionette

How can a story that starts with a lie have a happy ending? Unexpectedly, the pink haired girl reached out to her.
- Fairytale Ideal Country

Bobo started the trip with tasks, but with Nikki on the way, she felt true happiness.
- Fountain of Lies

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The suit describes Bobo's journey through Miraland with Nikki, and their true friendship despite all of the darkness, sorrow, and pain that overwhelmed Bobo's life. The suit gives insight to her mental state, and explains that she left Nikki and her friends because of the gun pointed at her in V1: 19-4 Losol Shadow. However, it also shows that their friendship was a genuine bond.

The suit itself has a teardrop on the face, which is likely a reference to the matching teardrop on the cheek of Noah, one of the people who manipulated Bobo.


Name by ServerEdit

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International International (English) Daymare Fairy Tale N/A
France Flag International (French) Conte de Cauchemar Éveillé Tale of Awake Nightmare
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 昼梦童话诗 (Zhòu mèng tónghuà shī) Daymare Fairy Tale
Taiwanese Flag Hong Kong Flag Macau Flag
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional)
晝夢童話詩 (Zhòu mèng tónghuà shī) Daymare Fairy Tale
Japanese Flag Japan 白昼夢の童話 (Hakuchūmu no Dōwa) Daydream Fairy Tale
Korean Flag South Korea 잔혹한꿈의 동화 (janhoghankkum-ui donghwa) Cruel Dream Fairy Tale
Vietnam Flag Vietnam Đồng ca ban trưa ???
Singapore Flag Southeast Asia (English) N/A N/A

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