Ran from October 26th to November 1st, 2018.

The Bulin Town is celebrating Halloween. Oops, Nikki stopped by a little witch, and as she has no candy, the witch turned Momo into a pumpkin! Join the 2 for 1 game and win Halloween Candy to exchange for exclusive sets and make Momo return to normal!

Players will be shown a styling theme and 2 outfits. Choose the correct outfit and earn Halloween CandyHalloween Candyto exchange for parts of the Candy Adventure suit. You are given 10 free attempts per day and can reset them for 20 Diamond each. Choosing the outfit that fits the theme more will give the player 5Halloween Candyand choosing the incorrect outfit will give the player 3Halloween Candy.


Candy AdventureEdit

Total Cost: 655Halloween Candy

Completion Rewards: Dream of Marshmallow, Crazy Adventure of Candy, Game of Witch, Midnight Carnival


Lakeside PlayEdit

Attributes: CuteSexyCool

Elegant FairyEdit

Attributes: SimpleElegantMature

Winter ComingEdit

Attributes: SimplePureWarm

Little SpriteEdit

Attributes: LivelyPureCool

Night NobleyEdit

Attributes: ElegantMatureSexy

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