League Tyr stirs in the North. Cloud City in reconstruction is still very vulnerable! The north clan Ming and south clan Yue of Cloud are going to reinforce Cloud City. Choose a clan to join, help Cloud City, and win exquisite suits!

Coming Storm was an event that ran from July 6 to July 12, 2019.

How to Plan Edit

Join either the Sky or Frost faction in order to determine which currency is used for which suit. Complete various tasks to obtain Cloud Orders Cloud Order and increase your Tasks Completed count to unlock pieces of the Sky Snow and Sword Frost suits. Each time you complete a task, you gain 5 Cloud Order and one task completed. Each task can be completed one time per day, and the player can buy one reset for 10 Diamond.

Factions cannot be changed once chosen. Tokens will be cleared after event ends.

Sky Faction Edit

Ming Shuiyuan

Sky: Clan Ming is the youngest in the Four Clans. They are an expert of 'Building Things'. With talented mechanicians and engineers, Camp Sky will lead the construction of buildings and city defense mechanisms. Join Camp Sky and revitalize the glory of Cloud City!

Suits Edit

Sky Snow Edit

Sword Frost Edit


Technologi is TruthEdit

  • Style: Gorgeous, Lively, Mature, Sexy, Cool
  • Tag(s): Rock
  • Opponent: Teen Engineer
    • Base score: 27,000
    • Beat by: 5,000 for B‑rank, 10,000 for A‑rank, 20,000 for S‑rank
    • Skills: Smile 3, Critical Eye 8, Picky Immune 5, Picky Bounce 2

The weapon engineer is thinking about a more solid type of gears for city defense. How about having a contest over the engineer style to inspire her!

  • The Machinist: You're here to help, right? Look at this design for a sky bridge: by replacing the winches with wooden ones, we can raise it quickly with just manpower! But how to connect them...
  • I: W-Wait a minute! Sorry, but I didn't understand any of that...
  • The Machinist: Oh right, you're new, so you haven't had training. Don't forget to go see the young lady from Clan Ocean over there; she's wearing all white, and can teach you a thing or two.
  • The Machinist: She may look intimidating, but she's very informative when it comes to machinery. I didn't know a thing when I started, but she personally taught me everything I know.
  • I: Alright, I'll be going then.
  • The Machinist: hey, wait a second!
  • I: Is there something else I can help you with?
  • The Machinist: You appear to be a stylist, so why not help me find some inspiration by putting together an Engineer's uniform? Even the clothes I wear every day will affect my work, you know!

Knowledge QuizEdit

Engineers are in dire need of manpower, but to be an assistant, you need to be tested.

Construction SupplyEdit

To rebuild Cloud City in a short time, a large amount of rare materials will be consumed. Great contribution boosts the progress.

Frost Faction Edit

Yue Qianshuang

Frost: Clan Yue, the empire's blade, has been the guardian of Cloud since ancient times. Its chief Yue Qianshuang now takes charge of military training and patrol missions. Join Camp Frost and be the shield of Cloud City!

Suits Edit

Sky Snow Edit

Sword Frost Edit

Stages Edit

Routine PatrolEdit

  • Style: Gorgeous, Elegant, Mature, Pure, Warm
  • Tag(s): Army
  • Opponent: Zhong Lizi
    • Base score: 27,000
    • Beat by: 5,000 for B‑rank, 10,000 for A‑rank, 20,000 for S‑rank
    • Skills: Smile 6, Critical Eye 4, Picky Immune 8, Gift 1

You can let down vigilance nowhere! Put on your armor, follow the garrison to patrol on the wall!

  • Zhong Lizi: Cloud City may have risen anew, but the shame of its destruction will never be forgotten.
  • Zhong Lizi: Our enemies to the north are powerful and restless, and could strike at any moment. Patrolling these walls requires the utmost vigilance; are you up to the task?
  • I: You were just a weak scholar before... but as a general, even your voice sounds completely different...
  • Zhong Lizi: You don't look particularly accustomed to combat. When you have time, ask that warrior from Clan Tiger for guidance; at the very least, learn to defend yourself.
  • Zhong Lizi: If he's not at Frost Camp, then chances are he's gone off to Tianji Camp. I've taught him much; he is much stronger now than before.
  • I: (Whispers) Really? He looks exactly the same as before...
  • Zhong Lizi: What are you muttering about? Quit wasting time; Put on some armor and come with me to the wall.

Patrol QuizEdit

Garrison uses code word when changing shifts, and who answers wrong will be apprehended. Get familiar with the words.

Defense SupplyEdit

To rebuild Cloud City in a short time, a large amount of rare materials will be consumed. Great contribution boosts the progress.

Requests Edit

Submit clothing to complete the quest.

Note: Submitting clothing will not remove it from your inventory.

Clothing Amount needed
Baby Face 2
Transfer Student-Brown 1
Kerchief-Blue 2
Dream Seeker 1
European Hat-Blue 1
Tea Time 1
Citrus 1
White Belt 3
Legal Belle 1
Transfer Student-Brown 1
Purple Bowtie 1


Q. What is the main material of a defensive wall?
A. Brick, stone, adobe
Q. Which of the following is not included in the defensive system?
A. Momo
Q. Which of the following does not belong to the defensive facilities on the wall?
A. Battering ram
Q. Which of the following can be used in city defense?
A. All of the rest
Q. The battlements built on the wall are called parapets, what are their main functions?
A. Scout and cover
Q. Which of the following materials can be used to make a bow string?
A. All of the rest
Q. Which of the following description is true about the moat?
A. It's a part of defense
Q. But a caged bird stands on the grave of dreams, _
A. his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream
Q. If little by little you stop loving me, _
A. I shall stop loving you little by little
Q. This day is almost over, _
A. and its toiling time is through
Q. There you find the gladdest play-ground, _
A. there the happiest spot to live
Q. The fault must partly have been in me._
A. The bird was not to blame for his key
Q. When in Rome, _
A. Do as the Romans do.
Q. Hope for the best, _
A. but prepare for the worst

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