The Black Death fell for an innocent girl, but the omniscient prophet told him that this will only kill her. Death decided to invite her for a last dance before leaving...
— Event text

The Dance of Black Rose event ran from December 14th to 18th, 2017.

How to Play Edit

There was a special map with 5 stages. Complete those stages to earn Black Rose (Black Roses); the score at the end of a stage is converted into Black Rose. A Black Rosewas awarded for every 5,000 points scored.

The Black Rose could be exchanged for the unevolved parts of the Soul Seer suit.

Collecting a certain amount of Black Rose unlocked a tier that allowed players to claim the recipes for the Black Rose suit. 5,321 Black Rosewere needed to complete the Soul Seer suit and 8,055 Black Rose to complete the Black Rose set.

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