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Customized for the Show (previously known as Nikki's Show) was previously a hidden suit –now a Gallery suit– that can be obtained from Kimi's Dreamland, Brilliant Start Point.

Completion Prize: 2,000 Gold.

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  • Hair: Nikki's Show
  • Dress: Tailor Made
  • Shoes: Cinderella's Clock
  • Hair Ornament: Critical Taste
  • Handheld (Left): Season Theme


Item Descriptions[]

During the release session of Kimi's spring works, Nikki is again invited to be the model.
Nikki's Show

The sample clothing made for Nikki is not only tailored perfectly size-wise but also brings out Nikki's charm.
Tailor Made

Crystal high-heels are not exclusive to Cinderella. Nikki, when did you acquire this skill?
Cinderella's Clock

Kimi is so critical and unique. A simple but delicate hair ornament adds an indispensable light to the whole suit.
Critical Taste

A handbag with a magnolia pattern brings a sense of spring. The spread petals are like Nikki.
Season Theme


The suit is about Nikki becoming a model for Kimi once again, referencing the time she modeled for Kimi for one of Apple Apparel Group's shows as described in the suit Rose Romance. Kimi carefully designs a spring outfit for Nikki that brings out her best charm.

The item Cinderella's Clock references the skills Clock, which takes away the opponent's shoes, and Cinderella, which reflects Clock.