Customization is one of the many features used to make items in the game, usually by using Dyes to change the color of an object. Not all items can be customized, and will have Customizable.png shown on their information card if they can be. To dye an item, you will need Material Material (which can be earned through decomposition) and Dyes or Patterns.

Dyes[edit | edit source]

Most dyes can be bought in the Store of Starlight for 8Starlight Coin each or in the Association Store for 10Association Coineach. Other Dye can be bought for 12Starlight Coin or 15Association Coin. Dye can also be obtained randomly through Decomposition.

Icon Name
Garnet Red.png Garnet Red
Lemon Yellow.png Lemon Yellow
Sunny Orange.png Sunny Orange
Lively Green.png Lively Green
Innocent Blue.png Innocent Blue
Elegant Purple.png Elegant Purple
Dreamy Pink.png Dreamy Pink
Pearl White.png Pearl White
Stardust Black.png Stardust Black
Other Dye.png Other Dye

Patterns[edit | edit source]

Patterns can be bought in the Store of Starlight for 20Starlight Coin each or in the Association Store for 24Association Coineach.

Icon Name
Polka Dots.png Polka Dots
Common Plaid.png Common Plaid
Fresh Stripes.png Fresh Stripes
Advanced Pattern.png Advanced Pattern

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