Dark Night Enchanting
Dark Night Enchanting
The beauty of loneliness is more attractive and enchanting. With partly hidden and partly visible sight.
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Hidden suit
Color(s): Black/White/Red
Obtained by: Stage drops in Volume 2, Chapter 1

Dark Night Enchanting is a Hidden Suit that can be obtained from V2: Chapter 1 Ode of Oren.

Wardrobe Edit

Lore Edit

Accompanied by silvery bell jingles, the delicately woven strands of hair trace out an arc of freedom.
Swaying Bell

The beautiful things get more alluring when added a touch of loneliness. The thorny rose awaits to be plucked.
Dark Night Enchanting

Today, I met a very cute cat and used the first word of its name to design the patterns of my coat.

Traditional dogmatic rules are the shackles, and the young is meant to have enthusiasm and dream to create new things.

The design of neat boot and rivets is very cool, but be careful to not trip yourself over.

A flower opens from weedy thorns? It's definitely unprecedented to use it as an eardrop!
Flowering Weed

The neck strap that's related to the great mercy unexpectedly could caution oneself to stay in shape.
Lavish Meals

Although it is not real thorn, you should bear in mind that it could hurt you!
Rose With Thorns

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