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Customization is one of the many features used to make items in the game, usually by using Dyes to change the color of an object. Not all items can be customized, and will have Customizable.png shown on their information card if they can be. To dye an item, you will need Material Material (which can be earned through decomposition) and Dyes or Patterns.


Most dyes can be bought in the Store of Starlight for 8Starlight Coin each or in the Association Store for 10Association Coineach. Other Dye can be bought for 12Starlight Coin or 15Association Coin. Dye can also be obtained randomly through Decomposition.

Icon Name
Garnet Red.png Garnet Red
Lemon Yellow.png Lemon Yellow
Sunny Orange.png Sunny Orange
Lively Green.png Lively Green
Innocent Blue.png Innocent Blue
Elegant Purple.png Elegant Purple
Dreamy Pink.png Dreamy Pink
Pearl White.png Pearl White
Stardust Black.png Stardust Black
Other Dye.png Other Dye


Patterns can be bought in the Store of Starlight for 20Starlight Coin each or in the Association Store for 24Association Coineach.

Icon Name
Polka Dots.png Polka Dots
Common Plaid.png Common Plaid
Fresh Stripes.png Fresh Stripes
Advanced Pattern.png Advanced Pattern


The following suits all have customizations.



Stores and Reconstruction[]

Mystery House[]


These suits are generally available through evolution, crafting, or drops from the Journey stages.


The following items not in suits are also customizable.

Icon Name Type
Burning Feather Armlet Burning Feather Armlet Accessory, Brooch
Lime Pie Lime Pie Accessory, Brooch
Flowering Branches Flowering Branches Accessory, Brooch
Round Satchel-Elegant Round Satchel-Elegant Accessory, Brooch
Tassel Handbag-Brown Tassel Handbag-Brown Accessory, Brooch
Fringed Earrings-Pink Fringed Earrings-Pink Accessory, Earrings
Scorching Sun Scorching Sun Accessory, Earrings
Star above Wasteland Star above Wasteland Accessory, Earrings
File:Brilliant Dream Earrings - Gold icon.png Brilliant Dream Earrings - Gold Accessory, Earrings
Cloud Bead-Red Cloud Bead-Red Accessory, Earrings
Lazy Style Lazy Style Accessory, Earrings
Cloud Knot-Red Cloud Knot-Red Accessory, Earrings
Sapphire Earrings Sapphire Earrings Accessory, Earrings
Fashion Pioneer-Boy Fashion Pioneer-Boy Accessory, Face
Circling Hymn Circling Hymn Accessory, Gloves
World in One Palm World in One Palm Accessory, Gloves
European Hat-Blue European Hat-Blue Accessory, Hair Ornament
Firelike Firelike Accessory, Hair Ornament
Cherry Whisper-Pink Cherry Whisper-Pink Accessory, Hair Ornament
File:Floral Hairband-Blue icon.png Floral Hairband-Blue Accessory, Hair Ornament
Bunny Ears-Blue Bunny Ears-Blue Accessory, Hair Ornament
Summer Scent Summer Scent Accessory, Hair Ornament
Morning Gleam Morning Gleam Accessory, Hair Ornament
Yellow Rose Yellow Rose Accessory, Hair Ornament
Seashore Hat-Brown Seashore Hat-Brown Accessory, Hair Ornament
Bowknot Hairpin-Red Bowknot Hairpin-Red Accessory, Hair Ornament
Tea Time Tea Time Accessory, Hair Ornament
Gold Button Knot-White Gold Button Knot-White Accessory, Hair Ornament
Memorial Badge-Pink Memorial Badge-Pink Accessory, Hair Ornament
Japanese Fan-Rhyme Japanese Fan-Rhyme Accessory, Handheld (Left)
Elapsing Years Elapsing Years Accessory, Handheld (Left)
Chocolate Box-Black Chocolate Box-Black Accessory, Handheld (Right)
Mist Butterfly-Brown Mist Butterfly-Brown Accessory, Handheld (Right)
Pearl Shell-Pink Pearl Shell-Pink Accessory, Handheld (Right)
Luxury-Silver Luxury-Silver Accessory, Handheld (Right)
Plaid Bag-Red Plaid Bag-Red Accessory, Handheld (Right)
Memory Imprint Memory Imprint Accessory, Necklace
Knitting Shawl-Yellow Knitting Shawl-Yellow Accessory, Scarf
Lush-Morning Lush-Morning Accessory, Tattoo
Magic Cloak Magic Cloak Accessory, Veil
Hunt Prey Hunt Prey Accessory, Waist
White Belt White Belt Accessory, Waist
Sakura Bud Sakura Bud Bottom
School Skirt-Green School Skirt-Green Bottom
Moonlight Ocean-White Moonlight Ocean-White Bottom
File:Dancing Flower (Bottom) icon.png Dancing Flower (Bottom) Bottom
Sandal Branch-Red Sandal Branch-Red Bottom
French Coffee French Coffee Bottom
Momo Overalls-Blue Momo Overalls-Blue Bottom
Heart Pants-Blue Heart Pants-Blue Bottom
File:Pearl Skirt-Purple icon.png Pearl Skirt-Purple Bottom
Rose Dream-Purple Rose Dream-Purple Bottom
Retro Sapphire Retro Sapphire Bottom
File:Reminisce icon.png Reminisce Bottom
Gray Jeans Gray Jeans Bottom
Printed Skirt-Pink Plaid Printed Skirt-Pink Plaid Bottom
File:PJ Shorts-Black icon.png PJ Shorts-Black Bottom
Fresh Peach-Culottes Fresh Peach-Culottes Bottom
File:Decorative Shorts-Gray icon.png Decorative Shorts-Gray Bottom
Television Television Bottom
Summer Pieces Summer Pieces Bottom
Summer Holidays-Blue Summer Holidays-Blue Bottom
Tailor Class-Khaki Tailor Class-Khaki Bottom
Secret Love-Blue Secret Love-Blue Bottom
Career Skirt-Blue Career Skirt-Blue Bottom
Casual Shorts-Blue Casual Shorts-Blue Bottom
Chiffon Miniskirt Chiffon Miniskirt Bottom
Cicada Skirt-Pink Cicada Skirt-Pink Bottom
Sports Meeting-Blue Sports Meeting-Blue Bottom
Simplicity Simplicity Bottom
Classic Jeans Classic Jeans Bottom
Watercolor Timer Watercolor Timer Bottom
White Fishtail Skirt White Fishtail Skirt Bottom
Comfortable Summer-Blue Comfortable Summer-Blue Bottom
World Traveler-Blue World Traveler-Blue Bottom
White Jeans White Jeans Bottom
Suspender Skirt-Blue Suspender Skirt-Blue Bottom
Short Skirt-Black Short Skirt-Black Bottom
Leopard Cardigan-Cold Leopard Cardigan-Cold Coat
Halftone-Gray Halftone-Gray Coat
Baseball Shirt-Black Baseball Shirt-Black Coat
Minor Vest Minor Vest Coat
File:Trimmed T-shirt icon.png Trimmed T-shirt Coat
Black Jacket Black Jacket Coat
Monochrome Glaze Monochrome Glaze Coat
Knit Vest-Blue Knit Vest-Blue Coat
Lime Coat Lime Coat Coat
Lace Coat-White Lace Coat-White Coat
Iron Rose (Coat) Iron Rose (Coat) Coat
Music Academy-Ink Music Academy-Ink Coat
Painter-Pink Painter-Pink Coat
Colorful Butterfly Colorful Butterfly Coat
Demeanor-Blue Demeanor-Blue Coat
Silk Coat-White Silk Coat-White Coat
Short Coat-Gray Short Coat-Gray Coat
White Chiffon White Chiffon Dress
Westlake Moon Westlake Moon Dress
Library Girl Library Girl Dress
Rustling Bamboo Rustling Bamboo Dress
Leno Red Satin Leno Red Satin Dress
Shadow Pavilion Shadow Pavilion Dress
Sailor Girl-White Sailor Girl-White Dress
Ladies Dress Ladies Dress Dress
Secret of Dandelion Secret of Dandelion Dress
Kapok Kapok Dress
Jade Yard Jade Yard Dress
Jade Night Jade Night Dress
Light Feather-Gray Light Feather-Gray Dress
Rose Dress Rose Dress Dress
Night Chill Night Chill Dress
Pink Gauze Dress Pink Gauze Dress Dress
File:Obedient Girl-White icon.png Obedient Girl-White Dress
Stolen Heart-Green Stolen Heart-Green Dress
Timi's Uniform-Blue Timi's Uniform-Blue Dress
Starlight Melody-Purple Starlight Melody-Purple Dress
Timi's Uniform-Red Timi's Uniform-Red Dress
Tranquil Autumn Tranquil Autumn Dress
Tranquil Rose Tranquil Rose Dress
Love of Clover-Pink Love of Clover-Pink Dress
Slip Dress-Black Slip Dress-Black Dress
Sleet Sleet Dress
Maiden's Heart-Blue Maiden's Heart-Blue Dress
Warm Autumn-Yellow Warm Autumn-Yellow Dress
Silk Pajamas-White Silk Pajamas-White Dress
Watercolor Blend Watercolor Blend Dress
Lovelorn Dream Lovelorn Dream Dress
File:Seafarer-Blue icon.png Seafarer-Blue Dress
Leopard Allure-Gold Leopard Allure-Gold Dress
Golden Screen Golden Screen Dress
Black Labyrinth Black Labyrinth Dress
Fire Goddess Fire Goddess Dress
Champagne Champagne Dress
First Encounter (Porch of Misty) First Encounter (Porch of Misty) Dress
File:Geriar-Red Wine icon.png Geriar-Red Wine Dress
Floating Shadow-Grey Floating Shadow-Grey Dress
Elegant Dress-Beige Elegant Dress-Beige Dress
Flower of Sin-White Flower of Sin-White Dress
Fluttering Dance-Blue Fluttering Dance-Blue Dress
Green Apple Soda Green Apple Soda Dress
Doll Dress-Pink Doll Dress-Pink Dress
Diamond Lover-Red Diamond Lover-Red Dress
Athena's Armor-Purple Athena's Armor-Purple Dress
Aster Aster Dress
Apricot Leaves Apricot Leaves Dress
Hollow Dress-Black Hollow Dress-Black Dress
Natural Curls Natural Curls Hair
Flower Bud-Rare Flower Bud-Rare Hair
Flower Bud Flower Bud Hair
Music Princess Music Princess Hair
Byzantium's Song-Red Byzantium's Song-Red Hair
Perfect Senior Perfect Senior Hair
Second Debater Second Debater Hair
Future Girl-Gold Future Girl-Gold Hair
Tea Shop Owner Tea Shop Owner Hair
Sunset Song-Brown Sunset Song-Brown Hair
Ice Warrior Ice Warrior Hair
Sporty Teenager Sporty Teenager Hair
Snuggle-Trunk Snuggle-Trunk Hair
Raspberry Ice Raspberry Ice Hair
Red Bean Kiss Red Bean Kiss Hair
Elegant Nobleman Elegant Nobleman Hair
Iceworld Whisper Iceworld Whisper Hair
Dynamic Summer-Silver Dynamic Summer-Silver Hair
Cloud Dancer Cloud Dancer Hair
Dream Seeker Dream Seeker Hair
Cloud Ink Cloud Ink Hair
Clutter Clutter Hair
Cutie-Rare Cutie-Rare Hair
Seller Seller Hair
File:Cutie (Hair) icon.png Cutie (Hair) Hair
Citrus Citrus Hair
Scientist Scientist Hair
Waist-Length Waist-Length Hair
Variation Variation Hair
Legal Belle Legal Belle Hair
Light Tone Light Tone Hair
Hair Ribbon-Brown Hair Ribbon-Brown Hair
Tranquil Time-Epic Tranquil Time-Epic Hair
Lampwick-Brown Lampwick-Brown Hair
File:Gravel-Pink icon.png Gravel-Pink Hair
Tranquil Time Tranquil Time Hair
Little Lion Little Lion Hair
Haste Haste Hair
Wasteland Jewel Wasteland Jewel Hair
Wasteland Jewel-Rare Wasteland Jewel-Rare Hair
Baby Face Baby Face Hair
Graceful Talent-Ink Graceful Talent-Ink Hair
Kiss of the red bean Kiss of the red bean Hair
Gourds Gourds Hair
Autumn-Gold Autumn-Gold Hair
Wheat Ear-Sun Wheat Ear-Sun Hair
Gourd Bells Gourd Bells Hair
Wild Wild Hair
Gourd Bell Gourd Bell Hair
Traditional Bride-Brown Traditional Bride-Brown Hair
Ahoge-Black Ahoge-Black Hair
Knee Stockings-Black Knee Stockings-Black Hosiery
File:Etiquette -Black icon.png Etiquette -Black Hosiery
Classical Socks-Red Classical Socks-Red Hosiery
Snowy Night Ballad Snowy Night Ballad Hosiery
Thin Silk Stockings Thin Silk Stockings Hosiery
Twisty Cake-Brown Twisty Cake-Brown Hosiery
Polka Dot-Pink Polka Dot-Pink Hosiery
Black Stripe Black Stripe Hosiery
British Plaid-Brown British Plaid-Brown Hosiery
Brown Ankle Socks Brown Ankle Socks Hosiery
Lunar Knight Lunar Knight Hosiery
Fondant Lace-Pink Fondant Lace-Pink Hosiery
Student Socks-Blue Student Socks-Blue Hosiery
Pink Striped Stockings Pink Striped Stockings Hosiery
Gray Dot Gray Dot Hosiery
Simple Sandals-Black Simple Sandals-Black Shoes
Sunny Day-Green Sunny Day-Green Shoes
Bloch's Labyrinth-Brown Bloch's Labyrinth-Brown Shoes
Ankles Allure-White Ankles Allure-White Shoes
White High Heels White High Heels Shoes
British Shoes-White British Shoes-White Shoes
Sneakers-Green Sneakers-Green Shoes
Walking Poetry-White Walking Poetry-White Shoes
Student Shoes-Brown Student Shoes-Brown Shoes
Buds Ball-White Buds Ball-White Shoes
Butterfly Kiss Butterfly Kiss Shoes
Brilliance Brilliance Shoes
Beach Sandals-Red Beach Sandals-Red Shoes
Candy Shoes-Yellow Candy Shoes-Yellow Shoes
Short Snow Boots-Brown Short Snow Boots-Brown Shoes
Black Patent Leather Black Patent Leather Shoes
Tall Snow Boots-Brown Tall Snow Boots-Brown Shoes
Round & Fluffy-Black Round & Fluffy-Black Shoes
Cradle of Snow-Blue Cradle of Snow-Blue Shoes
Little Gentlemen Little Gentlemen Shoes
Peep-toe Sandals-White Peep-toe Sandals-White Shoes
Peep-toe Heels-Gray Peep-toe Heels-Gray Shoes
Pearl Tears-Pink Pearl Tears-Pink Shoes
Nipped Boots-Black Nipped Boots-Black Shoes
Neon Neon Shoes
Gem Sandals-Silver Gem Sandals-Silver Shoes
Girl Sneaker-Pink Girl Sneaker-Pink Shoes
Glamour-Brown Glamour-Brown Shoes
Gray Board Shoes Gray Board Shoes Shoes
Polka Sandals-Blue Polka Sandals-Blue Shoes
Absolute Angle-Black Absolute Angle-Black Shoes
Leather High Heels-Black Leather High Heels-Black Shoes
High Heels-Black High Heels-Black Shoes
Kimi's Rose-Black Kimi's Rose-Black Shoes
High Realm-Black High Realm-Black Shoes
Joyful Childhood-Pink Joyful Childhood-Pink Shoes
Implicit Flower-Pink Implicit Flower-Pink Shoes
Implicit Flower Implicit Flower Shoes
Plaid Impression-Red Plaid Impression-Red Shoes
A Maiden Heart-Pink A Maiden Heart-Pink Shoes
Fallen Leaves Fallen Leaves Shoes
Europa-Black Europa-Black Shoes
Purple Potato Purple Potato Shoes
Rubber Boots-Pink Rubber Boots-Pink Shoes
Doll Shoes-White Doll Shoes-White Shoes
Sports Wear-Green Sports Wear-Green Top
Autumn Sweet-Green Autumn Sweet-Green Top
Voice of Cat-Black Voice of Cat-Black Top
Growth-White Growth-White Top
Lady Shirt-White Lady Shirt-White Top
Head Boy Head Boy Top
Hibiscus-Plain Hibiscus-Plain Top
Water Ripples-Blue Water Ripples-Blue Top
Sandalwood Knot-Red Sandalwood Knot-Red Top
Color of Night-White Color of Night-White Top
Scattering Stars-Dream Scattering Stars-Dream Top
Library-Pink Library-Pink Top
Journalist-Blue Journalist-Blue Top
High School Student High School Student Top
Holiday Mood-Pink Holiday Mood-Pink Top
Hollow Wings-Blue Hollow Wings-Blue Top
Coquette-White Coquette-White Top
Winter Wish Winter Wish Top
Wisteria-Blue Wisteria-Blue Top
Anchor Top-Blue Anchor Top-Blue Top
Crop Top-White Crop Top-White Top
Green T-shirt Green T-shirt Top
Little Cherry-Pink Little Cherry-Pink Top
Cloud Blouse-Blue Cloud Blouse-Blue Top
Fresh Peach Fresh Peach Top
Puff Sleeve-Purple Puff Sleeve-Purple Top
Stripe Sun-top-White Stripe Sun-top-White Top
OL Shirt-White OL Shirt-White Top
Purple Sweater Purple Sweater Top
Bunny Pocket-Pink Bunny Pocket-Pink Top
Nikki's Shirt-Black Nikki's Shirt-Black Top
New Year Sheep-White New Year Sheep-White Top
Sleeveless Vest-Black Sleeveless Vest-Black Top
Fragrance-Pink Fragrance-Pink Top
Sweet Jasmine-White Sweet Jasmine-White Top
Fresh Strawberry Fresh Strawberry Top
Cicadas Top-Pink Cicadas Top-Pink Top
Cotton Top-Tan Cotton Top-Tan Top
File:Moonlight -White icon.png Moonlight -White Top
City Beauty City Beauty Top
Civilization-White Civilization-White Top
Brave Heart-Black Brave Heart-Black Top
Millet Millet Top
Bomb-Black Bomb-Black Top
Rays-White Rays-White Top
Good Mood-Toast Good Mood-Toast Top
Granite Granite Top
Redundant Clothes Redundant Clothes Top
Tank Top-Black Tank Top-Black Top

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