Dancer's Necklace
Dancer's Necklace
The dancer is so agile that she has attracted quite a lot of audiences.
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Accessories, Necklace
Style DancerHindu
Attributes: GorgeousSexy
Rarity: H4
Color(s): Gold
Wardrobe #: 174
Obtained by: Pavilion of Mystery
Dancer's Necklace can be obtained from a draw in the Pavilion of Mystery.

Appearance Edit

A gold necklace with tiny beads dangling.

Gallery SuitEdit

Dancer's Necklace is part of the Cloud Empire suit Western Dancer.

The other parts of the suit are Western Dancer, Dancing Diva Top, Dancer's Tulle Dress, Diva's Anklet, Dancer's Veil, Dancer's Earrings and Dancer's Bracelet.

Attributes Edit

Gorgeous Elegant Mature Sexy Cool
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