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This event will reoccur with more suits. Any leftover currency will carry over to the next season.

The Dawn Front event is a reoccurring event involving stages of gameplay and a unique plot, allowing each user to choose a faction.

How to Play Edit

Day 1 Edit

The first day of the Dawn Front event does not contain any gameplay. It is suggested to spend this day familiarizing the rules, the outfits, and the overall story surrounding the event.

Day 2 - 3 Edit

The second and third days of the event are when the player should choose the faction they want to ally themselves with, as well as set their style. They must set three different outfits, which are used in the next stage of the event.

Day 4 Edit

On the fourth day of the event, starting from 9:00 server time, the game will match the player with other players once per hour. Winning an event will allow the player to gain Feat Feat, which can then be exchanged for Peak TokensPeak Token, Gold, Stamina, or Association Coin in the Feat Exchange. A player can also choose to reinforce another commander on their side for two hours one time during the battles.

Last Days Edit

The final days of the event are used to exchange Feat and Peak Token for pieces of the suits and materials. New suits will have reduced prices.

Feat Exchange Edit

Purchase Limit: 50
Peak Token
Peak Token
1000 Feat
Purchase Limit: 30
Coin Supply Box
1000 Feat
Purchase Limit: 20
Stamina Supply Box
1000 Feat
Purchase Limit: 10
Association Coin
Association Coin Supply Box
1000 Feat
Purchase Limit: 5
Stone of Shadow
Stone of Shadow Box
3000 Feat
Purchase Limit: 5
Dazzle Stone
Dazzle Stone Supply Box
3000 Feat

Gallery Edit

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