Crafting wardrobe items is completed in the Recipe Workshop under the Design Craft option. In order to craft an item, the craft recipe for the item must be owned. Recipes can most commonly be bought from the Stylist's Arena's exchange via the Store of Starlight with Starlight Coins Starlight Coin or earned from the Extra Stage Bonus, though there are other ways to receive recipes such as through the Time Diary. Crafting is unlocked after completing stage V1: 2-5 Lisa's Casual Clothes (Maiden).

Recipes require between two and four ingredients, with a set quantity per ingredient. Ingredients can be purchased through the Clothes Store for Gold Gold or Diamonds Diamonds; randomly drawn through a Mystery House pavilion or exchanged in a pavilion; received as an achievement reward; are dropped upon the completion of a Maiden or Princess level; or must be crafted as well. Once the total number of ingredients has been reached, the item can be crafted for an additional cost in Gold Gold.

The final item of the ingredients is not used as part of the crafting process. For instance, if a recipe requires four socks, after crafting a quantity of one sock will remain in the user's inventory. Some recipes, usually those that are part of a suit, will require another item from the suit be completed in order to craft another item from the set.

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