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The Countess is a character in Love Nikki. She is the owner of a journal called the Countess's Letter, which spreads information about various people. It's said that she is the most informed person in Miraland.[2][3]



The Countess' Shawl

It is unknown what the countess looks like, though she apparently wears a black shawl.



The Countess' letter (bottom)

The Countess lived a boring life, so for fun, she decided to start a small group of people with whom to gossip.[4] However, this group grew, and her letters became quite popular over time.[3] She spread gossip about people such as Nidhogg and Yvette and their complex relationship.[5][6]

Year 680[]

At some point, the countess met Nikki, and afterwards she designated Queen Elle and Hostess L as "top-secret persons".[1]

During this year, she also fell susceptible to the mysterious and unsettling dreams that were occurring across Miraland. Due to this, she suspended her journal for a month.[7]

Appearances and Mentions[]

Main Story[]

This character does not appear in any Journey stages.

Around the World[]

This character does not appear in any Around the World stages.

Dream Weaver[]

This character does not appear in any Dream Weaver stages.



This character does not appear in any suits.


Item Caption Icon
Countess' Shawl The countess leads a leisure and rather boring life. So she decides to build a small group to discuss gossips. Countess' Shawl
Plain Beige Founder of Gossip, the countess listed Queen Elle and L as top-secret persons after she met Nikki. Plain Beige

Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Countess N/A
France Flag.png International (French) La Comtesse The Countess
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 伯爵夫人 (Bójué fūrén) Countess


  • It's implied that the descriptions of clothing in the "Gossip of the Countess" section (in the Anecdote feature of the Time Diary) consists of the various pieces of gossip that the Countess collected and sent out.